and this my ART~




11:11 Starseed Activation










"The Higher Self" Nathanael BioCrystalline Image 

12:12 Divine Feminine Mandala



The Heart of Amenti - Halls of Amenti Divine Oneness Mandala


ANAEL T-Shirt Motive



The Birth of the Victory Angel



Invocation of Goddess.. ARTWORK


Old Energy Peace Agreement



Seraphim Equilibrium - Album Cover for Echoterra music band





iGaia Temple Community







Chigaia Website







3nity1Love Company





Agape Christos Foundation





Abracadabra.cz Website


Spiritual Response Therapy web 



Relationships and Love Community



Elan Sun Star Photography





Freedom Forever International Academy





Elan Sun Star Photography





Elan Sun Star Photography





Amanda Hayley Music producent


Star Essences Australia





Roman Rigell Photography






Biguma Bohemia & Biguma Slovakia - New Year greeeting Card


Biguma Bohemia - Summer Greeting card


Angelic Festival 2008 Bratislava - invitation card



Harmonic World NGO Poster





e-Home Automation Webdesign




Abracadabra.cz - Webdesign





Harmonic World NGO website


Beautiful Energy of Nature - Corporate Presentation




Social Community Design works:

144 City of Light Creators community


Goddess Rising Moon Portal




Relationships and Love community




Lifestyle Magazine NEXT Prague

This is a presentation of:

Contact person

Natanael Jady



e-mail: Natanael.Jady@InspiredMedia.eu

InspiredMedia Facebook page,



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Captivating and gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your artistic gift with us Nathanael
Thanks for the space of Love! :)

Hey Natanael,


If your interested i would like to feauture some of your art on another web forum.

Some of your art can be a good match for their intention.

perhaps you even want to step into a new chapter and blend the ancient ones, indigenous culuteres and sacred ceremony with earth in you future work..


have a look, but pls don't distribute as they are not officially open. Under HeArtwork they are llooking for artists.

if you like the idea, write me: parapachamama(at)gmail.com


Namaste Sjoerd

Namasté Sjoerd,

I haven't been here for some time now.. As you can see, the impulse you gave e was so strong that it caused me to update my page and gallery here.

I would love to feature some of my art on your page :) Taking a quantum leap to new chapter of my artistic work, sounds also very vital! :)






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