Our Domain is happening, won't you be my neighbor?

2/14/2012 it is official, we own the land.  I am beyond words of excitement.  I already LOVE it.  If you want to see it, google lot 6 Pfundstein Road, Lake Wales, Florida.  It is 2.28 acres so it is a bit smaller than what Anastasia suggested but it backs up to the Nature Conservancy.  The neighborhood is made up of all large lots and is surrounded by the Nature Conservancy on 2 sides and a state park on the other 2 sides.  This area is called the ridge and was once a series of islands.  Because of the wild life here, it is thought that these islands were once in the same area as the Galapagos Islands before the plates shifted.  Yes, this is central Florida!  

The property is sand.  We will be bringing in lots of wood chips to re-establish a soil base to grow on.  Central Florida is hot and humid so many of the wonderful alternative home designs don't work here.  We want to eventually be off the grid and to leave as small a carbon foot print as possible.  We also will only be building and doing what we can afford CASH.  Because building has been really slow the past few years, the county has reduced the impact fees until July 1, 2012.  That means if I can pull my permits now, I will save about $5000 in fees.  Therefore, we are looking to start building as soon as possible even if slowly.  We are strongly considering a home kit from www.aidomes.com.  I think the two of us can be very comfortable in a 27 foot geodesic dome.  We are over 50, so I don't think children are in our future! I also hope we can do much of the work.

I have been bartering with a plant nursery for years and they have a small section of fruit trees waiting for me.  All I need is water and LOTS of mulch and we can get planting.  

Since so many of you share our dream, I thought I would post the progress as it happens.  Last weekend we went and picked up trash from the land.  We filled a truck bed and still have more to go.  It is amazing what  you can find in open land.  We found 5 sewing machines in the dirt!  All went for scrape metal. We also picked up LOTS of beer bottles and cans.  I picked up every bit with a sense of love and purpose.  I talked to my land and explained to all the living creatures that we would be removing all the man-made items so if they have made a home in trash items they will need to make a new one in natural places.  Picking up trash was never so joyful!

I don't expect to be living on our domain for a few years, but it will be our happy place to run away to on the weekend and on vacatons.  By the way, there are many lots for sale, so won't you be my neighbor?

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Comment by Michelle Cross on February 15, 2012 at 5:54am

Wonderful Bernice!  Glad you've got your Dacha/Domain, here's to many Joyful moments.  Remember, Kombucha Tea is great for fertility and if you desire to live another hundred years or so, children may be in your future!  Also, don't think too much, it can hurt your head and can be dangerous lol.

Big Love xxx  

Comment by Miranda on February 15, 2012 at 7:08am

That's wonderful Bernice. I am so happy for you! X


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