New Words On Eternity. 9+1 Sentences Starting and Finnishing The Slavic VeyEdRus Vedas.

Hello everyone! I present you with all of history in as few words as possible, from the beginning, to today and the whole future, and creating a genuinely new living creation with all of it. I will present here the Paleo Sanskrit sentences here, but I am now as we speak working on translating these in complete detail into English. Here are the 9+1 sentences, along with a picture showing the direction each of these are aimed at, and can be used to translate all languages. Joy and health to your thoughts!:


KAlFaHuKultUraK - Yellow Blue Blood of the Past Image. 1


Ee'Roc'N'L'Nam'Myo'Ho'Re'N'Gey'Kyo – Song of the Successful Image. Creation of God and all things after-wards. 2

R'SvVs'O'SvVs'EE'SvVs'Ck'VsSv'Ay'SvVs'Ee'N'Gal - Material Released Mental Energy created between DNA and malcesdek, but not made visible until the creation of the first child. 3

SvVs'N'Ay'N'Svvs - Free Songs. 4

Vey Ed Rus, Rus Ed Vey - Final Blood of the reflection in the water. 5

Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Ahd Yah Kali Ka Pahrahm EshwarieSwaha. - as if kidding mankind as a child because of his success. 6

Lahlmla Ka Alma Vey – the 4 other infinite races of humanity. 7

SvVs'Coree'Ay'Ee'n'MalCesDek'Gal'SvVs – Causing all races to see the past and the future as the same. 8



'Ka'R'N'Pahrahm'O'Gey'EshwarieSwaha'Ck'Kyo'SvVs – Part of future reality intruding on past and present reality, but ending with love. 9

Lahg'Ked'Ces'Laam'N'Ee'Ay'Ee'Roc - Ked'Awn'R'Ay'N'Laam - Om'L'N'Hreem'Ah'Ah'Shreem'G'M'Kleem


'Ka'R'N'Pahrahm'O'Gey'EshwarieSwaha'Ck'Kyo'SvVs - SvVs'N'Ay'N'SvVs – Nam'Myo'Ho'Re'N'Ge'Kyo – The final sentence of Malcesdek uniting with Bagua. 10, 9+1.

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