When I was 18 I had I injured my back very badly and spent about 6 months in bed... This was a huge shock to me because up until that very day I had been a long distance runner and had run most days since I was about 8 years old... I had to come to terms with being still. Spirit had made me stop still and go within....

When I started to get my energy back I enrolled myself in Art School and found intricate expression for the deep healing that was taking place in my body... . I also lived most of the time on my boyfriends' yacht and for about 2.5 years in total.. and it was on the yacht that I did most of this drawing. The ocean is very dear to me and I never thought I would live on land again... But things change.... Since having children I haven't spent much time on boats or drawing either so this piece holds special seeds for me. This is just a photo from my desk top of this and before I finally have it framed I will scan it properly..

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An amazing piece of work - spanning the gap between heaven and earth with longing....
yes! Thank you Marianne.....
wow...that is beautiful in both talent and perception....Kali you're just too much!
Hi Kali
Beautiful drawing.... I have been working on a show I am part of in Reno, Nevada so haven't had a lot of time to be on this site to gather information. I am still reading the series.. Just want to let you know I appreciate you.
Oh thanks so much Patti. I appreciate you too!
Oh my goodness you're an Artist!!! Wowwww....now he looks like Man. Capable of anything. The whole energy, to me, is like the dawning of a New Dream...it has a 20's vitality to it. Amazing, Kali!
I was dreaming in my Twin Flame of course! always was... I realise now..
Wow, Beautiful...You got skills girl. The picture when meditated upon brings all kinds of visual thoughts to mind. Your son's have your talents too I see. Very cool.
wow- thats very cool Radomir. I look forward to doing a lot more art very soon...






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