Vladimir Megre about the Family Estate (Kin's domain) Image

There is a significant difference between ecovillage approach of the western world and Family Estate (Kin's domain) approach that is growing now very fast in Russia and former Soviet Union republics.
The image of ecovillages includes more community (communa) life, whereas a Kin's domain image is more about many different families owning their pieces of land and co-creating a settelment of Kin's domains together.
There are more than 300 Kin's domain settlements developing now in Russia and this number keeps growing. Please visit a Kin's domain settlement and experience this miracle yourself. More details here: http://spaceoflove.com/dolm_tour.htm

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Comment by Tony Rosser on August 26, 2015 at 10:02am
Thank you Yuri for this wonderful video. Vladimir is absolutely correct. The Western world has taken Anastasia's vision and words and changed them to suit their own ideas. It's not about eco-villages and communities it's about building your own kins domain/space of love but sharing with the other kins domains around you.
Comment by Tony Rosser on November 15, 2015 at 11:34am

Hi Jared, a good homesteading channel to watch on YouTube is Wranglerstar. they are in the Pacific North West. They sometimes have open days on their property so if you are not too far from them, they may be worth a visit. We believe they have a good handle on the RC vision, although they don't know it and due to their beliefs probably don't even know about Anastasia.

To them it's all about the homestead (read Kins Domain/Space Of Love). We also have a friend who has just come back from Russia and there are some problems with intentional communities, mainly to do with guidelines we think, so not everything is as rosey as they are made out to be. I personally think it is more to do with missing Anastasia's point as I mentioned previously and everyone trying to build these Utopic communities instead of their Kins Domains and having the support of a local village with the same principles.

Comment by Kirsten on November 18, 2015 at 5:14pm

Hello.  Thank you Jared for this discussion link.  I seemed to miss this amazing video of Vladimir.  Thank you Yuri!  Yuri did you translate this and were you there at the event?  

I went to Russia in August and spent time at the largest 'Vedrussiya' village with some 'westerners'.  There really is a magic and success in the Family Homestead.  I have set up a website - balancedearth.org.au - but after seeing this video on the difference... I think I will get rid of the 'ecovillage' word as a colleague has, Kemble... now that I can see there is something not quite right about ecovillage.  Some aren't communal - like Vladimir aluded to, but there is a difference for sure.  I then went to Findhorn.  The challenge I have seen is that 7 years ago I asked fellow readers to form community with me, but people seemed in their dark and ego sides still... so nothing happened (I too needed to take a journey)... now I'm ready.... I can't find many readers likeminded and ready... but we are having a space of love gathering this January with a few people so .... who knows.   Seems we have taken an extra 7 yr cycle.  But even with some readers, they are not quite comfortable with the idea, I find will work in Australia, of becoming - sovereign - self responsible for our land and people and buildings....   Our government is soo corrupt at the moment... they seem to be selling all land to Coal Seam GAs an Coal and mining and in bed with corporations who know Australia is one of the last large continents of the 'perishable' minerals that the death is squabbling over. Most laws are not supporting what we wish to do vs Russia, bless Putin for supporting it and the State Dumas (or some).  Yet my trip was good to see I want to live here not Russia.  Russians - many don't speak any english so it would be a severe commitment of mine to learn their language - which I suppose I could... I was just hoping with my 'entrepreneurial' spirit to open the ways in Australia....  

As for this site - Sacred Earth, Biospiritual.... Ringing Cedars Revolution... seems no one uses it anymore.... so its hard to connect to readers.  We don't get any notifications unless recently and something we have recently contributed to so with people being so busy... seems another door a bit shut.

Oh well - maybe its time for ancient telepathy!

Comment by Kirsten on November 18, 2015 at 5:16pm

edit - seems words changed...

so ..

perishable minerals that the corporations are squabbling over.

Comment by Kirsten on November 22, 2015 at 3:43pm

Hi - thanks for that.  I responded to you in the other link you sent of Yuri. and his translation of Vladimir at the US thing.  This latest link is not in english?  But the photos are great.  So thank you.

Best communication with me is balancedearthorg@gmail.com  Also check out balancedearth.org.au




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