Chiarroh, (pro- Chi-Arrow) my third son, spends a few hours most days doing his colourful, symbolic and nature inspired drawings.. he works with wax crayons and pencils... he started drawing when he was 4 1/2 at Steiner School.

These are pictures that he likes himself, but then he said - "I'll just go draw one".. so now he is doing one just for this group..

It is beautiful to watch someone so young find a sincere love for expressing himself and his divine inspiration through his Art.

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Chiarroh and Mum

Ohhhhh, how fabulous! I think I'm in love....

What nice artwork and what a wonderful boy! Thanks for making me smile.

Please keep lots of his artwork.... Now that my daughter is 25 we both love looking at her earlier artwork...

Have you tried watercolor pencils, Chiarroh? I'll bet you would be good with any tool put in your hand!
Much love....
"Aunty" Belle
Oh - Aunty Belle - I will read this to him when he comes back.. he will love this..

BTW: Yes, I am in love with him too. He has all the qualities of the perfect MAN. Sensitive, creative, very strong, courageous and adores his mum and nature.. He was born in a forest Glade, around a huge fire, and just after he was born, the heavens did in fact shed some gentle tears of joy and then his 2 1/2 year old brother very assuredly named him Arroh. And then there were three. They had the same energy when the fourth brother was born - it was like "Good Job Mum - thanks for bringing us all in - you can have your body and your life back now. - we got lots of brother things to do.. " They are a tribe...

A Favourite...
Wow, born under a tree around a fire - how amazing, and spiritual and wonderful. Lucky boys to have such a courageous and spiritual mum!
What a healthy, happy, cheeky looking tribe! Love this photo!

Hi Kali
You have beautiful children and I love cseeing their art work

How do you post the art so it appears on the site? I did something wrong as it is there but one has to select the photo to see it.
Thank you Patty
HI Patti, when you make a comment you just click on the little camera above the box and it will ask you to upload files...
Beeeeeeautiful art Chiarroh! I love it. What a darling, too. And look at all your boys - super cuties!!

I'll, say Courageous and Spiritual mom! I'd loved to have been born by the light of a fire. Mmmm beautiful. I read somewhere else that each one of them was born 'elementally' by Earth, Air, Fire, Water....? I'd love to hear more about that - oooh maybe you talk about that over on the Birthing/Mother group? I haven't checked that one out yet...

Lovely lovely
that was about the blessing of the elements we did for Baiame - welcoming to EArth with water, air, fire and earth.. its funny how baptism is about blessing a child in the eyes of God/religion - when they have just come from God! we think it is appropriate to welcome to the earth - touch him with clay, water, sun and wind.. and say hey - you are in a physical reality now and these are the sacred elements that make up your body!!! when I get time I will share more about all of this for sure..






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