How to build your Sacred Relations with dolmens.

Dear fellow seekers and co-creators of this beautiful world!

I sincerely hope that this short note will be of interest to you.

The familiar, simple Dolmen stone-structures found all over Europe have been thought of and described as ancient burial chambers, relics from times passed with little immediate relevance to us modern folks. But new interest in these odd structures was awakened for readers of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" book series from amazing descriptions offered by Anastasia, their heroine. She explained the true function of the stones in a way which stretched the imagination of some of the readers quite a bit, explaining that certain advanced ancestors from Vedic times could foresee the troubled times in which we are now living. They did, she said, make a commitment to stay close to these structures, by "tethering" their souls to them with a special devotional process they used to consciously pass over into the other worlds. In that way and by way of this sacrifice, they were able to make themselves very directly available to answer questions to earnest seekers. While such explanations might produce a self-fulfilling prophecy from the sheer expectancy of a visitor, the experiences reported by many meditators are quite striking nevertheless and have been life-changing for many.

Even for those individuals who have a hard time believing that these Dolmens, now visited by thousands pilgrims from all over the world, could offer anything other than comfortable shade, they reportedly have had profound effects on even doubtful visitors. These effects are described in various ways and even the most sceptical individuals seemed to have been "tricked" into some amazing discoveries.

Many people come to dolmens as sacred places for pilgrimage. Making a conscious pilgrimage can cause profound changes in oneself and fill one with energy to reach a new level of self growth.  For those wishing to visit the dolmens in person we organize several dolmen tours (pilgrimage) every year - (
Provided for any reason you can't be there "in flesh and blood", now you also have a chance to build a remote connection with dolmens through your image/photo (or your friend and relative's).

How it all works:
1. You send us your picture via email.
2. You pay for printing and postage and provide us your postal address.
3. We print out your picture and take it to dolmens when we come for our next dolmen tour.
4. We place it on a dolmen and it will stay there for the time we visit it.
5. We make a proof photo of your picture on a dolmen and print it out as well.
And finally We put both photos in an envelope and send them to your postall address.

For details please visit this site

WHY should it all work?
It is well-known that a photograph of a person is spiritually connected to the original. You can even ask psychics to make a photo reading for you and they will tell you a lot about the person on the photo.
It is also known that a photograph of a person, being placed in a holy or sacred place, somehow "absorbs" the energy of the place and passes it to the original. This way you can also make remote spiritual connections with sacred places.

With open heart,
Yuri Smirnov,
SOL Magazine publisher

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Comment by Sacred Earth Network on March 14, 2013 at 8:48am

This is a beautiful offering to the people Yuri. Thank you for all you do..   

Comment by Yuri Smirnov on March 14, 2013 at 4:19pm

Thank you! :)

Comment by Gigi West on September 8, 2013 at 8:38am

Yuri, is it to late to send in a photo?

Comment by Yuri Smirnov on September 9, 2013 at 6:55am

Hi, Gigi!

You are lucky! !  Our Dolmen tour begins on September 19th so you stiull have time to send us your photo and postal address. And also make a PayPal payment. :)

If you do that within 3-4 days we will have time to print out your photo to take it with us on the tour.

All the best,


Comment by Yuri Smirnov on October 7, 2013 at 5:46am
Connect a dolmen spirit for guidence through your photo - we are happy to provide you this chance:


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