Thanks folks,

It looks to me 2012 is the year of doing so go on get to it. : )

Thanks Billa and everyone for your work holding the online space of love together.

I hope all the folks who have contributed will use this period of renewal to go out and experience

Anastasias imagery for themselves in reality. It really is the only way to grow.

Remember you can always visit me in fact a few of you have allready done so and are all ready planning to so. Here is a flyer for more info made by Miranda.

I am looking to cocreate a "All earth's Gardeners day" festival here so if you are good at making festivals please come and see what we can do to keep the light shining brightly.

Until the newest incarnation of RCR appears I bid you farewell.

"If its to be its up to me"

Dolph Cooke


Your Invited Flyer.pdf

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Beautiful Dolph, look forward to seeing you this weekend.






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