Confirmation on the one hectare plot for self-reliance- Huffington Post

Homesteading Quantified: How Much Land You Need To Go Off The Grid

First Posted: 8/23/11 03:40 PM ET   Updated: 8/24/11 09:30 AM ET

The original homesteaders, the pioneers who went West, were following the American dream as it was understood in the 19th century -- they wanted a house, and land, and a farm, of their own. Those who become homesteaders today aren't necessarily aspirational in the same way; instead, they're looking to escape mainstream America. They want to do so for many reasons: privacy, radicalism, a philosophical belief in self-sufficiency.

But "going off the grid" is a daunting proposal, especially for those with families. Non-homesteaders rely on others for virtually everything; not just our haircuts, but our electricity and our eggs. It's hard enough to figure out the right amount of groceries to buy for a week. Figuring out how many crops to plant to feed a family of four is exponentially more daunting. There are plenty of resources to help -- message boards, how-tos. And here's one more, aesthetically pleasing resource from solar panel discount company One Block Off the Grid: a useful chart illustrating the land requirements for a family of four seeking nutritional and electronic self-sufficiency.

According to the company's research, a family of four that eats meat, dairy and eggs would need around two acres of land to feed themselves for a year. Ready to try it yourself, but short on land? A 2.9-acre plot of land in South-Central Alaska is available from the State for as little as $2400, payable by MasterCard or Visa. (NOTE: HuffPost Food refuses blame for anyone who tries to live off the produce they can grow in the Alaskan climate.)

Here's the chart.

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Comment by Kev the Poet on August 25, 2011 at 8:56am
neem oil, (neem is a miraculous tree from india) repels mosquitos. It's also anti-viral, anti-fungal, and a great moisturiser. Word.
Comment by Billa on August 25, 2011 at 9:06am

Neem is great..nits worms, mosquitos, parasites..  anyone who has had malaria should give themselves a good dose of neem and cleanse their blood - or else it can forever haunt you... (  weteko.... )

Elder I can see you in Alaska for sure.. is there really mosquitos I would have thought it too cold? What do you think was the reason people couldnt commit to Brigadoon..? Care to write a discussion in the kins domain group about your experience so far???     I would like to hear and it helps other people too..   love billa


Comment by Anaida Osoria on August 25, 2011 at 9:19am
This is my dream since I read the Anastasia's books. I am looking for something like that in BC Canada. I think maybe and eco-village. I checked some and contacted them, but I am still waiting for answers. It is hard to find affordable land in BC, it is very expensive. Please let me know if you have more information about this. Thank you, Anaida
Comment by Billa on August 25, 2011 at 9:22am

Hi Anaida, have you joined the PAcific north West group on here..   I really feel like I need to come up there and organise a gathering -   there's so many of you from that region, but it seems its just not coming together yet.. together - everyone pooling together, it could become quite easy....  other BC people-   what do you think?


Comment by John Hripak on August 25, 2011 at 9:44am
This is some GREAT info ! Thanks for posting this, it makes it alot easier to show people that it's all possible with a "User Friendly" breakdown like this.

Let me just say one thing about (for lack of a better word)"Fate" and please let me know if this has been happening to anyone else since your reading of the Ringing Ceders books and your own personal journey towards reconnecting with the earth.
Ever since I read "The Books" they made a huge impact on me and I decided to take Anastasia's advice and "reconnect with the earth ". It's been about 1.5 years since that time and as I move forward and try new things (eating healthier, growing plants, exploring myself and planting the seeds of Anastasia's ideas in other peoples minds through logical discussion, Etc...) and research the idea of "One Hectare per family" and so on , everything always just falls into place as if it was meant to be !
Now I firmly believe that none of it is coincidence but call it what you want, it just keeps happening !
For instance; over the last four days I have been talking with my father about purchasing this piece of land that is 2.67 acres and today I decided to go online and research the various concerns I would have in order to make it a self sustaining piece of land and the first thing I see when I open my computer is a complete breakdown of what is needed for a family of four per year ..
There have been many other things that have fallen into place but as you can see if I keep going on this will become a 20 page book on my day to day life LOL .
Anyways, just curious if anyone or everyone else is having the same experiences with "fate,Coincidence, or whatever word you want to use ?
Comment by Billa on August 25, 2011 at 11:27am
thanks John for sharing.. Synchronicity, serendipity and co-creation with the universe I would call it. preparation meeting opportunity.. seeds can always grow in fertile soil! great to hear you are in the flow!
Comment by Peg Campbell on August 25, 2011 at 1:05pm
thanks, Billa, the chart was fascinating.  I would prefer skipping growing corn as many of us are learning that corn was not the original, natural way of eating for the animals that the large farm corporations are raising and feeding nowadays.  Which is why "grass-fed" is so desirable now.  Corn takes up a lot of space for what you get from it.  And, there are many other grains besides wheat which has been so overdone in our diets, so unnatural.  So, we can be left with more room with diversified spaces on our hectare, more room for a variety of edibles, more space for natural growing edible perrenials--a Food Forest!  :-)
Comment by Peg Campbell on August 25, 2011 at 1:09pm
John, yes, I keep having more synchronicity (or noticing it!) than ever!  Relaxing, allowing life to flow into place, working with it, not against it, is very pleasant!  Loving what IS as Byron Katie would say.
Comment by Billa on August 25, 2011 at 1:11pm
OF course! , We could use  our space of love diagrams ( so many people have done so many beautiful ones) instead of this chart ..  just great to see the one hectare concept promoted in mainstream like this.. always room for improvement. maybe we could create the ideal plot design, combining the best of all our knowledge and evolve this one???
Comment by Alexander Del Sol on August 25, 2011 at 1:26pm

Excellent! Thanks, Billa, for finding that and posting it.  You demonstrate to us all once again how all the info we need is already 'out there'.  Now, at this point, every single person has the opportunity to achieve this goal, create their own sustainable homestead/space of love.  It is, as always, a matter of choice.  And as John's experience demonstrates, once a person makes that decision, the Universe falls in step behind them to help make it happen.  It's wonderful.  Read below . . . . .

Yes, John, the information is flowing much more quickly to those of us who are following our intuition and our hearts along this sustainable path.  I myself have not only been experiencing more 'Godincidences' this past year, but actually had some neighbors come to me and offer to trade their house on a large parcel of land in the mountains for a very small lot I owned here near the coast.  My wife and daughter and I are now about to move to this new second home (already planted with mature fruit trees, and on a year-round stream), and create our own space of love.  BTW, a hectare in this environment (fertile tropics) is way, way more than enough for a family of at least six!  Oh, and having chickens and/or a fish pond (especially if you have a year-round stream on or near your property) are MUCH more land-efficient methods for sourcing animal protein for those who desire to consume it.


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