Vedic Russia Gatherings and Festivals in 2020

My dear friends,
For your consideration - please find below the full list of Vedic Russia gatherings and festivals that will take place in ecovillage of kins domains Vedrussia in 2020:

1) Spring Zhiva-Yarga (spiritual and healing practices of our ancestors), May 1st - 4th
2) Magic seven-petal flower (dancing festival), June 11th - 17th,
3) Summer solstice festival (Kupalo), June 19th - 21st.
4) Journey through the magical worlds (role play festival), July 10th - 12th
5) Glorifying Perun celebration, July 17th - 19th
6) Ringing Cedars of Russia book readers gathering, July 31st - August 2nd
7) Journey through Vedrussia, August 25th - 29th
8) Two Hearts - One Melody (Soulmates gathering), September 13 - 18.

For more info and to watch some inspiring videos please check this page:
To join and book your space please contact Yury at beforehand.

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