Dr. Sebi's Intra Cellular Chelation and Bio Mineral Balance Therapeutic Packages are designed to eliminate WASTE, TOXINS, MUCUOUS

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Comment by Lady of the Woods on June 16, 2011 at 9:30am

Dr. Sebi's Intra Cellular Chelation and Bio Mineral Balance Therapeutic Packages are designed to eliminate WASTE, TOXINS, MUCUS, ETC from the body. You will eliminate toxins out of your skin, liver, gallbladder, lymp glands, pancreas, kidneys, prostate, uthera and bladder by way of your colon. Dr. Sebi's ICC and BMB packages are also known to dissolve tumors, cyst, and fibroids. The products will cleanse and re-new the cells in your body during the cleansing process.

I am not sure if one is aware that the body is made up of more than 10 trillion cells. Dr. Sebi's Bio-Mineral's have are designed to cleanse the body on three different levels. IntraCellular (inside the cells) ExtraCellular (outside the cells) and InterCellular (between the cells). As your body expels the waste, your bowel movements will increase. The body must release the waste via the colon. Your colon is a sewage system for the body, where all waste is collected. So as your body is being cleansed the toxins are being passed through the colon, which is causing the frequent bowel movements.

Dr. Sebi has utilized this treatment to reverse pathologies. On an average most pathologies take one week to 6 months to reverse, depending on the individual. Everyone's body is different. One must understand that you must follow Dr. Sebi's suggested diet. The diet consist of eliminating all Acid based foods from the body. One must first start with removing dead animals and dairy products from their diet. There are also several vegetables on the market that are hybrids. These vegetables do not supply the body with any nutrients. Some people believe they are eating healthy foods when infact they are eating man made hybrids. Tofu and Soy. These two products are also HYBRIDS.

Comment by Lady of the Woods on June 16, 2011 at 10:06am

This video is only the beginning of this great man's iceburg! This man continues Anastasia's dialog on food, but with alot more passion, color and fire ! LOL I love it!

Please try and get past the references to the black/white races. He has valid points either way. But his information on foods is profound. He is MORE than 70 years old and not only is he in beautiful form, but his clarity of mind is peak!

Please listen to all 4 parts....and there are many more youtubes with his lectures on line.

I'm so glad I was introduced to this most amazing man. I've been listening to all his videos since last night. He is nothing less than amazing. I'm going to begin one of his Therapeutic Programs and I cannot wait.

His premise, that the only good foods for HuManity to eat are alive, ELECTRICAL FOODS. Only natural foods are naturally placed by GOD in perfection and therefore electrical and assimilated by our bodies. Foods crossbred, made by men are harmful, deadly, and acid, not natural.....and do not have the ability to take in nutrients from the soil. This is clear. Anastasia talks about pristine foods and this is exactly what this man speaks of too. There is much more to learn from this man.


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