In the 70's, I had a small gallery in SF. A friend of mine, Karen Olivier from New Orleans, did a line drawing from a photo of me for my business card. I took that drawing, coloured and cropped it.

Then someone sent me a photo of my daughter. I took the photo, played with it in PhotoShop and then combined it with my image. I then used a pre-designed border. Don't know who did that.

This composite image then became, "Who Dreamed Who" because I know that my daughter and I did dream each other...

This was done for a card for my mother in 1998. I was looking after her in her last years and a dear friend sent me a computer to occupy my time. It had PhotoShop installed. What fun!

Next I will work on one of my mother and grandmother to combine with ours... We are kin.. This will go in my Book of Kin

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Don't you just love photoshop? I look forw3ard to seeing what you do with your mother and grandmother.
This will be interesting to do... my mom was a barefoot in the garden kinda gal while my grandmother was never seen without high heels... It was nice having both in my life..

I DO love PhotoShop, but no longer have it... I'm using some freeware thingy called Gimp.... very clumsy.
Dear Isabelle, this is Chiarroh's face when he saw you sitting on your mushroom. love Kali

That was just a photo trick, but I would love to make some giant mushrooms out of concrete for garden and party seats!

So much I want to do....






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