And now we see the right model of the Earth. Earth is flat. It stands on backs of the Three Elephants. The Three

Elephants stand on the Big Turtle, and the Big Turtle is swimming in the
ocean with no end or beginning.

Flat Earth is a flat human judgment. A man thinks only in 2 categories, Yes and No.

Every man gets knowledge from one of the Three Elephants.
Three Elephants equals Three Worldviews, Three Points. These points are
Materialism, Idealism, and Transcendentalism (or Mysticism).

The base for Materialism is Matter.
The base for Idealism is Idea.
The base for Transcendentalism is materialized idea, or Word.

The Three Elephants get their knowledge from the Big Turtle. The Big Turtle
gets information from the ocean of pure truth.

The Big Turtle is a philosophy of Ujism , the philosophy of never ending truth. It is based
on Energy.

Matter is a well concentrated energy in different forms.
Thought is an energetically informative structure
Word is an energetic vibration.

(Vedic Knowledge)

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