Update on our domain.

Our property has been vacant and hence was covered in a great deal of debris.  Since the glass beer bottles were so numerous we decided to not hire someone to come and bush hog the property.  We bought a DR brush mower to clear the very high grasses and brush so we could slowly walk the property and pick up junk as we went.  We did break a few bottles but not that many.  So once all was clear we purchased a Ford 1900 tractor with a finish mower to keep it clear.  As my husband, Greg, mowed, I started to clear the thick areas of scrub oaks of lower branches and trees that had grown sideways to try for a bit of light.  The tree trimming is mostly done, but we still have some areas to clean.  The birds have thanked us with increased activity and song.  Each heavy rain brings more trash to the surface.  It is as if Mother Earth is helping us to create our space of love.  It reminds me of a wound after an auto accident, the glass just gradually comes to the surface as the body heals.

In August we had the land "Green Belted".  We wanted to put a shed on the property and the only way we could do so with a permit was to Green Belt.  It seems that people had dumped trailers and mobile homes on land in the past and it has become difficult to get permission to put a shed on your property if you don't have a house yet.  Honestly the permitting process is a pain.  When did it become so difficult to build and live?  Too much Big Brother!  Anyway, we did get a permit and we now have a 10 X 16 foot shed to store equipment and a futon.  We have yet to spend the night on our land, but we have had lovely afternoon naps.  Unfortunately, our lovely shed seemed like the perfect place to have puppies.  A stray female has made our home her own.  We have so far captured one of the puppies and found a loving home, but we still have 2 more pups to go.  The poor things are so skinny.  We only get to our land at the most twice a week and usually only once, so the puppy process has not been fast.

The latest addition has been a shallow well with a pump that we run with a generator.  Someone loaned us a "pounder" to sink the well ourselves.  We did not have to go very far to hit water.  Amazingly, the water is very cold, not common for Florida.  I have not had it tested because it is for watering plants.  We only went about 18 feet deep.

After watching the video, Back to Eden, we have decided to plant the way taught on the film.  Our land currently is sand.  Down here we call it sugar sand.  Not really great for growing much to eat.  The process we are using is to place a layer of newspaper, covered with about an inch of soil, covered with wood chips.  The wood chips will be 18 inches deep for trees, 12 inches for the garden and 8 inches everywhere else.  I have a local tree trimmer that has generously agreed to donate the chips.  We will let them set for a season to start to degrade and start planting next spring.  Things here in this heat and humidity degrade quickly.  If you have not watched the film, please do.  You can see it free on line.  Just Google Back to Eden the film and it will pop up.  

I have the current layout of the trees and garden on paper.  I am so excited to be starting the process of making it come to life.  

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Comment by Sacred Earth Network on November 10, 2012 at 6:54am

Blessings on your regeneration project ! and I suggest compost compost compost to compliment your mulching efforts and consider sourcing some clay to add to your compost every time you plant to counter the sandy foundations..    stay in touch !! 


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