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Cyber super-duper Kin!

Happy greetings to you all, beautiful people!

I too have had a long hiatus, I seem to remember something weird happening with money at some point... anyway, I have been enjoying reading my old posts and remembering where I was at, back in 2012!

If community spirit is still active I'd love to rejoin the wider discussions and learn and share (mostly learn!) with you again.

We have a baby now, live on the Gold Coast in Australia and are saving for land in Aotearoa New…


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Kiesha, our Little Grandmother!

On a wet Friday night back in August, I kissed by husband "see ya later" and jumped on an overnight train to Austria.

For a few months I had had my tickets booked ... the work, hence the money, had come along at the right time, and all had been set for ages ... To head to Austria, to see Kiesha, and listen to her message , in the flesh, face to face, heart to heart.

I didn't fall out of the bumpy top bunk, and the morning cuppa was pretty good. I left the cold rain storm behind… Continue

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Developing our Etheric for Earth Evolution - Anastasia and Steiner linked


I read the Ringing Cedars right after I finished studying Anthroposophy and Education at Taruna College in NZ.


Over the summer, we gardened, packed apples, maintained a property and worked as lifeguards at the local pools saving to come to Europe. 

I read the…


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A small wobbly character now visible on the horizon

It's funny,


Today has been busy, domestic, singular .... Creative, emotional, careful, thoughtful, anticipatory, quiet ...


It has also been warm, guided, considerate and in my introspective dimension, completely ecstatic!


Today is the first day of the new Mayan year ... What does happen after December 21 in the calendar?  Why is the new year 6 moons before the end of the calendar?  What happens to the other half of this new year?  Will the…


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Ordinary work

 Hoi zäma!   Hi Everyone!

I have been reading about how ' high entropy' work in our society - work that is required to be done over and over, ie. cleaning, gardening, cooking, caring, fixing, etc.   has a very low status compared with 'high technology' jobs.

However, there is such beauty in this type of work.

Something crucial high entropy work has, that high tech jobs don't have - is that through the work, one learns the dynamic nature of the…


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