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Norway and Russia

HI Everyone, 

Just want to let you all know I am picking up the Vedruss trail in Norway and maybe Russia if things flow . 

Researching old cultures and finding the pre-industrial, pre-christian truth in the Earth is one of my specialities and there some things I need to find out about the old-norse connected to The Ringing Cedars mini-tribe in Siberia. The old-norse "Eddas" are something JRR Tolkein was very familiar with and he gave us lots of clues in those Books. They are…


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The Revolution has begun... as prophecy would have it..

I am writing to you from the frontline of the Bentley Blockade in Australia where history is in the making..  

This is the land of the First Light people, a people who have existed since time itself. Byagal people, or Bundjalung. The Elders are rising into honour, the people are uniting into majestic…


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ManaBlend Interview with Billa Kgari

Posted on February 6, 2014 by 


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A revolution in consciousness...

"It's in the hearts of you and I that the Revolution of our time begins. It's your heart that strives to awaken you to both the great distortions and truths of our time. The greatest distortions of our time are that love can't happen, goons rule the world, and the future is bleak. The secret truth of our time is that a world-changing spirit force sleeps in the soul of every man, woman and child. Once this force awakens en masse nothing can…

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Solstice Medicine - Forest Life in Costa Rica....

Blessings to you this Solstice day wherever you are... having either the shortest or the longest sunlight in your day, Deep Winter or high Summer. Both…


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Ringing Cedars Gathering Mt Shasta 11:11

What an amazing time we all had at Mt Shasta.....


Sacred, intense, flowing, connecting, multi-dimensonal, communal, warm, family, cold, fire, drum, sing, water ceremony, sharing, generosity, collaboration, rainbow tribe emerged..from all over, medicine drum, sacred chanting, timeless…


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Turtle Island Adventure

One more day

in Byron Bay

then I am,

On my way....

to Turtle Island

across the Ocean blue

I am coming to meet more of YOU.



So many people have written and offered to meet, to love, to share time so I thought I would give you a basic outline of my travels so there is as much opportunity to connect as possible.


I arrive to San Francisco on the 6th October, the magical, amazing…


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Day by Day

I feel like a new born baby...

In a brand new world.

I cannot speak of the past nor can I think a single negative thought.

I feel only love for all beings , all of creation..

The slate is clean and this is the first day of the rest of my life.

I know who I am and what I love. I know what inspires me and what I resonate with. The rest is a grand adventure and mystery.

I am lying down reading Cocreation in a straw bale igloo… Continue

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A few Personal Guidelines for Navigating these amazing times...

Personal Guidelines for the Great Turning by Joanna Macy…


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  In DREAMS: The Horse symbolizes success, freedom, travel, strength, power, nobility, wisdom and loyalty. It is also a symbol of life and death, grace and beauty.

this week I recieved my sacred horse tail back from…


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The Gift of the Seals: Protection during change, dreaming and lucid dreaming, imagination, creativity







Seal, Sea Lion, Power Animal Symbol of The Inner Voice

By Ina Woolcott

Seal's medicine includes protection during change, dreaming and lucid dreaming, imagination, creativity, protection from danger,…


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Confirmation on the one hectare plot for self-reliance- Huffington Post

Homesteading Quantified: How Much Land You Need To Go Off The Grid

First Posted: 8/23/11 03:40 PM ET   Updated: 8/24/11 09:30 AM ET…


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In honour of all Kin living in the Cities and urban environments around the world...

Hi everyone,

Cities are incredible expressions of human creativity and they are FULL of humanity...


I have been living in Wellington NZ for the past month or so.. I haven't ever lived in a city except for 1 year in my early 20's - we lived right in the centre of Brisbane City, Australia…


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A Brief History of Billa

Hello Dear Jane,


In answer to your question:

"Billa your life story looks so organic and free. Have you always been this way? When and what was your turning point if you don't mind me asking? I understand your profile says that it's because of the…


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I believe in You! you are something special! You can do it! How To unlock your magical powers: #4

Lesson 4 : Beliefs!


"Beliefs are prearranged, organised filters to our perceptions of the World"

Anthony Robbins



"If you believe you can do a thing, or you cannot, you…


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How To unlock your magical powers.. Lesson 3 - The Power of Bright Thoughts





Thoughts are things and powerful things -

Incredible things they are.

A thought…


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How To unlock your magical powers.. Lesson 2 - The Foundational Law



The Law of our Fate

We choose our Wealth

Love brings Love

And Wealth brings Wealth


Like produces like, an effect resembles its cause.…


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How to unlock your magical powers... Lesson 1- The Principal of Life Transformation

How do we unlock the magical powers Anastasia speaks of?  Many ancient cultures hold secrets of health and longevity, but there is also a modern book that breaks some of those secrets into the open - I am going to share insight into them here with you in 36 lessons.  Please join me  if you feel ready to make some big or little changes in your life.. 



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Crunchy Sleeping Bag

When I first read the books, an image came to me of sleeping under the stars each night, surrounded by rasberry bushes and grain grasses.. 


I wondered what it would be like to live like that. 


A few months earlier I had bought a double "Swag" for my camping expeditions.. I would check the moon cycles and plan to do fasts or cleanses and put myself in the bush or on the beach for lengths of time.. 


When I read the books I started to sleep…


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