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At 1:20am on June 25, 2019, E.L. Scott said…

Greetings from Vermont, Yuri!

At 5:36pm on July 18, 2018, KSWhitten said…

Thank you, good sir.  It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.  Warm greetings from Georgia, U.S.A. in return to you.

At 11:33pm on January 4, 2017, Joseph Weiss said…
Thank you for your invitation
You are my first friend here
I too was greatly moved by reading
The Ringing Cedars Series
At 3:34pm on June 24, 2016, Helen Durrant said…

Thank you Yuri. :-)

At 3:38am on March 21, 2016, Connie Earhart said…
Yuri, thank you for your work in the world. I am learning to create sacred garden space so I can help others do this and learn to appreciate nature.
At 9:40am on August 21, 2015, Tony Rosser said…

Hello Yuri,

Greetings from Australia. Barb and I are glad to have you as a friend on The Sacred Earth Network.


Bright thoughts,



At 11:47am on August 20, 2015, Barbara Murphy said…

Hello Yuri

Thank you for your welcome. I have enjoyed the videos of the Kins Gatherings that are happening in Russia right now. A friend, Kirsten, is over there with you now having a great time and will visit some of the eco-villages in Russia. She is also heading to Findhorn and somewhere in Italy to gather information for our own Eco-Village here in northern NSW, Australia. I will add my email address so that anyone interested in learning about the Balanced Earth eco-village may contact me. Hope you are okay with this. Thanks again and I applaud your commitment to Anastasia's vision. barbara@wildmountainherbfarmcom


At 5:15am on August 19, 2015, Darlene Cavallara said…

Hello Yuri - thank you for adding me as a friend.  I home school my two sons and we recently did a whole block learning of the history of Russia which is fascinating.  It is great to have a friend now in Russia :-) 



At 1:46am on August 19, 2015, Deborah said…

Thank you and warm greetings to you!

At 2:11am on June 22, 2015, Tiffany said…
Blessings :)
At 5:49am on April 22, 2015, Gry Wæraas said…

Thanks! =)

At 7:42am on March 26, 2015, Jayne Clark said…

Thank you for the welcome, I am new to this. Jayne

At 2:08am on January 31, 2015, Candy Carroll said…

Yuri & All Anastasia Friends: to listen to the American Anastasia Conference calls of the past, dial

1-559 546 1799 code 800718 ext 177# at anytime. That is the best one but also 173# and 175# and 176#

There are some in-country numbers available for Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Georgia....to join in live with us or to listen to past calls for perhaps a cheaper rate. For Canada it is +1 559 546 1800   Recording: +1 559 546 1899 then again 800718# and 177#.

This took me an hour to collect info and how to post here.  If folks want a lot of different country numbers and individual responses, I would appreciate a donation to my paypal account, at least one Euro. Let me know of your interest though and I will send the next date and USA time for you to participate in English! Candy

At 9:46am on January 27, 2015, Candy Carroll said…

Yuri would you like to be a guest speaker on my conf call sometime? When it is 9:30 pm in NYC, what time is it where you are? Do you have a domain now?  I started mine in 1979!

I often host a Conference Call about Anastasia & spiritual topics, usually Mondays & Wednesdays. On Jan 26th and Jan 28th we will have 3 on a Panel who have read all 9 of her books. Monday at 7 p.m. central and Wed at 8:30 p.m. Central. RSVP to Candy at 417.389.4438 if you can or just join & introduce yourself!

Put us in your phone favorites:
559 546 1700 code 800718
To Listen to past calls:
559 546 1799 code 800718 ext 172# or 175#

At 12:36pm on January 14, 2015, Adam W. Smith said…

Dear Yuri, thanks for your kind words and welcome on this site, much appreciated. How is life in Russia treating you?
Best Regards,


At 11:16am on January 1, 2015, Sheena Jana Studenovic said…


Thank you for all the work you do! That Star Pic really made my day, so now, I have one for you!


I hope the New Year will give you a path of more bliss and well being!

Warm smiles from Australia

At 10:11am on September 19, 2014, Abundant Spirit said…

Hello Yuri! Good to hear from you. Nice page, thank you for welcoming me and inviting me to your page. I looked at your pictures, the places of Dolmens are gorgeous. So, when have you moved back to Russia? Have you being creating your space of love, your kin domain?

At 5:58am on July 29, 2014, Dustin Patrick Spellicy said…

Thank you so much!  It feels good to be welcomed.  I'm glad that there are networks like this to connect consciously aware people from around the world together.

At 10:31pm on July 24, 2014, Sanela Begovic said…

Thank you so much for your greetings! Sending you love and light from Norway :D

At 2:57am on June 10, 2014, Lena said…

Hi Yuri,

I have a feeling very powerful energy vortex was there at one time. It might be dormant or shut down at the present but will be re-activated when the time is right. I’ve never been to the place but I felt very peaceful presence when I saw the dolmens in the video about the school nearby that set up based on Anastasia’s teachings.  I believe there is a connection between the two and the consciousness, especially in children, who are more receptive the higher, positive energies, gets enhanced by the proximity to the dolmens.  Thanks for posting the pictures.





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