You've read the Ringing Cedars Books, you're inspired and you want to build a Village?

Here in Australia, a group of us at Nature Connection Mentoring Australia have just hosted Jon Young for two back to back events to support the village builders movement in Australia.

The first event was MIND of the MENTOR - Building Nature Connected Communities held on Minyumai Indigenous Protected Area - a beautiful sanctuary of natural country self-managed by the Bandjalang People just south of Byron Bay.

This event with around 60 adults and their children was profound. The insight Jon Young shared with us about remembering the village, the importance of biological milestones for individuals within community and certainly of reinstating Eldership and Mentorship was revelationary yet so simple once experienced.

Diving into daily experiential nature connection practices and regrouping to "catch our stories" was a subtle and profound healing experience as we gathered around the fire for song and connection to understand what each of us experienced as we each re-tuned into Nature design and our own "mirror-neurons" were activated. 

The second event was Bird Language held in the powerful country of the Wollumbin Volcanic Caldera - Northern NSW. 

"Bird Language is the Language of Life, commonly shared amongst all birds and animals. The calls, postures, and other behaviours of birds convey much information to those who understand their patterns. Interestingly though, these behaviours also speak volumes about the awareness and behaviour of the observer. In this way, birds become a barometer for one’s own awareness of the landscape, both inner and outer.  In other words, the voices of the birds become a beacon that enrapture the senses in a three-dimensional game of hide and seek that is being played on the land and in the air. Predator and prey, observer and observed merge into one as the language of the birds calls us on a journey of connection and wonder. In an era marked by increasing disconnection from nature, self and others, the practice of learning Bird Language will enhance your ability to experience empathy, compassion, attentiveness, sensitivity to your surrounding and others, and increased awareness."

Since first touching into the 8 Shields Nature Connection movement in Northern California, we have been singing Jon over to Australia to help activate the next level of mentorship, village building and cultural repair much needed in this Country. We are happy to say the road map has been seeded successfully in people all over the country who came to the Mind of the Mentor event and localised gatherings will be cropping up in Australia and NZ.

In Australia you can tune in at Art of Mentoring or the Facebook group that has resulted from everyone wanting to stay connected all over the country: Mind of the Mentor Australia.

For many decades Jon has dedicated to planting the seeds of cultural repair all over the world with this work and he says now the challenge is to build the 365 day villages for children to be raised in.  I think we can ll relate to that aspiration! 

The great thing is you can tune into this exceptional mentoring work online and become a village builder wherever you are and we 100% advocate for this work to support cultural repair at the deepest level.  We've been working with this model for nearly 5 years.. 

Click on the image above to review the online Village Builders course with Jon Young and tune in also at VILLAGE TALK a global social network for village builders and nature connection mentors and explorers. 

We'll be sharing a lot more about this work in the future.. 

Much love


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Comment by Kirsten on October 28, 2015 at 1:21pm

Wow - this looks like just what we all need.  Is jon into the Anastasia idea of villages?

Comment by Sacred Earth Network on October 28, 2015 at 4:19pm

I am not sure if Jon has tuned in that way to the Ringing Cedars, I havent asked him.
Essentially the model is about cultural repair and the SOCIAL ASPECT of building community which is a big missing piece in the Ringing Cedars - since Anastasia didnt live in a tribe.
What has been pieced together is the threads of cultural repair from many original cultures which reawaken the universal and natural lores that all peoples shared when living in harmony with the Earth. The beautiful thing about the Ringing Cedars vision is the preciseness of the one hectare model - the 8 sheilds work can bridge to that cocreating process where we actually attempt to cocreate on a specific piece of land. as you know its always the social aspect that causes the downfall of beautiful aspirations for community.. xx Billa

Comment by Kirsten on October 31, 2015 at 3:37pm

I agree totally. Thats why I've incorporated learning upfront - and 'experiences' on the land and with others - doing 'love in action' - all inspired by the Findhorn, Scotland (spiritual-ecovillage college type place in Scotland running for 50+ years).  In Russia - the villages are the most harmonious, spiritual, loving communities I've seen - yet I feel our culture is so far removed from the land, a hub or incubator or womb of love is needed to support us all to find our balance and self-responsibility and inner powers once more.  I might get the manual you mentioned soon.  Anyway - enough comments on this thread.  Blessings with your new birth to be - dear Billa.  Blessings for being a pioneer of this pristine way of living.  Love to your tribe and work.


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