Compassion ~ Opening Our Hearts to Others

When we learn how to open our hearts to others and be compassionate, we create healing for the entire planet.

This can be difficult at times, especially when we have been hurt, but I promise you it is worth it! Only good can come from doing this! It is an opportunity for our own personal growth as well as a chance to show another person what true compassion looks like! This always creates a ripple effect of healing and general good that will continue to spread!

Next time you are feeling hurt and wanting to withhold love from another person, I challenge you to show or send them compassion instead! See how it makes you feel! :)

I have SO MUCH LOVE for you ALL!!!! Whether you think you are beautiful or whether you think you are the most horrible person on this planet, I LOVE YOU ANYWAY! I see that you are divine and perfect! I see that you are capable of anything! I am cheering for you always!!! I KNOW it can be hard here!!!! We all hurt and we all make mistakes! Let's love and forgive each other!

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~Spread LOVE~


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