One of the things that struck me most when reading the Anastasia books was that she inspired a wave of creative outbursts. In Russia they published collections filled with visual art and poetry inspired by Anastasia and there are albums filled with music inspired by Anastasia. Very eager and keen as I was to experience some of this art, I started searching, only to find that it was incredibly hard to find hardly anything at all, as most of the art referred to in the books is on Russian internet pages. Also some of the main Anastasia forums and facebookgroups have been closed.

Thank goodness this forum exist! (It is vey hard to find though! Would be great if it was easier to find for interested parties.)

There is some art on this forum and I'd like to start this new topic where we upload any art inspired by Anastasia we find, always mentioning the artist if known. And so we will create the collection of art that I was looking for. I'll share here the few pieces I've found and will find in the future.

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A kin's domain - by unknown artist (let me know who made this if you happen to know and I'll edit)

Artist: Alexander Razboinikov

unknown artist

Artist: Alexander Razboinikov

Photo on the cover of one of the russian Anastasia books, allegedly of Anastasia and her son.

Anastasia by Dmitry Steshenko

Anasta by Dmitry Steshenko

Anastasia! Inspired by the Ringing Cedars. Artist: Penny Chesney

Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia (2009) - Artist: Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall

Anastasia - Artist: Maria Ignatieva

"The Dance with Butterflies" - Aleksander Razboinikov

"The Taiga's Ballerina" - Aleksander Razboinikov

Anastasia - by Elena Istomina

"Radomir and Liubomila" - by Elena Istomina

Kin's domain by unknown artist

Space of love by unknown artist






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