Message for Leija. (written a few days after Christchurch's feb 22nd earthquake :)
Hey Leija. A few days ago I came across this video of you and decided to post it to lots of my friends one by one on facebook. I had some artwork to do in a coffee shop in town but was adamant that i would go with my joy and post the vids first until i felt like enough was enough. anyway... so eventually i went for an afternoon shower ( usually shower early mornings ) and when i turned the shower off an earthquake struck. I was still in my joy thinking "sweet" at the time... to be continued :)
so it wasn't a big deal. We've literally had over 4000 earthquakes/aftershocks of various strengths over the past few months so... But yeah all the electricity was out. Its been about 3 days since and we just got the electricity back on. Anyway it turns out that over 100 people died in town (Souls moved on :) a few hundred still missing (at time of writing) and lots injured etc. I guess you've heard a bit about it. Christchurch New Zealand. So yeah just letting you know... to be continued :)
letting you know a little of how you've touched the space around you. Yes sister. We'll never know the full extent cause Life goes on and Love grows stronger. But yeah...I had a similar spiritual experience to the one you describe here... 18 years ago mine was. Involving rainforest, river and mountains. And pure golden light prior to that :) So yeah just making contact with my sister Leija and sharing some of that soul stuff we get to enjoy from moment to moment in this infinte moment... to be continued :)

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