Found the answer to energy like Anastasia from our surroundings. + thanks for responding to my last post:)

Anastasia said that if we plant seeds like her they will return the energy. if you do studies watching plants that are blessed  by humans they last allot longer and are allot healthier. so i am sure that the plants being conscious do the same. even though they are hypo critical as she stated i am sure they love us if planted this way.

Second if we are grounded to the earth we have allot more energy imagine going swimming every day and connecting to a heavenly lake and so for. this is my revelation and heres a vidoe of some confriamtion.

hope you enjoy. and tell me your thougths on having a good quality of energy from our surrroundings.

Love and ethustic

P.S. i think that ancestors and realtionship to our heritage can be moreso induced if we live in our home land i think i am future orented because i live in a new land. but i beleive being one with this land is a good diea and also that helping the natives here maybe a good diea because htey are our new inheritance. of ancestors to the land.:)

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