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Comment by Desmond Nicoli on October 25, 2009 at 9:10am
I work a Safeway. And I would love to have a super Safeway. Where it is totally linked to the community and has lots of different additions. I will have the place opened allot all the lanes that are not fresh I would get rid of so 80% of the space would be open and I would add some animals in there that would make it really nice like I would have dogs and cats and maybe others like parrots and canaries. I would have a restraint in the building it would serve juiced vegetables mixed with cream and honey and maybe some clay. I would have every vegetable in the drink. And then I would create a fruit elixir with every fruit in the drink. I will have part of the building like a smaller gym will pulley systems which I really like. Then I would have like a meridian stretching / yoga place for that and then also a quantum touch place to do energy healing. It would be like a earth ship building with windows in the front and all kinds of plants and flowers growing. I would try to make each place as beautiful as possible like the cashier places with as much organic beautiful mixture of color and animals and birds singing. I would also like a area for music or a band and I would only play high end music. I would have a place to study and learn about interesting topics but use muscle testing to speed up the process and the accuracy of truth. I will also have a place that sells land and Kins villages and domains and earth ships and farms and all the basic stuff for the villages. And other business like this to franchise. I would also make it so that all the jobs were inter exchangeable so that one would not get over repetitious. Can any one thing bigger than this because that is where it is going the next business is not going to be a better Wal-Mart but a better job mart. And we may as well create it and link it to a Kins domain so to create as much freedom as possible and keep us close to the land which we can use as another end of the jobs where our schools and home schools will be located. And outside will be a botanical garden with a large pond that can people can swim in. and maybe it would also have a area to have celebrations in like a club but with like ballroom dancing and other good activities like drawing or painting.


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