One with everything and how it relates to all anastasias wisdom

I want to know how to master being one with everythign or with nature and gettign the best enviroment and what to do in that enviroment this question stems from a yoga class i took today and i really want to know what it means. i can astrotravel and experience being the experiencer and its kind of like anastasias meditations that she takes many of in the day laying on the grass blissing out enjoyign the sounds of nature and neing able to focus on past and future ans well as people and situations. she talks about diet and how to eat as we breath and how to choose the right food and have lots of variety he talks about exerciseing in a way by here way of lifestyle she does no exercise but jsut lives gdoing things that she loves and she was able to arry vladimre and the nap sack on her back. so she is supper strong. these the the proof that there is somethign great i am missing i have a few things but i want to master a space of love.

i realize that a space of love that she talks about is in total nature with our own plantation of life but she says that only about 25% of people will be on the land and does not discribe how to attain that energy in the city. i knwo its possible i still love nature and go for nature walks i live right next to a park. but i really love being with people. i now tantra is a art of giving and receiving energy which i find cool. but i do not have one of those centers here.

I think church and yoga are great places and budist temples. but i want to know what anastasia does with here meditatiuons and more about how her quality of life is and how her lifestyle is. and not only that but how to practise it. i am sure you have lots of questions and answers about lifestyle but i am really just focusing on receiving energy and benifiting from my engament with life. she has nature do everythign for her because they benit by her amazing gaze and loving presence. there is so much purity in her. so i can go on and on about her.

But for me i know that light workers are trying to discover the path but if they have not read her books they will not understand the quality of light working there can be done. still the qusetion reamains please give me your resources and thoughts on were i can find and discover how to be one with everythign around me like anastasia is one with her kins domain. love hto hear your responses.

Love, Gratitude and Blessing,



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Comment by Kody Tillotson on February 5, 2012 at 6:54pm

Ah Desmond! Your forebearers hold the knowing you seek. The question for most of us to the present is how to we further engage ourselves in our forebearer's thoughts. Love. Love was more than just a feeling to our forebearers, it was an energy that sought to embody itself for us again and again. When I search our forebearer's thoughts on love, I get this phrase "Moments that make our Ancestors smile."

Let me explain.

The idea can be drawn from a play on words that I believe our people used: Ve-Druss.

Water gift, or simply the act of gifting. When we were born to our beautiful spaces of love, every single animal, plant, feature of the landscape, made item and even stars were all dedicated to us in our parent's thought. I think of it as a kind of honor guard.

As the sun traveled the cloth of the sky, a mountain would be illuminated from every side, and at that time of day each day a story was born or replayed. A temple of time dedicating each moment to the mind, through one's feelings.

The material and second self are both adorned with Earth aspiring memories, but many people are too distracted to properly take them in and hold them as a whole.

What did I do? I turned my attention to the lake at the center of the Earth, and there I dremt of the purist gifts it has been directed to preserve in my name, for a people, for love, for eternity.

With a pure state of mind give of yourself to the very center of Earth till you feel whole images adorning yourself. With these look for their reflections in the space around you, you will find the way you are ment to relate with a flower, the stream, or a big one for me is the different directions one can look at a mountain from, I have a memory for everysingle one.

Memory is the most powerful magic.

Comment by Mich Lundyn on February 6, 2012 at 7:33pm

I think inner work is the most important thing. You don`t necessarily have to attend church or temples to find it, but there is benefit from attending those places too. When you`re starting out some people go looking for a master or whatever, but choosing one is difficult. One must be completely selfless and non egoist, and maybe they are hard to find?

Anyway, myself I have been engaged in self-work for some time. I have learned the basics of meditation from Yongey Mingur Rinpoche (see `The Joy of Living`, or `Joyful Wisdom`), and have been practising observing my mind and now I can (most of the time) get through my days feeling peaceful, though I still need to learn a lot of discipline.

If you`re concerned with engaging with our forebears thoughts, of which I am also, purification and an open heart is the key. It doesn`t happen over night. Christ promised seek and ye and shall find. It is out there.

Remember when Anastasia talked about communicating with the cosmos? I`ve tried it, and I would like to do it more. It`s difficult for me because I live in the city, but last summer I gave myself a few weeks in the country and tried my best to connect with the nature there.

I think it would be ideal to live in a space of love, and I am dedicated to creating one as part of my life path. I don`t know if it`s possible to create one perfectly, considering all the knowledge I lack. But I think if the intent is pure, and we learn ourselves to listening to our hearts then our intuitions will guide us. We can create these spaces for our children, and maybe in a few generations we can come back and experience life much in the same way our ancient ancestors did.

Comment by Desmond Nicoli on February 7, 2012 at 4:29am

Dear Kody,

I think that is a great idea to think the thoughts of our forebearers but i usually only get information form my grandparent sbaout my ancestors. i do not have the speed of though to reallize there lives and it would take much more time with my speed of thought. i feel that you have a certain purity and pure desire to know so it will be easier for you. on my path i find myself focus edon the future trying to get myself back to the land and develop a speed of thought. and i beleive that being one with nature and absobing the energy liek anastasia did with the tree. normally it takes her maybe a long time to recover but because the situation was so meaning ful to her she absobed all the energy she needed to communicate with Vladimir. when my speed of thought is higher i never even though about my ancertors being peope i wanted to think about i am usually so focus on the future maybe i enhearted this from them as welll. very interestesting post thought it made me think and focus my thoughts on your words.

Comment by Desmond Nicoli on February 7, 2012 at 4:41am

Dear Mich,

I thin that we will look on our forebears more easily when we can see our family trees and the beautiful spaces they have created for us and our other generations instead of looking at a scattered unorgaized history or inagine in my case of people from all different lands coming here because of war. its kind of hard to look and but there is still allot of beauty. and i am glad that its not all negative because i want to relate to my family in a postive way about our ancestors.

with  reguards to having a peaceful and still mind i have a phycologist he is very helpful teaching me how to still my mind and to observe it through meditation. but i am just slowly learning it its very cool though. i indeed feel best in the country. i love running bare foot through the trees running into the lake first think in the morning and doing anastasias morning routine


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