What is VisionOnTV?

Unlike most video on the web, VisionOnTV is designed to be watched like conventional TV, as simple to use as TV, as wide-ranging in its programmes as TV, but with content that is very very different.

To deliver you this TV experience, VOTV uses a mixture of peer-caching and direct download, which makes it different from youtube and other video distribution sites which stream the films at you without downloading them to your computer. VOTV has the advantage of delivering sharp-quality films which you can watch without waiting for the stream to buffer, and that you can keep if you wish. You can even project them on the wall.

You can then remove any channels you don’t like, or remove individual shows from channels, by uninstalling them from the side panel in Guide mode. (Right-click – Remove)

But I only want to watch one show…....

As above, in the side panel in Guide mode, Right-click – Remove all other shows But, you know, go on, why not try something else as well?

FAQ for Producers

What kind of films does VisionOnTV broadcast?
VisionOnTV is oppositional television which goes against the worn-out grain of media mega-corporations, gives a voice to the unrepresented, and promotes the social change which is necessary to save the planet.
But VOTV is also an outreach project, which aims to reach as many people as possible, to make social change via video a real possibility. This means we carry content which has the broadest possible definition of “alternative”, including comedy, soaps and music. We believe that social change takes many different forms, and we want to be screening them all.
If you’re not sure if your content fits, read the VOTV Mission Statement (url)

How do I submit a film to VOTV for broadcast?
If your film is already streamed or posted somewhere, send us an email with the url so we can watch it. If we wish to broadcast it, we will let you know with the details for encoding. Films on streaming sites are not good enough technical quality, so we will normally ask you to upload a better-quality bittorrent version via a bittorrent client such as Azureus Vuze (details of the spec required are below).

more info on their site www.visionontv.net

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Comment by Lady of the Woods on June 30, 2009 at 12:25am
they do have 'channels' that spend alot of time on topics we should be veering away from or that don't need our attentions, but this could be a place to watch something otherwise not available on youtube or google....and to be able to film our own and submit them to their audience.....a good venue.


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