The Most Important Scientific Message ever that can heal our World and solve all Human Problems and Conflicts. Latest Scientific facts that alter the Percept...

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Comment by Sacred Earth Network on November 26, 2012 at 12:41pm

Scientific validation within this video of many of the concepts expressed within the Ringing Cedars of Russian series of books.  Understanding who we really are and how the universe really functions is essential to regenerating our world.   Science is now confirming the age old messages  of sacred earth cultures and ancient religions..  Essentially as Cocreators, understanding the laws of physics combined with deep respect for the laws of nature, puts us as humans in the hotseat as cosmic cocreators.. 

What will you do with this one precious life? 

Comment by Sacred Earth Network on November 26, 2012 at 5:24pm

Glad you found it as en-light-ening as we did Dan..  so good to see this being articulated by the scientific community. supporting indigenous cultures age old ways of deep reverence for life and cosmic connections.. 

I hope we can find a way for every child to recieve this information..   :) 

Comment by JP Parker on November 27, 2012 at 7:03am

Thanks for the share... my favorite quote:

When you start to realize what your true nature is, there is no question, there is no answer anymore and there is just sudden realization. Now you come back from the rabbit hole and you start to perform in this world of illusion and wonder and magic with that understanding, that you are never going to die and that you were never born. 

~ Fred Alan Wolf

I feel the truth of these words, and would love to experience the actual realization. Staying tuned. ;-)

Comment by Barbara Murphy on November 30, 2012 at 3:23pm

Comment by Barbara Murphy on November 30, 2012 at 3:32pm

Congratulations Bills, you have come up with a winner again.

The challenge now is to decide how we will be an expression of the GodSelf, what sort of identity do we choose for ourselves, each one personally? A doer or a follower? A maker or a user? A leader or a follower?

We are, essentially, all of these so it is up to us individually to select how we express the Divine through our lives, which frame of the movie will we project on our hologram. I have started to gather a group of like-minded to discuss just such issues and to find small, personal solutions which will ultimately bring change to our local society. We KNOW that every change matters, however small, and this is very, very empowering. Everything I do, or don't do, matters.

So we share a community garden, we share stories and we share love. That is what really matters.

Blessing on all.


Comment by Sacred Earth Network on November 30, 2012 at 4:33pm

Lovely!   Yes indeed we are all cocreators of our reality, have inherited quite a mess and as the generation of the Great Turning, its time to stand rooted in spirit, where we know we create with all of the universe which at essence is pure love and pure creative potential, and set about stewarding our Earth until it matches our bright dreams and thoughts..  more and more evidence is coming forth, validating the shamans of the ages, that the physical world is but a fraction of Nature, and the unseen realms is where all is created prior to becoming manifest..  an Extraordinary responsibility!   no wonder Anastasia continuously emphasises bright thoughts. 

The Shaman secret to creating with the field of all potential:

Gratitude - the best medicine in any moment 

Right Seeing ( total compassion) 

Blessing - blessing life with our presence, truly, through and through. 

Again - when Anastasia refers to the lords prayer and challenges Vladimir to say it with feeling, here she is referring to interacting with the source field, or Creator Spirit in a real and authentic way, just as Shamans of all tribes have done for millions of years..  now we can all bring shamanic magic into our lives by knowing we stand as the interface between spirit and the created world , by being conscious cocreators. 

CONJOINT CREATION and JOY FROM ITS CONTEMPLATION!   she gave us quantum physics in such a gentle childlike way..  becuase returning to pure innocence is the true vibration of the universe..   :)    



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