Wish i could make a kins domain just cant meet my own expectation

The expectations i have are that i will live on this peace of land the rest of my life. that i will have a loving community of likeminded neighbours following the anastasia prophecy of turning our world one community at a time into kins domains. i want to have space in near acres to have a plot of land for my kids to be raised, conceived and born on. i want to hopeful have my family as neighbours as well which will take some educating since they have not read the series and have long lost there passsion to live in a kins domain at one time this was a family idea. and we did all live very close some on the same land. but they never knew how much the soft energy of nature and growing things under your toung and connecting with nature so strongly that it will connect you with the universe. the main obstical is fincial. but it is not the only one it takes allot of money to leverage people with force when they are not self empowered. so finding people like myself interested in finding ways to build off the land. Billa created an excellant way she found a way to include it in our education. but myself i am more business designing guy. i would like to some how create a business that could sustain us in a fincial way but also give us a great job that increases our feels of love as well.

there is little more in life that would make me happier than a kins domain with what conditions and values i have set forth. but to acheive something like this takes a plan. i have thought that maybe i could make a film like many of the new self love groups are doing. so i could create a film educating people about the different lifestyle choices that make our love and thought increase in purity, strenght and speed. the only problem is that i went bankrupt a while ago and have no real means of getting any money from the banks or any other fincial resources that i am aware of to start my project.

if you could offer some words of incouragement and wisdom that would be wonderful thankyou dearly.


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