Developing our Etheric for Earth Evolution - Anastasia and Steiner linked


I read the Ringing Cedars right after I finished studying Anthroposophy and Education at Taruna College in NZ.


Over the summer, we gardened, packed apples, maintained a property and worked as lifeguards at the local pools saving to come to Europe. 

I read the RC books with such delight ... and just knew they were the best little gems to land in my lap after an intensive, exhausting, amazing year; introducing myself with tour de force and fulltime immersion into the world and writings of Rudie. 


Well today, I pieced something together, that for me, explicitly unites the two beings and their contributions.

The Evolution of Consciousness study during my course, was something that stood out.  So much so, we have actually decided to take the 'western thread' tour, after CH - albeit backwards, before returning home.  (Greece, Egypt, India).

I went to Uni at 18 and studied for 3 years, Art History and Politics.  I was thinking of going on with a masters in curatorship, but just couldn't see the point in a snooty, academic job wanking (mind my Aussie) on about something and attempting to sell art as an investment.   ...

Finally, finally, finally - I found what I had been looking for - what had actually driven me to study art and political thinking in the first place - an attempt to understand our history, the world - US. 

I found this studying anthroposophy, more exactly the so-called Evolution of Consciousness.     Something at least along the lines of the real questions, completely ignored at Uni   -----   Why we are here .... Who we are ... and Where we are headed.    A stream of development was studied at Taruna .... taking Human history from Atlantean times  ( this realisation of Atlantis actually existing took me a day or 2 to swallow!)   through the Indian epoch, the Persian, the Egypto/Chaldean, the Graeco/Roman, our present - the Anglo/German era   ....    seeing this thread of evolution, or, Humanity's gradual incarnation to the earth   .... this was the story that fed my spirit.

This knowledge began to beg the same questions, "Yes, but what is the point?!"   WHY are we here, WHAT is the thread leading us to ...  ??

Very very soon I learned the deeper esoteric significance of Christianity - of the Christ Impulse - the true significance of the resurrection.   This too was something I needed to hold a while before being able to absorb ... like so many I rebelled from Christianity as the disgusting contradictions and plays of power became obvious through my early years.  I had to question hard my experiences, and had to learn to separate the false Christianity, from the pure.  And such purity exists in those events ... that they are completely central to our experience now (whether we know it or not). And are completely central to the evolution of Humanity (and Earth).

Steiner shows a diagram like this.

This suddenly gave me some reference points as to Humanity's evolution - what we had done so far ... what we were doing on Earth, and a far greater understanding of the implication of Christ.    And as the year went on, I learned that the essential nature of Christ's resurrection, had to do with the Earth's etheric body.

(Yes there are parallel between the epochs - we see some in our current time - gross materialism for one - and the Egyptians believed they needed their bodies and household items in the afterlife...  So interesting to  note the next major cultural influence will be coming from Mama Russia! And the Persian epoch was Zorostrian - religious revelation concerning the eternal flame and the duality of light and dark, Ahura Mazdao ü Ahriman. .. how this will have developed come the Russian epoch, I have no idea)


Now this year from Little Grandmother, I learned once more, that nothing separates Humans from Earth.  We all operate on the same frequency; you do something to one and you will affect the other, and vice versa.   We are evolving together, because we are One.  We all have physical, etheric, astral and spirit ego bodies.

When Christ was sacrificed, he affected the Earth's etheric body.  The Christ or 'Sun being' entered the Earth's etheric ... and hence all of our Etheric bodies are now imbued with this Christ or Sun energy - each and every single one of us.  I think we see these effects in our personal desires to become completely free individuals - to know and understand for ourselves, to learn, to experience ... these are all inherent 'Sun' qualities.       And you can see how Christian societies have developed with this Sun centre, as compared with pre or parallel Christian societies, Jewish and Muslim, which you may say are more 'Moon' --- emphasis on the group, clan or tribe, family name - a registration of hereditary, ancient shadowy mystical traditions - emphasis placed on the group instead of the individual. 

Eventhough, the Christ Principle still exists in these traditions, like it does in every culture's mystical traditions. The Bhagavad Gita, the Epic of Gilgamesh, indigenous knowledge etc, all hold the same esoteric wisdom - the truth is te same everywhere for everyone!    And so, the Christ etheric is in us all, which is why we are seeing huge uprisings in the name of democracy and personal liberty in the middle east now ... and 2000 years is a very short time in the scale of evolution considered here!

This all laid an interesting hypothesis, for sure!   ... But what is the point of a Sun Being in our planet's Etheric body? ...I had to ask myself.   With further research I discovered something which totally stirred my deepest Soul ....


"The mission of our Earth is the cultivation of the principle of Love to its highest degree by those beings who are evolving upon it.  When the Earth has reached the end of its evolution, Love should permeate it through and through"


Ah-ha!!  Ok so, now Love comes into it, as it should.   Thank you Rudolf, this is language I can understand!   This is the time talked about, when the Earth will become spiritualised. 

This for me, really plugged my interest ... as this describes the future of the Earth ... it's actual purpose and destiny. 

I mean you have to think big here!  But once you have a wider conception of the whole Universe ... of everything ... your own existence makes more sense.....


Q: What power will be used to spiritualise matter?
Steiner:   The power of Love gained through the Christ principle.  Beings become capable of dissolving matter through taking love into their souls.  The more the soul is warmed by love the more powerfully will it be able to work on matter; it will spiritualise the whole Earth and transform it into an astral (feeling) globe."


And after reading the RC books ... these quotes and notes I had collected, seemed to take on a whole new angle.

Suddenly, a way was described.  Not something abstract, concerning millenia or obscure spiritual beings.

So today I was listening to lecture 10 of the lecture cycle, 'The Apocalypse and St John', given by RS in 1908.

The gospel of St John is apparently, the most esoteric in nature, and describes with beauty, the experiences of a highly initiated person - and the true significance of Christ.


Steiner says in lecture 10, this wee point:


When man is in the Plant Kingdom, he will have reached a stage of evolution morally, in which it will be impossible to feel happy as an individual, if others of his kind feel unhappy.

The happiness of the individual is inseperably connected to the happiness of all.


(When RS refers to the 'plant kingdom', he is describing a state of consciousness evolution, rather than simply being 'in' Nature)

A brief background of the lecture up to this point:   RS had spoken about Humans (us) in our current point of earthly evolution - and how we are in the Mineral Kingdom at present.  We understand the material of the world, and are able to recreate in this medium.   Our next phase of evolution, will incorporate the Plant Kingdom.   We will move beyond the purely material, and will understand the life forces connected to the plants.  This is the Etheric.


For into the living being flows, when it is put together, something which is in the Man himself.

Only when it is realised that Man as a whole being works with his whole inner being in what he produces, will the world be ready to produce something that is alive - Plants, Animals and Human Beings - In free activity.

Man will then have risen into the Plant Kingdom when he understands the plant nature as he now understands the mineral.   He will have risen to the Animal Kingdom when he understands feelings in such a way that he can make a sensitive being through his own spirit power, just as he now makes an external object.

And he will have ascended to the Animal Kingdom when he can form Man anew, in free activity. 


And that is the truly Human stage of evolution.  What deep held mystery lies in this notion of free activity?

I suposse the Planet too, will mirror this evolution.   The astral globe permeated with Love, will become something ever more profound, and permeated with something higher yet --- something more Human.

Something I took away from my year at Taruna, is how important it is to develop our Etheric bodies.   This has been the one strongest nugget of advice, something felt with deep understanding and urgency. 

I can recommend Steiner's book, How to Know Higher Worlds, as an excellent source of initiation information; Meditation exercises, and what to expect when the veil is lifted, and how to deal.


It seems the Christ event has ushered in this age of Etheric development.


Now back to the RC series ...   And here including all inspirational appeals of 'getting back to the land'.

What better way to develop our Etherics, than by being surrounded by Nature?

By living in the plant world, tending, eating, communicating, understanding the etheric of the planet, we in turn, tend, communicate with and understand our own etheric bodies.  We will begin to perceive etherically, that is, the life forces of everything.  Many of us already have these perceptions.  All of Humanity will too oneday - and it is up to us to work diligently, to develop these senses purely and wholly, if we are to plant the seeds for our future generations to come - etheric, astral, ego seeds. 

We are the ancestors of the future, who will develop our Etherics, as to make it possible for our descendents to develop their Astrals, and for their descendents to develop their Egos.

Our forebears, are the ones who stepped forward to develop their Mineral forms, to incarnate properly onto the Earth.

This is a huge story, one we have only just begun when you consider these phases of 'bodies evolution'!


And it is ever humbling to acknowledge, that we must still sit back, and ask for guidance, for teaching from our differently developed ancestors, our mineral, plant and animal kin.


I have only read the RC books once, and don't own any copies, so cannot make references or check up on what Anastasia may have said.  I only have memory to go on ... I would love it if someone understood parallels from the books - something about developing our etheric bodies.   I am convinced now that the big push towards a healthy natural life, the shift from head to heart and the immersion in Nature ... why we all have this urgency and understanding is because we are leaping over the threshold of mineral existence into etheric.   I think this pulls back the viewfind a little bit more, and a wider horizon of the picture is shown.     And there is no doubt, that the creation of Spaces of Love and Kin's Domains facilitate the development of earth/human etheric --  Mama loves to be touched by us, plants grow stronger when nurtured and admired and enjoyed!  Our souls are fed .. it is so beautiful, ... and so important!


I think I have found a connection here, that satisfies something in me - that adds another squiggly line looping Steiner's words, with beautiful Anastasia's.  








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Comment by Billa on August 20, 2011 at 9:19am
I know this is an important revelation, I am getting to it so I can digest it... thank you.. sistar....
Comment by Katie on August 20, 2011 at 7:07pm

chew slowly!   

I know there is a bit of extra padding for context, but really, this etheric development, the relationship to the living forces we experience in its fundamental form in the plant kingdom, and then this huge awareness of reconnecting ourselves to land and NATURE ,,......  well, what better way to develop our etheric awareness?

This is what Steiner really advocates in his books -- in a way the rest is all just interesting context too .....    for the sake of the good pure forces of the Universe, this etheric development is so important.     If we can focus and work hard to those ends, we are progressing and doing our bit.   And in so many ways ... we are doing it automatically and easily!! (as it should be - it is natural to do and to achieve) by living close to the earth -  .. everything that Anastastia describes and is enthusiastic about - everything she is.    


I simultaneously appreciate the magnitude and urgency of working hard to developing this awareness, I know and feel my heart is in the right place doing the right things ....   I also can see how 'low' in the evolution before 'crunch time' something steiner refers to as the war of all things ???  I don't know much .... only it is far far far off ....   But what we develop now, creates stronger future incarnations ... as this type of development spans lifetimes and isn't lost.   Also, whatver future incarnations this current life produces, are more likely to be strong and able to stand in the light, not so easily influenced by the dark.. No-one is truly evil now, we may have tendencies, but we are all able to be redeemed.  Oneday in the far distant future, this won't be possible for those who have chosen the dark path over and over again.

I won't to invite star beings to my womb, who want the chance to develop their etherics for this purpose too!

I want my babies and their babies and their babies to be warriors and bearers of light!

Comment by Sa Rah on August 30, 2011 at 8:04am
Love your sharings, Katie!  I, too, have been studying a bit of Anthroposophy (informally) and have really taken to waldorf education as well.  We do Waldorf-inspired unschooling here at home and I really love much of the essence of anthroposphy.  I definitely see and even more so FEEL the connection between it and Anastasia's wisdom.  Thank you for the reflection, many blessings, Goddess!  :-)
Comment by Katie on August 31, 2011 at 8:21am

hi hi hi hip hip hooray!   hehhehe, Thanks Sa Rah for your understanding of that meaty nugget i left here a week or so aago!   I just read through it, after not thinking much about it since then ....  I hope the essence of what i feel did come through!  :)   I know it's all the same amazingness too, just different flavours for the ravers ...   I love how Steiner is so methodical and scientific, i love the analysis and factual delivery - about super esoteric things - and I just love the warmth and fairy feelings anastasia brings too ....

So great you are homeschooling your babes .... what fun!   I think i will be a teacher, but the classroom will be another home, and me another mum .... a community mum!  x    Lots and lots of Love to you ... I just love who you are too, thank you so much, and all the best to you and your kin   xx

Comment by Billa on September 4, 2011 at 6:35pm


I waited to read this until I had a very clear space to do your thoughts honour my dear..


You are so on it.  I made exactly the same discovery a different way by going on a 40 day fast into the desert in search of Aboriginal people living the traditional way. I discovered that the tribes I resonated with most weren't in central Australia but in the north west of Australia called the Kimberly.

There are three tribes there who have been interweaving in cocreative harmony since the beginning of time. When I researched their creation stories from the chaos time (creation time) , through to the law-time (harmony) - (they have a similar story to When White Buffalo Calf woman came to the Turtle Island people and gave them laws to live by to create harmony)  I realised they were evolving to the time of LOVE for their tribes but it was cut abrubtly short by the arrival of white man.

All those eons of living in harmony with divine law was naturally evolving to give expression to LOVE in its fullest manifestation...  Just like scientists say at some point on the planet, life gave birth to the possibility of flowers -  a new expression to the creators dream.. maybe an EARTH MAN cocreated flowers with nature, who knows.. this is what Anastasia is getting at in Book 10..  that ancient people lived as co-creators and were constantly thinking of new ways to collaborate with creation to make more beauty-full.


In a book called Mutant Message Down Under - "the real people" clearly explain to their foreign guest (the mutant  human)   how they spend their days co-creating with nature, and divine law..


But all those millions of years of Earth people living in harmony with divine law and nature improving itself day by day has now been set back into a time of chaos again..   and I understood from them that because of the thrust back into chaos, we are also thrust into a DREAMTIME - where we need to dream back in the divine plan, which is why we all do so much soul searcing to figure out what that is - Anastasia puts its simply and it echoes your quote as well - 

“Human Society should study the Divine Program using the materials God has provided, and transforming the whole planet into a marvelous Paradise oasis, thereby creating a harmoniously balanced society for all living beings.  Mans Attainment of this level of life will open up possibilities for the creation of life on other planets and in other galaxies.”


The manifestation of love on the planet seems to be the only way we shall transcend our problems and thank god Anastasia outlines so succinctly what LOVE requires to once again blossom in co-creation with nature:


Kins Domains, (aboriginal people call this their "country") , spaces of love, personal gardens,

and the true love of one other person...           

"The mission of our Earth is the cultivation of the principle of Love to its highest degree by those beings who are evolving upon it.  When the Earth has reached the end of its evolution, Love should permeate it through and through"  


Love it. love you..

Comment by Billa on September 4, 2011 at 6:41pm
By the way, thought I might add in here that trees are the etheric field of of the Earth. so because so many have been cut down is why there is a spiritual crisis.   We are not separate from Gaia. what we do to her we do to ourselves... the effects are far more literal than we realise.  I love Anastasia for making things so rational.  
Comment by Sifara on September 4, 2011 at 6:55pm I so love your this precious sharing - thanks and thanks again :-)  I have also studied Anthroposohy for years and tought in a Steiner School ... really wonder-full reading   !!!  Love to you !
Comment by ishara love on September 4, 2011 at 7:23pm
Thank you, ladies - I also need time to digest this, it is very deep! But weirdly, Billa, I dreamt just a couple of nights ago that I was in the Kimberlies. I have never been there and didn't even know I wanted to go, but I remember the feeling of deepest peace with such palpable energy, so profound that I woke up feeling like it was my destiny to be there at some time. Or maybe I have already been before this incarnation, and was just remembering. Now to read your thoughts here. I don't know, but I have just noticed synchronicities like this popping up everywhere lately, happening more and more often, more and more quickly from the thought to the manifestation. Also what you just said about the trees being the etheric field of our Earth - explains why I have at times felt so bereft at seeing ancient trees chopped down, a grief so profound that it feels like the death of a loved one. Katie, thank you so much for this post and I look forward to reading it properly in a moment of introspection. You are clearly a wayshower!!! Lots of love to this beautiful sisterhood xoxoxo
Comment by Billa on September 4, 2011 at 7:36pm
That exactly happened to my friend Maryanne!  and she had to go .... Blessings on the dreamtime calling you Sharyn!  the desert is a deep dreaming place..  desert dreaming is a time to re-visit your ancient self and bring your highest potential through into the now.. its a place of timelessness.     and the stars.... oh the stars...   I highly recommend you sleep under the stars everynight when you go.....  sounds like you are in the flow sister...
Comment by Katie on September 4, 2011 at 11:40pm

Hi EveryOne!

Billa - thank you for reading!  This is really interesting what you say about the Chaos time being the Dreaming time ... Shiva, the destroyer and transformer. ...  I feel so inwardly confident that wonderful things are taking place, wonderful things that will bring us through the tumult.  Still many people around me here are fearful - everyone knows the world is in a funny/rotten place, but the next step is to transcend that fear and confusion, ask youself what can we do about it?? It makes sense to move forward ... so many of these beuatiful lessons we are supossed to learn in childhood, have such great implications for us as mature adults, if we are to have the ability to transform ourselves and the world.   Anyone who was failed through their upbringing or school education must must listen to their hearts - all this knowledge is there, we really only learn to get used to listening, and to rely on what our heart consciousness tells us.   Somehow I am convinced now all we learn at school, and the lessons life brings - well, are all different varieties on this same theme!

Us Humans are so completely inextricable linked to Earth ,..... we ARE EARTH.       ....  The true power of this is mindboggling, .... the potential of our hearts and minds and hands ... to create .. as well as destroy ....  we are learning it now, here!    We aren'et even really seperate from our needs, I am sure EarthMan cocreated the flowers, yes!   The lines of seperation are constantly thinning ...  !   The inner is the outer ... All we experience we have asked for ....   All we desire we can manifest .....    

I'm happy I was able to put these musings up here for you guys to read ...

The only part I have thought more about, is the idea of creation in free activity ....

A time will come when we are freed from the karmic wheel ....   I have a feeling this will be the time we can create man anew, free of karmic pressures and free from heriditary traits.   We are still bound through genetics, through the mineral world - to create - sex - genes, our physical components come from our parents, ancestors genetic makeup, ...   We work hard each incarnation to cleanse, and improve.   We even bring up our children to such an extent, that it takes them years to understand and break free from the prejudices we pass over unconsciously, after the years of nurture...   (this is fine by the way, it's just where we are now!)    .....  

I think oneday our cocreation of new humans, will be so pure .... 

Our incarnated spirits have much to endure now ... !!   Which of course is all part of the fun, the challenge ... !

"The Big Wheel Keeps on Turning ....  "   But I think it is really a spiral wheel, it goes around, but is never exactly in the same place twice.  


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