Translated Chapters of Book 10. The Sole Destructive Force of The Universe, And The Problem Encountered Each Age Of Imagery.

Anastasia asks in book 6, The Book of Kin, for people to go back into history and discover what problem in specific detail kept occurring to keep mankind from developing correctly. Once the problem is found in great enough detail the words of the people who are awake can start being heard and the sleeping people will all rouse each other out of sleep. There are some things in the translation of book 10 which greatly help I feel in realizing what the problem may have been during each age of Imagery. I will post the translation of the chapter from book 10 here, and then go into breaking down afterward what I feel the mistake may have been each age of Image.

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Book 10, "Anasta" by Vladimir Megre

In the first couple of chapters Vladimir describes Anastasia and their little daughter, also named little Anastasia.  He was asking Anastasia to recollect any past life memories of their daughter... -I'm trying, Vladimir, trying to see and understand a past life of our daughter, and it seems very strange to me.  Life of our daughter in the body was very short, no more then seven years, she lived many thousands years ago” -Yes, with such a s...hort life of a child one couldn’t find out much about the past. -Yes, not much, but sometimes it happens, that even during his short life a person performs an action, that is capable of effecting events, taking place in the next several thousand years. -Interesting, how could a child perform such an action, which will for thousands of years have influence over the lives of people?  Could you, Anastasia, tell, or even better, reproduce pictures from the past life of our daughter? -I can, Vladimir. -Recreate then. And Anastasia began an unusual story about the past life of our daughter.  Or a story about a girl, whose little piece of Soul is now habituating in little Nasten'ka. 


-Some time ago, Vladimir, on the Earth, as you know, came an ice period.  In regions, on which the ice was moving in, the climate was changing.  The increase in the coldness did not allow for growth of  the many types of vegetation.   Places, earlier rich in forests, fruit barring gardens and rambunctious grasses amongst the flowers, slowly turned into valleys, covered wish bare vegetation cover.   People, living at that time in one of those mountain base valleys have decided to leave their homes in search of a more favorable climate.   First the men left.  After them the leader of his kin Vood was taking with him the children and the elders out of the village.    Grey, one hundred and twenty year old elder, he walked ahead of the caravan of eleven mammoths, mounted with woven baskets, on one of them the children were seated, and in the others carried a reserve of food - after all it wasn't known how long the trip would take.   Along both sides of the mammoth caravan, on horse back and on foot people of his kin were moving and all the life forms that habituated the kin's domain.  It seemed that everything alive understood the necessity to travel to new areas and followed the people.  In the village the only plants remaining were the once that could not move around.  Plants that are doomed for death.   Vood was contemplating, trying to answer the questions that he posed to himself. Why did the undesirable changes in nature accure?   For what reason did the cold begin? By who's will was this catastrophe set out? Could it become a catastrophe on the whole Earth? Are the powers laid within people, to undertake whatever necessary to counteract that? Is there a connections between catastrophes and man's actions?

Vood understood: if the answers were not found, his kids and grandkids, his whole kin was awaited by a sad fate.  He saw: all the adults, walking right now in the caravan, preceived the nature's changes as a tragedy, their faces were sad and perplexed.  Even the kids have quieted down and were on the alert.  Only his beloved, six year old granddaughter Anasta, was playing – she started a game with the mammoth caravan leader.    Looking from the side, Vood was observing the game of his granddaughter with the mammoth leader.  Throwing the edge of the trunk of a huge, seven-ton mammoth on top of her shoulder, she was pretending, that she was dragging the huge animal.  And he, the mammoth, was even playing along.  His trunk, of course he was holding up in the air on his own, slightly touching the shoulder of the child.  From time to time Anasta would stop, as if taking a breath, wiping off nonexistent sweat from her little forehead and pronounce out loud:  “Oh, so big you are, so heavy and  so lazy”. As if agreeing, the mammoth nodded his head, clapped his ears, wiped his forehead with his trunk and again would place the end of his trunk on the shoulder of the girl, as if without her help he could not move from the spot.  This game was funny and harmless...   Vood was pondering about the past, trying to find in it the reason of the catastrophe, which forced the people to leave their kin's domains, but his thoughts were constantly interrupted by memories-pictures from the life of his granddaughter Anasta.   He did not chase away those pictures, they pleased him and destructed him from the sad thoughts about what has ac cured.   At some moment, remembering how on one of the mornings Anasta expressed protest to an accepted opinion, Vood even smiled.   He saw this picture with all the details and slightest nuances.    The lesson then was led by Vood himself.  In front of him under a spread out oak tree, there set a circle of children of different ages  and three adults. Vood started the lesson with the words:


It is known by many, that our for parents aspired to define the destination of all living creatures on Earth.  By doing this they taught the animals how they could be more beneficial to humans.  The animals then taught this to their offsprings, in this way our generation, just as any previous one, received from its ancestors a grand present.    And we, in return, should not only use it, but also  improve the abilities of all the earthly creatures, living around us.  Before our generation is a challenge of designing destinations of those creatures, which our ancestors did not do.     With these words Vood pulled out a grass snake from out of his shirt and continued” - For example, to understand for what purpose were the reptiles created, how could they benefit Men. Those gathered watched the snake wrapped around Vood's hand in silence.  The first to raise his hand, asking for a word, was a redheaded boy of about 5 years old.   Vood allowed him to speak. -I saw, - the boy began, how this little snake, or some other similar one crept up to our goat and drank the milk from the utter.  The goat stood on one spot, that means she was in agreement with giving away of her milk.  -Yes, grass snakes and other reptilians can drink the milk from the cows or goats, you are correct in noticing this, Izor.  But right now we will attempt to address the challenge, of what is the benefit from these creatures to man - Vood reminded the gathered. -Yes, I remember about our challenge, - continued redheaded boy, - I remembered, how he was drinking the milk and thought, that this creature should have a hole put in on the opposite end of its head – let him drink the milk as his tail drops into a container, so that it would fill with milk.  Then the  mother will not have to go milking the goat.   From all directions a choir of children's voices were heard: -We mustn't make a hole... -No hole, the creature will feel pain! -The milk will not flow from the hole, if the creature itself does not wish it. -The most important argument against the hole was – the pain which the snake will experience, - concluded Vood, - and a human should not inflict pain on the earthly creatures.  Your proposal is not accepted, Izor.   Vood wanted to go to the next question, but the redheaded boy did not give up.   -If a hole in the tail could not be made, then it could be done differently, - he announced. - When this creature was drinking the milk from the goat, it became bigger and bigger.  This happened because it had a lot of milk in it.  This creature needs to be taught how to come by the house to drain the milk into a pail.  Then the people will not have to walk out to the fields with their jugs to get milk, and the milking animals will not have to leave the grazing fields to the houses, to be milked.  Many different creatures will creep up to the houses, as they see that empty pail, tand hey shall fill it up with milk.   The children liked the idea of the redheaded boy, and they excitedly began to add to it their own ideas. -We need to train them to come to the humans with the milk by some kind of sound.  Say you clap your hands, or whistle, and they are immediately – creeping toward the humans competing with each other. -But I don't want to drink the milk that was pumped out of the snake, maybe they will add something to it, - humbly noticed one girl.  And immediately everyone started to argue with her. -The milk was in the cow's stomach just the same, and everyone drinks it. -Even if they do add anything, it will be even better.  They themselves, these creature are always clean, even though they crawl on the ground. -Yes, that is true, they are always clean, I've never seen a dirty snake. Izor was listening how the children were discussing his proposal, and he even got a prideful blush. -Your second variation, Izor, deserves attention – Vood praised the boy and then added: - more in detail we shall discuss your proposal next time, and until that time everyone will think and then talk about their opinions or propose their own alternative for the uses of reptilian creatures.  Right now though I would like to ask you, what purposes the well known to us animals already been determined.  Who is ready... Vood did not finish.  He saw a raised hand of Anasta, with a tilted palm towards him.  This gesture indicated, that the girl did not agree with something and had intentions to express it. -State your protest, Anasta, - Vood allowed. -I am against delivering of milk to the homes by the creeping creatures. The children, one after another, began to object Anasta: -But why? -We should not deny ourselves comforts! -These creatures are not doing any service to the humans right now, but here they will have something to do. -The people will have more time to do more pleasant things, and not have to milk the cows. Anasta calmly listened to the objections and then continued: -If the crawly creatures will bring men the milk from the cows, then Men himself will turn into a cow. -What are you saying, little girl?  Explain – one of the adults present at the lesson could not restrain himself. And Anasta continued: -Man, upon receiving milk from the cow or a goat or a camel or some other milk, in return gives that animal his attention and feelings.  If he will not take the milk from the cow himself, and the the animal will not feel his attentions, then the milk will not be as good.  His feelings of gratitude, the Man gives away to the raptalian creature, receiving from it a snake's milk.  Between all the creatures and Man it will become a intermediary.  The snake will tempt the Man with its alluring service and will milk him, sucking out those noble feelings, that were intended for all the earthly creatures.    Deep in though, everyone was silent for some time.   In Vood's imagination suddenly appeared a picture:  a spread out apple tree, covered with hanging fruits. Before it stood a man and a woman.  The woman said: -Look, my beloved, one apple has already ripened, it is very beautiful.  The apple tree wants to gift it to us.  Reach the branch, bend it over and pick the ripened apple.    The man tried to reach the branch, but could not.  He wanted to jump up to reach the branch that was holding the ripe apple, but at that time a snake appeared on the branch.  It picked the apple, and holding on the the branch, in service stretched itself out offering the fruit to the Man. -Thank you, crawly creature, - said the Man and patted the snake. The man and the woman did not thank the tree as they walked away from it.  They gave the beneficial feelings of gratitude to the snake.  The apple tree trembled and half of its still unripe fruits had galled down to the ground.   And Vood interrupted the silence: -Your protest, Anasta also deserves attention, it is partially accepted.  We all need to think about the effects of substituting of the direct connection for intermediary between Man and all the living and growing life forms on Earth.  We must think about what effects it will have on us in the future.  I suspect, at the next lesson we will come back to this subject.  And for right now, - and he circled all the present with his eyes - as we agreed,  I ask you to name the existing purposes for animals that we are familiar with...

Book 10, "Anasta", Vladimir Megre


-I know, I know, - resonated impatient children's voices. -Very well, - Vood nodded, - talk by taking turns, and each one should name no more then two purposes for animals.   Children, one after another jumped up from their places and quickly shouted out answers: -The cow and the goats give milk, they eat the grass and every day they come to Man so that he will take their milk. -The donkeys and horses purpose is to ride the Man, when he does not want to walk with his own legs. -The chickens and ducks walk and fly around somewhere, but almost every day they return and lay eggs, so the Man can come and take the eggs. -The mammoth is needed to lift heavy things and relocate or move them to other places, to which the Man indicates...   Children were going around the third time already, attempting to remember the purpose of all  the  known to them animals.   Finally Vood raised a new question. -Who can answer, under which conditions different animals work together, and in which ways does the Man direct them? -May I explain, addressed those present the same red-headed boy, and without hearing an objection, looked at Vood.  He nodded in agreement.  - The animals begin to work together, when a Man wished to build himself a home.  The Man directs them with the help of a musical flute.  First he plays a melody that calls everyone to himself, and all types of animals come to him and birds as well.  The birds sit down near by him and wait, that is how they were trained by our ancestors.  After finishing the melody the Men lovingly looks upon all the animals and bows to them.   And all the animals which have a little tail, happily wag them when the Men looks upon them lovingly.  And those who can not wag their tail show their happiness in other ways, because it brings the most pleasure to the animals when Man looks upon then with a loving gaze.  Then the Man makes a different sound on his musical flute.  Out of the group of animals immediately jump out the bears and begin to dig a row in the ground where the Man has marked with sticks.  When the Man decides that the row should not be dug any more, he then makes a different sound on his flute, and the bears return to their spots.  To the new sound the mammoths pack rocks in the rows that the bears had made.  All this time above the chosen spot many swallows are circling around, they are very anctiously awaiting their melody.  And as soon as Man plays their beautiful melody on his musical flute, the swallows dart to and fro, they are bringing in their little beaks small pieces of earth, straw, feathers – and everything out of which they make their own nests, and pack that which they brought onto the rocks, until it starts to look like a wall of the house.   The boy finished talking, and Vood saw, how once again Anasta had gotten up from her spot and raised her hand with a pointed towards him palm.  Vood allowed Anasta to speak. -Teacher Vood, I want to ask you, is the construction of one's home considered to be a pleasant and interesting project? -Yes, - answered Vood, - of course, it is a very pleasant and creative action of a conscious person.  -Teacher Vood, why then is it that this pleasant project is strictly prohibited to do by children?   Vood knew about the persistent idea of Anasta to build her own little home.  She repeatedly started this conversation at home with Vood, but he patiently explained to her, why children were not allowed to build their own homes.  Now she asked her question in front of other adults and children.  Clearly she did not ask this for no reason.  “She has come up with some idea”, - decided Vood cautiously and began to answer: -Children, especially those which have not fully comprehended the essence of the Universe, by taking the flute and playing on it, might unwillingly distort the melody, the the animal-builders will get confused and not know what to do.  -Teacher Vood, may I show you something? - asked Anasta. -Yes, if it is tied in to your question. -It is tied – answered Anasta and began to sing.  She sang very quietly.  With her delicate voice she drew out different melodies, those same once that the adults would use when building their homes.  -She didn't make the slightest mistake, - quietly noted one of the present elders.  -Yes, she didn't, - agreed another. -But the melody she only heard once, - underlined that elder who was sitting on the fallen tree on the last row.  And added: - the girl has a good memory.   After finishing to sing, Anasta asked Vood: -Teacher Vood, did I make at least one mistake in any of the melodies? -You, Anasta, did not distort the melodies, you sang them in full exactness. -Then the fist challenge has been taken off of me? -We shall assume that is has, - admitted Vood.  But there exist also other conditions.  Under certain conditions some of the children can be allowed to build a home.  This could happen, if this someone, in this case one of you, will share their thought up project and the elders will accept this project as a new option.  Then they, as an example to others may allow for the building of the home.   Vood, felt that quiet beneficial situation has arisen and he can activate the creative thought of the children present at the lesson, and he said: -I will suggest to all the willing to propose their project in two moons.  Fist we will discuss together all the projects, we will choose the best one, and then propose it to the elders for consideration and to make a discussion.    Vood was correct: even the smallest children and those who were older, got very excited about having a chance to present their unusual project...

Two moons later Anasta presented her idea along with other kids.  Another boy, whom she liked very much, was picked for creating the most innovative design and she was picked as well.  She came up with the idea of putting an addition to the house where the bees lived and through a small opening, with the vibration of their wings they would  spread the sweet flower aroma throughout the whole house.  Anasta's idea was considered to be the most innovative but she was still not allowed to build her own house, because the law was such that only a man and a woman who have decided to start a family could build a home.  Anasta was heart broken, but the young lad, Alan, whom she had favored,  offered her his amulet, asking her to marry him and promised to wait for her, as he was eight years older.  She agreed and they exchanged their personal amulets.   Finally Anasta was allowed to build her house for only a short time but then was allowed to keep it as an observation of bees during the summer and winter seasons. Anasta was so touched by this boy's actions towards her that she also wanted to find a way to make him feel worthy of her.  She was inspired to create something incredible and beautiful for others to see and rejoice in and for him, Alan to be proud of her.  And the grandfather said that it was a good idea that she had come up with, he encouraged her to compose, under an impulse, beautiful creations, and only with that may the human love be concurred.  The next chapter is called “The need to think”.  Vood notices that Anasta is not showing any signs of sadness that her whole kin had to leave their kin's domains and starts talking to her.  She explains that she is just trying to cheer everyone up and herself has decided to return to her motherland after seeing everyone off to try and find a solutions.  Anasta was convinced that there on her motherland is where the solutions would reveal itself.  Vood, after listening to her and understanding the importance of her thinking had agreed to let her go.  Anasta said that she must go back to protect her favorite flower that was dew to bloom and would feel sad if no one was there to rejoice in it.  She also said that there is a clue that no one had bothered to look for, she just knew it, everyone thought about how to leave the land and where to go, but no one had thought to look for a clue as to how to stop the ice from moving in.  And she pointed out to her grandfather that at the lessons he had always encouraged them to think.   He tolled her to take the last mammoth in the caravan, the son of the leader and use him to come back on when the cold set in and she had to catch up to them.  The next chapter is about mammoth Dun.  When still very young, Dan had gotten hurt, Anasta nursed him back to health while teaching him words by pointing to objects and things and naming them.   Book 10, "Anasta", by Vladimir Megre.

“The mammoth and the little kitten carefully watched the actions of the little girl, and after a few days, during which she regularly repeated her studies, an incredible thing happened.  When Anasta pronounced the words “sky”, “clouds”, the young mammoth and the little kitten would fix their eyes on the sky.  With the word “grass” - look at the grass.  And with the words “little flower smells” the kitten suddenly jumped off the mammoth on to the ground and began sniffing the little flower, just like the little girl was doing earlier.   Her studies with the animals Anasta continued even after the mammoth got better.  She enjoyed sharing with all her four legged friends about the meaning of each new word, revealed to her by the adults.  And the young mammoth and the little kitten enjoyed the attention given to them by the kind little girl.   They would show up daily at noon, like disciplined students, at Anasta's flower garden.  At that time the little girl would usually also be there, and would lead another lesson with her pets.  If for some reason she was not there, the four legged students spend hours waiting for their friend and teacher or would take off in search of her.   When Anasta turned six years old, mammoth Dun, also a bit older, on the appearance he looked exactly like the adults, but his behavior was noticeably different from the behavior of other mammoths.    The grandfather of Anasta and the leader of his kin, Vood, was the first to notice that mammoth Dun understood human speech.  That conclusion was preceded by this event.   Vood was sitting in the shade of a spread out tree while weaving a basket for berries out of  the branches.  Anasta often interacted with the grandfather, she loved to listen to his stories, get involved in everything, and at this time she was near by as well.  The outspoken granddaughter, quickly and with enthusiasm was talking of her understanding about the act of picking berries and demanded, that the basket be beautiful, then the berries, that are put into it, will be more tasty.    There Vood noticed that the standing near by mammoth Dun was carefully looking at Anasta and was listening to the granddaughter.  “Probably, he likes the intonations in the voice of the girl, coming from her energy”, - though Vood.  Upon noticing that the water in the basin in which the branches for the basket were soaking was getting low, Vood asked Anasta to bring a little water from the closest spring.  But, the usually well behaved granddaughter didn't hurry to tend to Vood's request.  She just turned in the direction of the mammoth and quickly said to him: “Dun, bring the water from the spring” - and as if nothing unusual had happened, she continued her enthusiastic story about the berries and the basket.   The mammoth slowly turned around and made steps one and another towards the creak. Then Anasta pronounced one more phrase: “Chop, chop Dun”.  And the huge mammoth began to run.    Vood understood, that Dun, unlike other mammoths, not only understood certain commands, but understands the person much more, then other animals, - he understands the meaning of words, and even more then that, he understands the essence of whole sentences.    The mammoth brought some water in his trunk and by the little girl's indication released it into the basin with the branches.   -Thank you, - Anasta praised the mammoth and added: - In the evening don't forget to water our flower garden, but for right now, go to the forest, go, have some food, see I'm busy. - The mammoth nodded to the girl in response with his head and headed towards the woods.  “Where is the limit of possibilities of the living world serving Man? - Vood though. - To what extend can Man employ them?  Here, the people have invented a wheel, everyone is praising the invention, looking for different variation of its uses, while the already thought up of,  much more complete then a wheel, - living creatures – we have completely stopped teaching.   Is our kin making the right action?  What could end up being the consequences of not knowing the abilities and designed destinies of the whole multy-imagery surrounding Man of living nature?” That is how Vood was thinking, and in his soul, from these thoughts, he felt worry."


..."-Egegei! Egegeiii! - shouted Anasta against the deadly silence. - Don't give up, Motherland. I am – Anasta, Motherland. I - am with you. She ran intently from the mountain to her favorite flower, while running, she was touching with her hands the trunks of the trees, caressing the little leaves of bushes. -Egegei! - again she shouted, circling the trunk of an old apple tree with wilted leaves. Thin, high and happy little voice of the little girl was defeating the gloomy silence that was overcoming her kin's space. And suddenly, another voice had joined hers, low, base-like and majestic sound - to the sounds of Anasta, from the grazing grounds ran mammoth Don. While running he was roaring like a trumpet with all of his might. Near the girl now was heard a loud, constant “meow-meow-meow” - that was the cat named Kitten who was also backing up Anasta. Anasta stopped by her flower garden, to which she had tended, like all the children of the village, each – after their own. The grass on one end of the flower garden had turned grey, the flowers had withered, and only on the little girl's favorite flower one more bud had not yet bloomed; it was tilting towards the ground, as if it had changed its mind about booming. But the girl, upon seeing the withered flower did not get discouraged , she looked at it and smiled. She was not discouraged because she saw her favorite flower not as wilted, but as a blooming flower in its fullest beauty. Sitting down besides the plant that was about to start withering, she quietly and gently called to it: -Hey, flower, I'm here, wake up. Then she held her pointing finger in her mouth, lifted it up, trying to figure out from which direction the cold wind was blowing on the flower. After finding the direction of the cold rush of air, she layed on that side, trying to block with herself the way of the cold wind. Although the cold streams still hugged around the tiny body and stung the little leaves of the flower, not allowing them to straighten out. Suddenly the streams of cold had stopped, and instead, Anasta felt warmth with her back. She turned around – mammoth Don, leaning on his side, protected Anasta and her entire flower garden from the cold, wind with his huge body. -Good job, Dun! Wonderful! Exclaimed Anasta. Grabbing on to the wool of the mammoth, she climbed onto its back and turning in the direction of the wind coming from the ice, happily and victoriously exclaimed her “Ege-gei!” The cold wind blew even harder. Then, after contemplating a bit, the girl had turned in the opposite direction and shouted out to something, waving her hands as if inviting someone invisible. Raising his trunk, the mammoth also made his call. And the Kitten also called out its meows. The cold wind had calmed down, and some time later had restarted, only now it blew from a different direction, with warm streams, cuddling the flower and the mammoth and the standing on his back little girl with a cat. The songs of rare birds welcomed the enlivening air streams. Several days Anasta battled with the cold wind, coming from the side of the ice; again and again she came running to her flower, as soon as it started. And every time, the mammoth also layed right next to the flower, preventing the way of the cold air. And then came a day, when the revived flower had bloomed. When she ran to it, Anasta had dropped down to her knees before it and kissed the yellow-red petals, slightly touching them with her lips. Then she took two steps to the side, enjoying the incredible miracle, marvelously beautiful creation – her flower.” ...Anasta did a dance of joy and celebration around the mammoth and the Kitten, when she noticed two young men standing on the near by hill.


“Both of the young men were the same height and athletic built. Physically resembling each other quiet a bit, they only differed in the color of hear and eyes. One was light haired and blue eyed, the other – dark eyed and dark haired. Some time the young lads stayed on their spots, as if giving Anasta an opportunity to get used to their sudden appearance. Then slowly approached the little girl. -Hello, little girl! - The dark haired one addressed her. - You, little girl, should act faster. Intuitively you felt that you could stop the ice, that in you are the powers, capable of changing the program of God. That, of course, is impossible. But you will continue to look for those powers. And I will learn about people more then I know now. I am ready to tell you about the workings of the worlds, answer to any of your questions, only act faster, little girl. Anasta, didn't get to respond. The second young man began to speak: -Hello, Anasta, you are beautiful and sensitive, you are magnificent, like many miraculous creations of a grand planet Earth. My brother knows much about the workings of the world, but I think, mostly you should listen to own your self. -Good day to you and brights and pleasant thoughts, - Anasta was finally able to greet the young lads. -Stop, - The dark haired one interrupted Anasta. - That's how it always is, I'm discuss-ted just listening these teachings, foolish, meaningless words. There are two of us, I am dark, and why am I being wished bright thoughts? I am dark, my thoughts are dark, and aggressive. I am that, and such is my intended design in the Godly program! - more and more excited got the dark haired one. - If I will be the light little wimp, light-producing thinker, then it will not be me. Whoop – and I'm a goner. Do you understand, little girl? Before you will remain the one light headed dim whip. There are two of us! Do you understand, little girl? And you should not talk only about all lightly things. Take your thoughts back, if they were present behind your words, if your thoughts are not just memorized, parrot like sounds. -If my greeting did not please you, then I shall change it and tell you simply “hello”, - answered Anasta. -That's better. Without the light stuff. -Who are you? - inquired Anasta. - From which kin? I've never seen you before. -Of course, you haven't. No one has ever see us. Yet, our involvement exists, in the human affairs in each moment, - quickly announced the dark hared lad.. Yes, in each. My involvements, of course, much more, they are grandiose. Almost every community has lived from catastrophe to catastrophe with the involvement of my energies. -Restrain yourself, my dark and talented brother, - the light haired one spoke. - We never even introduced ourselves. - And turning towards the girl, he continued: - little Anasta, try to understand what I 'm about to tell you. Me and my brother are two complexes of the Universal energies. All the limitless space of the Universe is filled with energetic essences. When God created Man, He took from each essence an even amount of energy, in an unexplained way mixed them all inside Himself and gave it to the Man, who was created by Him. Created, from all that is balanced, within Himself a Man. When that happened, we all understood – the strongest essence in the Universe, must be Man. That is why he is not called as essence any more, but a Man. But what are his strength, what are his potentials and do they have a limit, is unknown. And when it, this power, will appear in full spectrum, still to no one in the whole Universe is known. Even for us, even though that we, our energies are separate, are present everywhere. Always we are unseen, filling up the space with ourselves, in the water we are present, in each living animal, little worm. And in each Man, every single one are the energies of the Universe. -Unseen, you say, - Anasta was surprised, - but I see you! -Yes, you see us, because we solidified the air, solidified it such that the bodies materialized are familiar to you. Like the clouds in the sky, for example, they are also a solidification of airy gasses. Unusual forms come out of these solidifications, sometimes resembling animals, sometimes a persons body or a face. And the human body, from many different levels of solidification of water, is build. The essence of co-relationship of materializations of a human body, must only be known by the Creator alone. Our bodies only resemble the human body externally. My dark haired brother himself represents all the dark essences, and I – the light once. -And why did you manifest before me solidification in the form of a human body? - Anasta asked. -So that you would not get scared, hearing our voices, and did not waist the energy of your thoughts, trying to figure out where the sound is coming from, - answered the light haired one. -But why did you want to talk to me? -You went against the elements, more precisely, you went against the planetary catastrophe. You alone went, with confidence that you could prevent it. We are confident, that it could not be done. The program of God is overseeing the catastrophe, if humanity follows the destructive way. That has happened more then once. And we would not have given much attention to your efforts. But all the Universal essences have trembled when the flower had bloomed on your flower plot. It bloomed, even though according to the Creator's program it was supposed to have been destroyed already. Yet it has bloomed. -The flower had bloomed thanks to the mammoth, who was protecting it from the cold air. -The mammoth is merely a connecting element in the chain of events, build by you. -I did not build anything. -Your thought was building, little Anasta. -So that means that even in me are your particles? - thoughtfully asked Anasta. - But I do not feel them in any way. -Man does not feel us, especially, when he is able to balance in him our particles. When they are balanced, a third energy appears. And that third one, inherent only in one creature of the Universe – Man. It appears, when we are completely balanced, and it, this new energy, is omnipotent. It is capable of creating new worlds. No mysteries exist for it. The Man as such, becomes onmi-ruller of the Universe – a creator, and his creations could not even be perceived by anyone, majestic and unattainable they may be. -Perhaps, your particles in me are completely unbalanced, since I can't stop the ice, - sighted Anasta. - The flower had bloomed, but everything around in our kin's space is withering, dying. -You are on your way to unity, Anasta. You can reach it in the next moment, or in a thousands of years. That is why the energies of the Universe will aspire to help you, to find out the great mystery of Man and their own future fate. -How interesting you were telling me about the unusual power hidden within the unity of opposites. But why, knowing about this incredible power, you yourselves do not agree on unity? The brothers looked at each other, then looked over Anasta's kin's domain. And started starring in different directions. They were slow to answer, as if themselves, at this moment, were looking for the right words to explain. The girl waited patiently. Finally the light haired one answered."

Book 10, Anasta, by Vladimir Megre


"-This would be impossible. Me and my brother have different challenges, - announced the light haired one. Everyone has their own program. And only in people, as they execute each their own program, we non the less, can work on the communal one, become particles of the new energy, inherent only in Man. -How could one work on different things, on opposites, and at the same time do communal good? -It is possible, constantly competing with each other by a little bit. When you begin to walk, little Anasta, one of your legs jumps out ahead, leaving the other one behind. Then the left behind one suddenly jumps out to the front. With each other, your little legs, are sort of competing. As a result together they move the body forward, obeying the thoughts. -Some example you came up with, I am laughing to myself, - interrupting his brother, the Dark Haired one entered the conversation. - If you imagine us to be two legs, then you are a very short leg, and I a very long one. Once I make a step the whole body is transported across mountains, and you, barely hanging on, some movements imitating. I, while executing my program, for the fifth time already, have brought humanity to the planetary catastrophe. And let it, by the thought of the Creator, once again be reborn, and once again I shall - smack it! With a catastrophe, so it wouldn't act fullish. -Yes, you are talented, my brother. Indeed, not once you brought life of the whole planet to an all-encompassing catastrophe. But the catastrophes do not bring you new insight, no new knowledge, adding no new energies to you. And to Man they always give new knowledge. And humanity is born anew. -But first in hellish suffering it dies along with all of the knowledge. Unknown to us, my brother, is the Creator's program. Perhaps, one day it might happen, that a moment before the catastrophe, humanity will prevent it and its thoughts will get illuminated with unbeknown to us determination. -You are tiring me with your bright thoughts, my bright little wimpy brother. You, little girl, should listen to me, and not to him, - the dark haired young man addressed Anasta, - I, little girl, shall show you all of my popular strength. My bright one here said something right. Truly, a human thought – it is a colossal energy. It is true that every person, properly overseeing this energy, could change the world. But there also exists an unseen energetic thought – that is the collective thought. It is when many thoughts of separate people blend into one. If the thoughts of all of humanity blend into one, me and my brother will seem like mere bugs before it. But I learned to prevent the occurrence of a collective thought. I am the one who throughs at humanity the different philosophical conclusions and understandings. As a result one billion people collectively thinks with one image, and the other – a different one, with that [negating] the first group. I, little girl, am a manifestation of all the dark forces of the Universe, and if you should blend in with me, we would become an untamable force. I have a plan, a mysterious one, you shall understand its essence, and will help me. We, together, will make all the people into our toys. We will play with their minds. I shall make you a ruler of all of humanity and one day you shall reveal to me... - I don't like this kind of a plan, - answered Anasta and added: - I shall never participate in it and none of the people, I think, shall neither. - You shall not participate? You little girl, just don't know, how entertaining this game really is – to direct with your wishes the thoughts of people. And don't rush to say, that people shall not follow my program. The wheel has already been invented, still primitive, but then the people will connect two wooden wheels with a rod, and that corresponds to my plan, with my genius program. - But what is so bad about a wheel? When I needed to bring the food to a wounded mammoth Don, the cart with the wheel helped with that. - Everything is good, little girl. Even quiet wonderful. This wheel shall be fully improved. A great many more wheels will be made. And the people will see that it is difficult to ride the wheel on the real earth, on the humps, pits, and high grass. And then they shall cover an enormous amount of earth with a stone crust, so that the wheel can roll on it without obstructions. And they will be, getting larger in numbers, riding on the weeping earth, some people it will be riding on itself, and others heartlessly squashing with itself. You, little girl, try to answer to yourself, what could be stronger then the force, which is capable of bringing people to destruction. And if you don't find the answer in yourself, then admit my grandness. Anasta thought, but could not find within herself the answer, and again looked at the light haired young man. To the silent question of the little girl the Light haired one answered: - My brother, little Anasta, has drawn for you a bleak picture. That is his challenge, and he is wholeheartedly executing it. In your look there is a question, do I also have a program? I do, and I also would like to call on you to participate in my program. - What does your program want? - Attempt to understand the Creator's grand creation – Man. To understand the grandness of His future creations. But hasn't everything been already created on Earth? - Anasta asked surprisingly. -The thing is, little Anasta... You see the bloomed before you splendid flower. Every plant or animal is complete within itself, but they all are also interconnected within themselves. It seemes, the Creator had created a marvelous, harmonious and complete earthly world. But that does not mean that this world could not be further {completed, perfected, improved}. Creations of the Creator could be looked at as only an original material for a more perfect creation – a creation previously unseen and unimaginable yet by anyone a marvelous and fully complete form of life. But who could be more complete then the completeness itself? Amazed Anasta. -That which is created by Him – son and a daughter of a Grand parent. You, for example, little Anasta. I? But I can't even imagine seeing, how can one change what has already been created. I,for example, don't wish even for a little bit to change the flower that has bloomed in my glower plot. I even think, that it should not be changed under any circumstances, so as not to distort the completeness. And why would you want to change the Little Kitten? And how could one, for instance, complete mammoth Don? Change his trunk, ears? Change how? Why? And yet you changed mammoth Don, little Anasta. No, I never changed him, - surprisingly she protested. - Externally, yes, you didn't change him, but your mammoth Dan performs much more of human assignments, then all the other mammoths, that have ever lived on Earth, and Don's understanding of what is assigned to him is different in quality. You will understand it right away, when you compare him with others, who in appearance look similar. - Yes, now I understand. In my opinion, he is smarter then others. It's just that before I never gave it much thought. - So you see, value is not inherent only in external forms, the structure of the body. The content and preassigned purpose is more important. And the content and preassigned purpose for Don, was created and assigned by non other then you. And mammoth Don became, externally not different from the other mammoths, created by the grand Creator, but still different. Now he – is a collective, the Creator's and your, creation. And whose more - is unknown. Because mammoth Don is changed not only in his ability to perform a higher number of commands necessary in the human existence. He became more thoughtful, faithful, and sensitive. Remember, once you fell asleep on the dry grass under a high-high tree, and when you woke up, you saw before you unmoving mammoth Don. You got upset: some strange, unpleasant smell was emanating from him, as if he dirtied himself in something nasty and came on purpose, to interrupt your sleep with this unpleasant smell. You got up and went towards the house down the wet grass, and before that you said to mammoth Dan, unhappily: “Don, you always separate from the pack, even started coming over when ever you wish, even when you are not called. Go to your grazing grounds, to your brothers”. You left barefooted down the wet grass, without once looking back. Do you remember, little Anasta, that the grass was wet? Yes. And do you know why the mammoth had such an unpleasant smell? No. When you fell asleep, a storm started. Not only people but animals also know that lighting most ofter strikes high trees. Don saw how you were falling a sleep, and when the storm started, he was worried and came to you, leaving his pack. He did not wake you and just stood over you, covering you from the rain. The tree under which you were sleeping was hit by a lightning. One branch caught on fire and began falling. It would have fallen on you, but mammoth Don was able to deter it with his trunk. Then the second branch began to burn, Dan through it aside as well, but the fire caught his hair on in his head and it began to burn emanating an unpleasant smell. The burn spot on his head hurt unbearably, but Don stood unmoving over you, as you slept. And when you were leaving, accusing him of being annoying, he couldn't even take offense with you, and forgot about the pain. He was glad that you were not harmed, and after, while tending to his burn, he thought of you affectionately. Anasta jumped up, ran up to the standing near by mammoth. He began happily nodding his head. Anasta grabbed him by the end of the trunk, patted him with her hand, pressed with her cheek, and kissed him. The mammoth froze. He remained standing motionless with closed eyes, even when she left him and returned to the light-hared young man. -I understand, - said Anasta to the light-hared one. - Mammoth Dan has been changed. May be, it happened on its own, maybe, I helped him. He stands out from the ordinary mammoths created by the Creator. It means, Man is given such right – to recreate? -Yes, it does, - answered the light-hared one. - Now think, in accordance with which program? - In accordance with a good one. - Then identify it. Choose, create it. - That means, that That One, Who created everything on the Earth, did not create any program by which a Man should live? - I think, He presented to Men many options to choose from, but Himself dreampt only of one thing. - Of what? - The answer could only be found by Man. - And where to look for it? - Within yourself. In thought, imagining, calculating, comparing various possibilities of ways of life on Earth. -That means, that people are living on the Earth, but know nothing of the program of the Creator? - People are given a great knowledge of biological possibilities of development, but people have different freedoms, and including the freedom to replace biological possibilities with technocratic ones. They get to decide, wether to choose the inner, deeper possibilities, like a living tree, for example, which is growing, experiencing biological rhythms and, is adopting to them, regulating its own state of being, depending on the surrounding conditions, or to use the external, the topical potentials of a dead tree. People who stepped onto the technocratic way of development, are using the topical potentials – making from the tree some kind of weapons – using it as a source of heat or building material. People always choose the technocratic way, for some reason. And it, inevitably leads them to a catastrophe. It has happened more then once. All the planetary catastrophes are created by people's thoughts. Thoughts, which are followed by deeds. - But the glacier, which forced my kin to leave their home behind, none of the people have created. -Your kin, little Anasta, has already embarked on the technocratic way of life. And, in agreement with the program of life, the glacier will catch up to it and destroy it. But life will be reborn. A new hope for a human consciousness will appear. If someone stops the glacier, and it can be done only by Man, your kin will live in a technocratic world. And sooner or later, the technocratic way will still lead them to a catastrophe. However, there is a chance, that the person who found a way to stop the glacier, therefore having avoided one catastrophe, can also avoid the following one. That person can, moments before the next catastrophe, illuminate the souls of people with understanding of their faulty choices and will prevent it. Then humanity can chose a new way, slowly and carefully dismantling its deadly inventions. But to illuminate the souls of the people of the technocratic world is difficult. In the period of the technocratic life people stop being rational beings. It is necessary to address not their minds – their feelings – and through the feeling inform them of the essence of Godly program, for that – it is essential to feel and know it for oneself. - Is it not known by you? -Not fully, I think its full understanding is impossible to complete, unlike my brother's complete knowledge, its understanding is impossible to complete... Completeness is a stopped movement. Also, I do not see completeness, for example, in your mammoth. - And other animals? -And others too, you know, little Anasta, the offsprings of all the animals take on the traits and skills of their parents. Consequently, every new generation will be slightly more complete then the previous one, and if Man will correctly determine the purpose of all the creatures, if each successive generation will continue to complete the live world surrounding him, which will free Man from all the hassles of life, - with that a human thought will get freed up for more important achievements. -Probably, that is how it can happen, if talking about the animals. But the flower, I would never want to complete – it is very-very complete. I also think that, little Anasta. And still, your marvelous flower – is merely a paint, provided by the Creator to his daughter, for her future creations. - Why paint? The flower is alive. -Yes, of course, it is alive and self-sustaining, and at the same time it can only be a small particle of a grand in its beauty live picture. Take a look at your garden plot, the most beautiful in it is your favorite flower. But if you plant in it two or three flowers like this one, the look of the plot will change. Then you can plant others, that do not look like this one, but also beautiful flowers, and the look of the plot will change once more. Then you can place different flowers in different order, completing the living picture even more. There is no limit to completeness. Movement in its direction is in accordance with the program of the Creator. -That means, that Man is created in order to make everything more and more beautiful? To complete the world gifted to him by the Creator? That is the main purpose of Man? -To create marvelous living pictures, to understand and complete the living world – this, of course, is an important purpose of Man. But the most important, I think is in something else. - In what? - A Man, who perfects the Divine world order, will definitely himself become more complete, and the limit of this phenomenon is not visible. Grand possibilities will open before him. -Why should he be more complete? No one, after all, will be teaching the Man. - You, little Anasta, have created a beautiful garden plot, and your experience had helped you to understand, how to do that. Next year you will try to make your creation even better. And shall create it, using previous experiences and feelings. Hence, having created it the first time, you have acquired experience. Knowledge, feelings, allowing you to create something more perfect and complete. And that means, that your own creativity is teaching you. Creativity in Divine living nature completes and improves the creator. Unseen are the end and the heights, there is infinity in such a grand creation. - I very much would like to live in such a wonderful world, where everything can infinitely be completed and perfected, where the creator will be the perfecter of his creations, and the creations will perfect its creator. I want for my mama and papa to live is such a world, my brothers and grandfather Vood and our whole kin, Anasta smiled and her eyes began to sparkle. - The glacier has to be stopped. How can that be done? How? -Man's thought - the most powerful energy of the Universe, there is no limit in its abilities. It is important to learn how to use it properly. But how, with which help it can be done, is unknown. Only in Man is the ability to make such a grand discovery. -Probably, my thought is still very small and not strong, - sadly sighed Anasta. - I wish the glacier would stop, but it is still coming closer, and it gets colder each day. That means my thought is small. If mammoth Don could think about the glacier... His head is big, so the thought in him might be big and strong. Anasta ran to the mammoth and, slapping with her palm on the stretched out to her trunk, alarmingly pronounced: - You are so big, Don, you have a such a big head. That means, there could be a big thought in it. Think with your thought, Don stop the glacier. Since all you do is listen, and listen. Go, Don, at least to the grazing grounds, there is less and less food remaining for you. Mammoth Don, with the end of his trunk, patted the girl's cheek, and her hair, slowly turned around and started to depart. The cat, by the name of Kitten, ran and jumped on the mammoth's leg and, grabbing on to the fur, climbed up his back. -It is time, little Anasta, for you and your pets to leave this area, - the light-hared young man addressed the girl, - behind that mountain the glacier is already approaching. It isn't even the main glacier, but it can move a mountain, which is closing the valley, move gardens and houses, in which your kin had lived. And from it, with each day, the temperature is dropping. The main glacier will push on this one and the mountain will begin to move. This will happen in a few days. -I will not leave this place. I have to see it, this ice, and understand why is it moving onto our Earth. I have to figure out how to stop the glacier. Tomorrow morning I will climb on the mountain and see it. -Successful and precise thoughts to you, little Anasta, - the light-hared bowed to the girl and addressed his brother: - Let us go, my brother, from the view of the girl, lets not bother her, may be she will be able to find out, how to learn to direct a thought. - Lets go. You are the main distraction between us. Philosophizing here, blabbing. -Oh, wait, please wait, - Anasta said suddenly with concern, - you each tolled me about your program. That means that I should also have a program, but I haven't thought about it once. Perhaps it isn't in me? We, little girl are leaving your sight. You should think faster, don't be lazy. Not much time you have left, only two sun rises, - the dark-hared one said without answering the question. And the young men left."

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