The Declaration of Our Kin’s Domain.

I, Yuri Smirnov citizen of the Russian Federation, became aware of a vision and philosophy for a new way of life, represented in symbolic form in the series of books known as «Ringing Cedars of Russia». The vision of the co-creation of a Kin’s domain has brought us together as a family and has inspired us to the following actions.

Along with a group of like-minded people we purchased 46 hectares of abandoned land 45 kilometers from the next city, with the purpose of establishing upon them a more wholesome way of life for our families, for our descendants and for the sacred memory of our ancestors.

Upon these common lands, I have chosen a plot of land for myself (and my family) no less than one hectare in size - my Kin’s domain. On the chosen plot I am creating a living space - a Living Home for my family (still to be created) and for all my Kin, a connection which I am going to revive upon this land so as to develop our space further for centuries. Being the founder of the Kin’s domain, we there bring together and unite our Kin. We will establish new, harmonious loving relations with our Living Home and with everything that is a part of it (the soil, plants, animals, birds etc.).

Everything we establish today in our Kin’s domain is also intended for the permanent, healthy, secure, self-sufficient and happy life for all present and subsequent generations of our Kin who wish to live here.

In the process of the co-creation of our living space we combine principles of permaculture, an ecological approach to the environment, as well as reasonable and careful use of modern knowledge and technologies. 

We understand that mainstream television broadcasts, certain internet activities, omnipresent commercial conditioning and unwholesome youth subcultures pull many of our children into the illusory and unconscious world of chaotic sex, computer games, alcohol and drugs.

We cannot see any perspective or future for ourselves and our children in modern urban civilization, much of which thoughtlessly destroys Nature and wildlife for the sake of momentary benefit, nor in the conditions of a mass culture that seems eager to transform living beings into soulless robots.

To redeem our true natures, and for the sake of our children and our Kin we wish to return to simple and natural values such as fresh air, pure water, healthy natural food, with living wildlife around us, loving and trusting family and community relationships, and with confidence in the future.

We consider it incomprehensible that tens of millions of hectares of our nation's land lay fallow, while we import 60 % of our foodstuffs from overseas, and this food is often genetically modified and/or contains pesticides, products we consider extremely harmful to living beings and especially our children. We believe that this travesty undermines not only the food safety for our nation, but will also destroy the very people living on such degenerating territories - and ultimately their nations.

We believe it to be counterproductive to accuse the government or anyone else of certain mistakes. Mistakes have been made by our entire society, and not only in our own country. As a result, communities of many nations are at the threshold of social chaos. Under these circumstances, we consider it an urgent call for everyone to think about what exactly they can do to effect positive life changes in the very immediate future, rather than waiting for others to make these changes for them.

Therefore we now take full responsibility for our own lives, and by our actions we begin to return to close-knit family traditions and to true family values. We revive the concept of Kin and of the living power of successive generational connection. These are relationships based on love and mutually helpful and supportive  activities. We thereby also reduce negative influences upon the natural environment and create favorable conditions for a full-fledged, natural development of our children. We wish to restore our lost culture which can embrace all aspects of a human/cosmic being and his/her society. We are committed to return to ourselves and our children the joy of true creation and co-creation.

We believe that many families, consciously establishing their life in their Kin’s domains at the outskirts of large and small cities, are capable of fully supplying urban populations with organic food products, and to improve the ecological situations in those regions. The living products grown in Kin’s domains have a quality which is incomparable to all other manufactured foodstuffs delivered to supermarkets.

We are firmly convinced that this essentially new but easy to grasp vision for a conscious lifestyle of families and conscious relationship with Nature and the earth is capable of preventing ecological disaster and to transform our entire planet into a "blossoming garden".  These ideas are further described in a series of books called «Ringing Cedars of Russia». Their basic concepts have inspired us into the actions set forth above.

As practice has shown already, not because of financial injections, but due to the application of this inspiring and worthwhile idea in different regions of Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia, tens of thousands of families are already building their Kin’s domains in which children are born and brought up in a more perfect ecological environment. Millions of families are going to follow as soon as a more favorable legislative base exists.

As far as we know, because of the translation of the series of books into more than 20 languages of the world, the idea of the creation of Kin’s domains now inspires hundreds and thousands of families in numerous other countries as well, including the USA, Canada, Australia and Germany.

We gladly and completely support the initiatives of our government and the President of the Russian Federation in creating favorable conditions for low-rise housing and also for initiatives to transfer agricultural lands for low-rise construction purposes with allocation of a certain plot of land to each family. We believe that the area of these plots should be no less than one hectare because it is impossible to create a complete and totally balanced self-restoring ecosystem on a smaller sized plot and sustain an average family from its proceeds.

We respectfully submit to the government and to the President of the Russian Federation the request to increase their support toward this goal and to swiftly pass the appropriate legislation supporting Kin’s domains.

We also appeal to the President and Congress of the United States, to the United Nations and all heads of the countries interested in the true well-being of their people, with a call to accept the idea of the creation of Kin’s domains as the most effective and immediate measure to avoid global economic disaster and prevent an approaching ecological catastrophe. This would include a refusal to stand by silently as a global food crisis develops.

A significant percentage of the Russian people accept the “Kin’s domain” project as a viable national idea. Let it become an international idea as well, and let our countries happily compete in materializing a bright future for all nations.

A deep understanding of these concepts, their widespread publication and support by the government of each country, small or large, rich or poor, can stop the coming world-wide depression. An inspired, creative, co-operative international process can begin right now.

Thousands of Russian families have already discovered the positive influence of the “Kin’s domain” project in practice. Similar declarations have been signed by more than one and a half thousand Russian families which have already started creating their Kin’s domains, and the count continues. Shall Russia stand alone in recovering its people's healthy power and sanity?

We wish great inspiration and happy success for millions of like-minded people in the co-creation of a bright and perfect living environment for families all over the world!                                            

Yuri Smirnov,
Space of Love Magazine, publisher
Dolmen tours organizer

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Comment by Miranda on December 20, 2011 at 11:43am

I do! I am also interested in making a Kins Domain in either the Gold Coast Hinterland, or Northern NSW ( of Australia ) a reality. Here is a link to my post with further information:

Comment by Carol Anne Howell on December 28, 2011 at 10:43am

I am so glad the site reappeared!  I was in North Carolina spending a week with my two younger children.  I was able to visit a friend there, she is 91 years old, and she loaned me a little book by Ken Carey - one I had not read.  Ken Carey wrote The Starseed Transmissions, and Return of the Bird Tribes.  The little book my friend loaned me is called Vision, and was written in 1985.  I would like to share a few passages (written in God's voice):

   "Many communities are already structured on premises of love and friendship.  Those who dwell in such communities may have their ups and downs, but wherever deceit is not the intent and wherever honesty guides giving and receiving in fair exchange, there is no reason for concern.  The people of such communities need understand nothing of the larger picture, they are already among my own.  They will flow with the changes gracefully, improving their love and deepening their understanding in time.  Such communities will flourish through this transition; for I myself will see to their needs.  These are the centers of stability that will provide continuity for the human family as the transition unfolds."

   "My Spirit creates.  Those whose lives are aligned with me are not working against darkness.  Polar struggles must be recognized for what they are:  forms that embody destructive energies.  Evil flourishes where it is fought [italics and underscore are mine]; it diminishes where there is education, blessing, honesty, good will and, most of all, love....."

   "My biological Awakening is the culmination of a process initiated some four billion years ago, as you measure time.  I am aware of themomentumbehind the Reality now breaking into your events.  You are aware of the historical crust that the shoots of love yet need to break through, but I am aware of what is under, behind, within all those shoots.  I know where they are coming from.  If they had asphalt and concrete to break through, they would; but no human heart is so hard.  Even as human consciousness fell, it was ordained that one day the great stone of fear would be rolled away from the mouth of the human heart, and the Gardener would return to the Garden.  The curves of every cycle since the beginning of time - cycles short and cycles long - will crest together in a single moment soon after the turn of the Third Millennium A.D......"

I feel this is such an important thing for the whole Occupy movement to be aware of - that it is not about fighting, or even opposing - it is about creating, and about building on the right foundations.

Comment by Carol Anne Howell on December 28, 2011 at 10:48am

So thank you, Yuri, for the inspiration.  I struggle, because so far what I am creating, I create alone - I have not found community.  I have my hectare, and have been doing my best to slowly plant along the lines of Pemaculture, but I still do not know enough.  I think even if I someday move to a community of Kin's Domains, that I will at least leave behind a piece of our Mother that has been improved with love.

Comment by Billa on December 28, 2011 at 1:01pm

yes! Carol!   Thank you!

Comment by Yuri Smirnov on December 29, 2011 at 12:51am

Thank you, Carol! This is so true!

Comment by Pawan Agrawal on February 15, 2012 at 4:27am

Hello Yuri, I am deeply impressed by reading this first post of yours which is very very different to what i have ever read on some other blogs. They might talk in general but what you have mentioned is a unique concept. I must congratulate you for initiating this concept of "Kin's Domain.
Somehow we are of the same family in a way as i have been running a publishing house here in India with a standing of eighty years and app 5000 titles to its credit till date. We were the first Publishers in India to introduce the works of Gorki, Tolstoy and Chekhav in Hindi our mother tongue. Presently I am the group CEO of the group and two years back launched a monthly magazine Defence and Security Alert (DSA) focused on the defence and security subjects related to India and globally. Purpose for publishing this magazine is the same to bring awareness on security issues to bring Peace, Happiness and Prosperity on the Mother Earth. We here in India have been always believers of VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM which means that the entire mankind on earth is our Family.You may visit the website for your reading pleasure and would like to bring to your notice about my another venture which could be of your great interest and for that pl see
Please dont think that this is a business mail at all. just introducing well to you.
Warm regards
Pawan Agrawal

Comment by Michelle Cross on February 15, 2012 at 4:54am

Well done Yuri   xxx


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