I wanted to introduce myself to the Artistic Heart group and ask all of you a question.

First off, my name is Casey, I live in Connecticut, USA, and I am a life long artist. I had been going through an artistic block for a few years when I sat down and created my first mixed media collage, of what ended up being a collection, which is called 'Day' and is in my photos. The collection started not too long before I first heard of Anastasia, and since then (and even before, as I realize now) all of my pieces have been influenced by her and the series. Even the ones that look more technocratic than the  green landscapes have meanings linked to the Ringing Cedars and the like. The whole collection is currently on display at a public library in my area. It is my first solo show, along with the first time I have shown these collages in public at all (besides online and in a dress shop where no one was really interested). So this is where I get to that question I was talking about. . .

I came up with a name for my artwork 'company' when I first started putting it up online. At first, it was just the name of a blog, but I kind of took it and ran. I now have multiple websites under this name, it's on my business card and other things. But, I'm not sure how people who have read the series, Vladmir, or publishers would think of it. Anyway, the name is Ringing Cedar Artwork. I took off the 's', so I believe Legally I would be able to keep it. And I searched the name and nothing came up, but that's not what I'm worried about. I'm wondering what you think of it, being a like minded person who has read the series. Should I change the name more? Should I not use it at all? I would like to say that although as of now I am the only artist working under this name. But, I would like to use it as name for a whole group of artist, who create art after being touched by these books.

Going along that line, I am going to use the fact that my artwork is up in a Library to my advantage. They currently Do Not have the Ringing Cedars, but within the few weeks they will at least have the first 2 in circulation. And my goal is to get the whole series in there, even if that means donating it myself (and I'm a starving artist, mind you), in a month. I also, along with the love of my life and a few close friends, would like to have gatherings/ workshops/ book group about this series. We want to share it with as many people as possible, and are hoping the library can help us get the word out (luckily the people in the area are fairly open to stuff like this). Also, my artwork is currently hanging in empty spaces they were trying to fill. Other area's in the library are controlled by local artist groups who change the art about once a month. My work will be up until further notice, and I have control of the area as long as I like. I was thinking of trying to get other artists, preferably from the northeast/ NY, who would like to join me under this name, and hang their art in the Library, also. Eventually, a website where many artist, All influence by the Ringing Cedars, can share their work and be inspired by others.

So. . . what do You think? I'd really love to know. And, if there are objections, I will change the name in a heartbeat. No matter what, I will be telling people about this series, and it's connection to my artwork. Thank you all for you time, and feel free to check out this artwork I'm talking about in my photos (posted a few for you here, also), or visit me at my artwork's facebook page.




This was the first collage I completed with this amount of detail. I had enjoyed collage before, but more as a rainy day project. This piece also brought me out of an artistic block, which had lasted years. The collection that followed, about 18 pieces, is now on display at the Library in my hometown. Which happens to be my first solo show : )



The tops of the trees aren't attached to the background, giving this piece the name "3D Trees". I keep my names simple so they don't affect what you feel or think about the art. For close up pictures of the trees, to see what I'm talking about, please visit my artworks facebook page <--Here.

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I love it Casey, and the name rings true to the content too..well done...






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