Creative, ethical Enterprise has been a major part of my life...Until I read the Ringing Cedars...

This is the Vision Board I did when we were creating our Organic Eco Emporium .. I often do vision boards to share my concepts with people so they can understand the images I have in my mind - Carl and I are doing this process again now about our space of love..

The Site where we built our store was an old antique shop for 23 years before us so we kept the old wares as part of our Emporium...

When I find more photos of the actual store I will post them.. IT was a beautiful old fashioned General Store with a Cafe and an herbal Apothecary - it was a magical emporium and we were very sad when we had to shut it down.. But now we are happy! And Free and no longer in Commerce!

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In 2003 we established a children's kitchen Garden at our local community centre.. These were the painting's Baez who was 6, and I did together when we were dreaming up the garden, and the space it would hold for children..






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