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Not being really blog or social-network minded, I feel that here, it is safe to emit a few thoughts that came up at reconnecting with this special family we are.

Since a few weeks, I attend a two-hour course on Saturday, where we are taught how to guide people through their final transfer, i e help people through the gates of death.

This is an initiative of my living spiritual father, a grand soul, one of those encyclopedias on two legs .. there is really not a subject, or he knows everything about it and is willing and able to teach, to part it all with whomever is interested.

So the course deviates often (very often indeed) to topics beside the title of guiding through the grey wall (there is really nothing to ‘death’ as we perceive it), and recently Don. G. talked to us about ‘reaching out to the stars’ which is what people really, profoundly in love will do.

You see, the love/sex matter has been one which has amazed me throughout my life, as has the money/get-rich-fast matter. And now, at 66, I still look around me and I wonder… Is it really Love we find in all our huzzle-buzzle? Are we getting ‘rich’ by amassing those little things we are conditioned to call ‘valuable’ coins?

We were talking about what many of us were after during adolescence, during the sex and drugs and rock and roll era of the sixties, when flower power and wanting peace were ruling it all. About the excesses that were so rampant –and lamentably still are, even in our enlightened time–. This was really the era when the New Age was accompanied in, and when the souls on earth, many of them, did not know what to do with this tremendously beautiful energy they had to manage. (Who does not remember Woodstock? .. who does not remember the Sound of Music?)

Now we are 50 years ahead of those times, and the ways are being lain out by many elevated masters, amongst whom our beloved Anastasia. And as so often happens, the message is the same, albeit brought in a variety of different packages. Sai Baba, Krishnamurti, Baba Muktananda, Mother Theresa an Anastasia all teach the same thing: Grow in spirit, serve and help, and so enable yourself Reach Out To The Stars.

Impossible is nothing as the ancient Chinese proverb goes. And it is especially Anastasia who insists and presses it on our minds that whatever we want to accomplish, must be preceded by an ever faster ability in thought. But not the ‘normal’ monkey-mind like chaos we are familiar with .. our running thought patterns which a moment later we do not even remember. Thought can be mastered, and even stilled and then directed to the goal we set.

‘ “And Hanuman leapt to the moon” ‘ according to the Hindu metaphor, when he had to rescue Krishna’s wife Sita who had been kidnapped. He jumped to the moon! And you and I can too. We can jump to the moon, and we can reach out to the stars and be there, learn, enjoy our stay and then come back to earth, where we belong.

There are no limits to the human mind. Only, by the influences of powers which have grown too big for us to handle, we have lost the amazing abilities we were endowed with, say 10.000 years ago, when life was pristine, pure and happy.

That’s why I enjoy the Ringing Cedar Series, and I have them in two prints, Dutch and English. And I read them, indeed studied them meticulously, and I am happy that they came to me at the right time in my life, and at the right place. And that now I can go on, with this knowledge to my disposition.

So do reach out to the stars, in the knowledge that you can, you indeed have the innate right to, and that you are allowed to be there. And let no one take away this dream from you, for that’s how the downward sliding began, ten thousand years ago. Now it is time for us to go back to the stars, to go back to the Light!

Faith St. Francis,

Aguas Frías, Medellín, Colombia 

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