On a wet Friday night back in August, I kissed by husband "see ya later" and jumped on an overnight train to Austria.
For a few months I had had my tickets booked ... the work, hence the money, had come along at the right time, and all had been set for ages ... To head to Austria, to see Kiesha, and listen to her message , in the flesh, face to face, heart to heart.

I didn't fall out of the bumpy top bunk, and the morning cuppa was pretty good. I left the cold rain storm behind in Zurich, traveling east through the night, dawn in Austria was clear and warm.
I was met at the Emmersdorf station by Karl, who organised the workshop, and who had offered to host me, since couchsurfing.org hadn't worked out in that segment of the planet at the time.
Breakfast ... Homemade apricot jam, austrian bretzel and peppermint tea was perfect that fine glistening morning.
Karl described his roots as indigenous to the area, he showed me where his grandmother had lived, and the homestead he was born in. Fascinatingly, the famous Venus of Willendorf had been found just over the back hill ... a beautiful statuette, possibly my favourite of all ancient primal fertility female representations found from the world.

But by golly gee whiz, here I was, in a gorgeous Austrian village, and about to attend a 2 day workshop with Little Grandmother ... I was very excited ...

So, Kiesha ... She is simple, modest, normal, haha! Warm and groovey, just like you and me. Beautiful, radiant, cheeky, everything you'd expect ... Giggling and enjoying herself too ... Deeply connected, roots that go deep and curl around with branches in abundance reaching so high up - like the beanstalk in Jack's story!
The kind of person who is unassuming .. I mean I was pleased with her unflashiness, her natural up front low key sense of modesty ... There was no spectacle, Just Kiesha ... And it really was just Kiesha, even her name of Little Grandmother was seldom used.

It was neat go be there ... But strangely simultaneously I felt that I didn't need to be ... My spirit had heard her message loud and clear when I first received it. But being there was perfect, peaceful and affirming. The opportunity to met and greet fellow members of the Tribe was of course wonderful. To connect face to face with people had been something lacking up till then, living in a foreign land, with a foreign language, culture ... So in this way I fully blissed myself out! Hehe, yes!

The message of Little Grandmother's remains the same.

Many of you no doubt know it already, but I would love to share her insights with you all anyway, share what she emphasised ... As we are all the Strongest of the Strong Souls here now to Fight the Good Fight!

Of course these are my own notes and interpretations of what I heard... I hope Kiesha is happy for me to relay her message in this way!

* It is time to put our heartfelt intentions into our crystals and place them in wild water.
- Kiesha has been helped by Earth Mother Spirit many times in her life, and this is the only thing, ever, that Earth Mother Spirit has ever asked of her in return.

* No-one needs anyone else to answer their questions for them.
Every answer to every question can be found through one's own heart space.

* Develop this space by developing perception through your physical senses. Practise, perfect and utilise your senses fully.
Practise in nature - shut off all your senses, bar one, and focus on that completely. Move through each sense in that way; See all there is to see, Smell all there is to smell, Listen to all there is to listen to, Taste all there is to taste, Feel all there is to feel ... Then synthesise All Senses at once; Experience your environment in this beautiful, awoken state.

*All of nature can teach us.
If something attracts you, go to it and learn something. This is your medicine. Take your questions.
Close your eyes slightly and see what leaf, plant, flower, tree, stands out. Go to it! Practise the same in the market, or in the orchard when picking your fruit!

We also practised at the workshop, what we (Oli and I) have been calling the Green Earth Energy Meditation.
Remove shoes and stand barefoot on Earth.
Breathe deeply and centre.
now begin to draw Mother Earth's green energy up through your feet into your base chakra - use the in breath and hold the energy there before exhaling and returning the energy to Mother.
Repeat for as long as you like, ...
Now breathe in drawing the grass green energy up to your second chakra, hold, exhale, continue ...
Continue right up through your chakras until you reach your Crown, now allow this green earth energy to flow back down, this time branching out across your shoulders, flowing down through your arms and finally fingertips back to Mother Earth.
...recharge, earth yourself, fill up with divine mother energy...

(I can't remember if you direct the energy through your arms at a point lower than your Crown chakra, but this is the way we have been practising it ...)

Personally, this is a beautiful experince I love to have. I experience the light and grace of my higher self pouring down when I get to my Crown, and I feel this beautifully unites Sky Father to Earth Mother, through me, Earth-Spirit Human! I have an inkling, this is the state of awareness we are all meant to be in, all of the time. Union of Ma and Pa, Heaven and Earth, grounded yet soaring ... The 3-fold trinity, Eagle, Lion, Bull ...

We are the Ones we have been waiting for...
We have chosen to come to Earth now...
We will succeed...
In Love, with faith, courage, stamina...

Freedom, Joy, Laughter and Brilliance!

Right at the end, we had a massive meditation, and took our beloved crystals down to the Blue Danube, to will them in its wild waters.
Lots of tears, cries, moments of unbridled emotion left our breasts and mouths... Kiesha stood in the water, prayed and gave her blessings, a beautiful sight to behold believe me :) And in they were tossed. This for many, was a big threshold to cross, to toss beloved crystals into the waters of Mother, to let go, to actually get those intentions out into world. It was a moving unbelievable moment, which filled me with such excitement, joy and ecstasy, I was just brimming over .. ! Buncing about the beach like the mad hatter, hugs, smiles, congratulations to all!
The reminder and realisation for me, was that ALL IS MAMA! ... The crystals, the waters, our intentions, our emotions, our experiences, our pains and our accomplishments...
And so all we felt and believed was tied to our crystals, already lived in our souls. If you feel unable to let your crystals go, KNOW that all that that crystal provides for you, ALREADY LIVES within you. That by giving this beautiful piece of Mother back, you may release your intentions and set them free, ready to materialise in the world.
By giving our crystals to the water, we give our Love to the world!
You are already much stronger, more brilliant, more beautiful than these crystals ... And although we love them, we must set them free, give them back.

The one from my neck was flung high and far and made a huge (first? :p) splash into the water,.. farewell dear friend, your essence lives on in my heart, I sacrifice your beauty for real work, c'est la vie!!!!!!!

I took a long swim in the Danube after the workshop had ended, I met several other women down there too. We swam in the sweet waters, where magic had entered, where magic would drift to sea, drift up to cloud, cling to sides of boats, of little fishies, of children and Dad's swimming on Sunday afternoons.

And this crystal intentioning and tossing seems to be a common theme for us now too, "let's take this one for the Bosphorous!" or, "it's new moon at the Artemis sanctuary tomorrow, let's take a gift for the lagoon!".

Oh it is all such fine fun, dandy and crisp, fizzy and silly, deep and delicious.

All the best my Friends!
Pump up the Jam!

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