The artifical, technocratic world came about because of man's antipodea

“The artificial, technocratic world was also created by Man using the energy of an image suggested to Man by his antipodes. The technocratic world is fragile and transitory. Even the most advanced car, building or any other object of the artificial world disintegrates with each second and within but a few years turns to dust or, worse still, into waste products harmful for Man.  “Man himself, by living in the artificial world, becomes fragile and transitory as well. For it is hard for a person who spends each minute looking at a multitude of disintegrating objects that lack autogenic capability, to imagine eternal life, create the image of his own eternity and materialize it.

“The natural world that is visible to us has existed not for billions of
years, but for significantly longer, for at the beginning it already existed within an as yet non-materialized image. The scientists who determined the Earth’s age calculated not the date of its birth, but merely the date of its materialization, as one of the stages of its life.

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