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Terrafest, is a annual cross-border event, designed as an aid in conceptualizing preventive social interventions. Because communities are complex, their educational process is paramount and can contribute to integration between two interdependent approaches of thinking ‘Socially’ and thinking ‘Ecologically’. Local culture is a potential resource for implementing a learning process through beliefs, traditions and enhancing the wisdom of the community. Social settings are means by which one develops relationships, affects social structures, and stimulates personal, organizational, and community change. They also serve as resources to develop a collaborative relationship. Focus on community process means accompanying this tradition & to look at the community as a large number of individuals. The idea of practicing ecology is to adapt concepts of individuals and transpose them to a larger unit of analysis, and eventually to the immediate and extended social settings and natural environments of the individual.

Terrafest illustrates a dynamic view of the people, system and nature holistically. Social processes like social norms for facilitating interpersonal reciprocity, networks, boundary expansions, and adaptations, are linked to social structures. The event fosters a commitment to understand the anxieties, aspirations, and potential contributions of the people who are considered the potential benefactors of the social system. There is latent wisdom in ecological concepts because they derive from specific people in particular localities; the territory of living systems is the source of ideas. The purpose is to discover how persons and settings together might influence behavior in a special set of circumstances and to understand how persons adapt and cope within social systems, cultural diversity and economic divide.

The 4° edition of Terrafest 2013, will emphasize on the emerging solutions in rural and urban sectors on sustainable, traditional and integrated management of local resources, with special interest in stimulating learning processes, introducing permanent concepts for empowering social environments and interaction with productive realities.

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Commento da Victoria Williams su 27 Gennaio 2016 a 6:01

Hello, how are things in the eco village? I would love to know more about this project.

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Commento da Billa su 30 Aprile 2013 a 14:22   

Paper bags that feel like leather, wash like fabric and fold down to nothing .. and other beautiful things..     in Tuscany.. 


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