Please support the artist, inspired by Anastasia visions

My friend Kumar Alzhanov, the artist, has become very popular among Anastasia readers for his amazingly beautiful pictures, inspired by the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series:
And now he is looking for like-minded entrepreneurs/publishers who would like to gain some profit from publishing his Artworks on different types of merchandise, like calendars, art-posters, notecards/postcards, printed T-shirts, printed handbags etc. Please click on the link to download a sample, 2020 calendar (in Russian) with Kumar's Artworks.
As a Publisher of Kumar's Artworks you will be granted exclusive rights to manufacture, distribute and sell the said merchandise in your country.
Original Kumar's Artworks are also available to order - on cedar plates or on canvas. Please check them here:
Should you be interested please contact Yury Smirnov as an official representative of the Artist, at

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