Dear SOL Friends!

Well, we have it on the highest authority: Not only are all of us on the right track with our SOL devotions, but we have now had a visitation by a bona-fide goddess, straight down from the clouds. (See our Summer cover.)

"Yes, seeds are it," she says, "in more ways than one."

Seeds have been seeding themselves into this Space of Love Magazine issue #8 (two years!) in literal and metaphoric ways. The magic of starting to relate to our seeds in more profound ways is infectious. Start collecting and neighborhood-swapping! But even more so, we have collected the most amazing seed ideas for you, ready to sprout into the kind of growth which turns a life into a passionate, shared adventure with unlimited energy. Oh, how nice it is to live devoted to a conscious life!

Find out more about Amazing Human Capacities; read a profound interview entitled Beyond Greed and Scarcity; The Virtues of Frugality and Temperance; The Lazy Way to Stay in Love; the mysterious Bronnikov Method; Seed Stewardship; Pre-birth Agreements; Cancer as a Survival Mechanism; Mycoremediation and Oil Spills; whether we can just...Switch our Consciousness and so much more!

Do tell your friends we want them. No more sad, lonely people. Subscribe, connect, hold hands - for the price of a single dinner out! Send this email on to them and ask them to mail it on from there. It's time to exponentially grow via networking globally to claim back our planet just in time.

We are also getting ready to send out yet another seed: our fabulous smaller local versions (16 pages) of quarterly SOL Magazines, free and with a large circulation, aided by income from three pages of logo-listings (plus four 1/2 page color ads inside). This enables us to assist hundreds of localities to start community and sanity making via 10 pages of short SOL articles and 3 front pages of locally relevant content. We are adding a TimeBanking model for all of you who want to be local editors, so even people short of funds might be able to Trade and Exchange for ad-space. Local editors would hopefully begin to get supported through their local TimeBanks soon after they get set up. EXCITING! The true seed capital: Excitement and Passion. AND - if anything should happen to our economy, TimeBanks can keep communities safe by facilitating Trade and Exchange. (More soon.)

Please do get in touch with us as soon as possible if you are interested. 100 editors (that would only be two per US state, never mind the rest of the English-speaking world) with 10.000 issues each as is common for free local magazines - a million readers. Should we pick a cover with millions of "flying dandelion seeds " for the first local prototypes?? That's how our happy news will be able to spread and take root - via angel seeds flying in from on high.

Blessings to you all "across the way",
Yuri and Regina

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Comment by Yuri Smirnov on August 14, 2010 at 10:06pm
We now have SOL issue #8 ready for our subscribers.
If you are aSOL member you can download it from the Member-Only page using your login and password. If you have a printed subscription you will get a hard copy of the magazine soon.
How to reach your Member-Only page:
1.Login to your Profile Manager -
2. Click on "Browse" and "Index" (Important! : Please make sure your subscription is up to date!)

We hope you will enjoy it!
Space of Love Magazine team,
Comment by Yuri Smirnov on October 10, 2010 at 8:53pm
Dear SOL Community!
It seems that many of you did not get our exciting "birth"-announcement of a most significant SOL event: Our first, brand-new regional (California Central and South Coast) SOL print edition #1 (16 b/w pages, beautiful colored covers).
Here are the links to check out an online version we placed there for you:
The text:
Outside cover:
Inside cover:
You will recognize the cover and some of the core articles, though shortened, which was the whole purpose: Re-using what we already have so as to create a very affordable opportunity for people who would like to help move the wonderful information we all cherish out into the world of the general public. It was designed as a prototype for local/regional issues all over the world: the first three pages will be changed into local community-making news by each local editor, then there are ten pages with globally relevant articles from us, and the last pages are there for local business networking logo-listing ads.

Any interested people anywhere that want to try their hands as local editors?? The ads will pay for the printers and set-up and maybe a little bit more. Best for people who already have networks in place. Then the ads come in quite easily, because ad-space is rather limited and exclusive and very affordable, as long as you can get the word out.

Thank you so much, dear soul-group of friends, for your continued support in our troubled, needy world! With your support and trust, we now have taken another giant step forward in the behalf of our Mother Earth and her many beautiful children!!

Also, please don't forget to renew! We are getting ready to send out your SOL #9 to you! Such exciting information! You don't want to miss a single issue. Easy online!

Yuri and Regina


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