Biography Christopher Scarpati Rodriguez Saa

He was born in the Province of San Luis - Argentina in 1977. He lived around horses all his life and learned from his father all the details of taming and good treatment of the horses.
Co-Founder of the First School Argentina Dressage India, I is doomed to teaching, organizing and dictating courses Doma India, Argentina Brazil, Europe and the United States.
His love of the countryside, nature and horses, driving it to the unconditional support of his father, and life projects, such as living alone, tame horses, teaching people to communicate with of them. Christopher says: "It is a pleasure to do this, live this life is a dream, with the horses in the field, with our friends and family, the effort is large but well worth it, I can only be grateful and continue working projects that drive us every day. "

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Comment by Billa on November 1, 2014 at 10:19am

Soon we will be picking up our magical journey with HORSES once again and finding the Doma India School in Argentina   is huge inspiration...    Horse and yoga lovers will adore this inspiration..   


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