Vladimir Megre talks about how he predicts the Jews will be a major helping force in starting Kin's Domains. He mentions this in one of the books. Anastasia also says how there will be a movie of the books, and how it will be the best movie ever made. Will they help?... Will it be an American movie or a Russian movie?

How is it the same question will be posed to all woman at once? Questions about Love, as Anastasia sorta puts it, forgetting what she said exactly. She says Vladimir will find a way.

Many important issuse are brought forth by Anastasia, questions, things that need solving, and people have been focused on the Kin's Domain topic for quite sometime now, but maybe there are other things needed to make that all hurry along? She talks about honest banks:


Great, that is under check at least here, and in the David Icke fourms.

What was the problem durring the age of imagery and why is it important now? I might have something to say about this.

There are some of us whom are haunted by images, such as the man in book three, chapter, Assult!, who led the team of scientist to Anastasia's home. Him and the others left with the image ingrained within their consciousness, their memories, of how the crowed of villagers advanced on them, and how they were still advancing to the day Vladimir met up with the man.... Even the egyptian priests were haunted by images, the very image makers themselves. Descisons we make ingrained deep within us, which may subconsciously alter our fears. To some, it is a minimal, hardly noticed threat.... To those sensitive to images, whom may have done drugs, whom may have been programed by the occult, these images can become more potent, debilitating, and even life threatening to others. Terrorism. How many woman and men are a part of the porn industry! And who still have to live with the ill descisons of their past?... A deep care is needed for all places of people. It is a form of Telegony!!... I believe... and many levels of the problem could be cured the same way, asking forgivness from our forebearers, and knowing their thoughts in creation of a splendid domain, as well as maybe the vedruss's ancient form of how to cure Telegony, with water as a couple, under the stars. The energy of Love! But what images could call people to become aware of such a choice! Such an option must be spread and taught carfully and thouroughlly by wise teachers.

Might this help unify all woman, to give them a prespective future?

Anastasia talks about the global descision by the NWO to be gone with religon, and the importance to keep alive these many traditions, how the teachers and priests of those religons may come into contact with the books, and help to teach the other part of the world. I would figure that above, is part of what they would teach.

This would be important for Illuminate to know, for mercenary images have effected them for centuries! They may help us yet!... And some might already be... Their speed of thought is relativly quick, and many of them deffinitly do speak in images... I have been contacted by some of them, but I am not certain for what... To love? Woman must stand together! Even if they are part of royal families around the world! Perhaps they might help unite all woman? Once they take up their own Kin's Domains and make it public? Only opptions, we are in a unique place to help eachother.


Here are some stories and poems! Also I talk about in one of the peices here, what may have been the problem during the age of the image: https://ringingcedars.ning.com/group/thepoeticheart/forum/topics/jo...


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About the Illuminate, they want us to think quicker, but we have been given information about our pristine origins which they may have not known for centuries. We are one. There may still be bad factions, but perhaps the information and movement inherent in these books, and in us all, may bring us closer together in solving the worlds problems, and in finding love.






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