Billa suggested I post this here. 

If you wish to start your own local 8000 drums group to drum on the solstices and equinoxes, please sign up on one of the websites:;

Someone will contact you.  Thaay has been doing pilgrimage across the US.  He's been to Canada, and has an invitation to go to France.  He is the Otomi/Toltec wisdomkeeper,  a vibrational healer, and an all-around wonderful being.

I don't know how I'll have the resources to get there, but I really, really want to be at the gathering for the Spring Equinox, 2012, in Mexico.

                                                             Open Letter


from the Council of Elders and Guardians of the Otomi Tradition of the  Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan lineage


Very dear friends and relatives around the planet, our Mother Earth:


Please receive our friendly and warm greetings from the Council of Elders and Guardians of the Otomi Tradition of the  Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan lineage, an institution created to promote Native Wisdom and Culture, and ancient Healing Arts.


We hereby wish to share with you the next celebration of the World Gathering for the Healing of Mother Earth and the Great Ceremony of the 8000 Sacred Drums for Peace in the Spring Equinox of 2012.


Events will be held soon to promote the Gathering and Ceremony in various cities and regions in Mexico, the United States, and around the world.  We are requesting your valuable support.


Origins and History of the Ceremony of the 8,000 Sacred Drums:


This Gathering and Ceremony was reborn as a visionary initiative of the Wise Grandparents in 2004 at the Otomi Ceremonial Center, Temoaya, State of Mexico, at the celebration of the Spring Equinox, which coincided with the arrival of 'Ra'yo Jeya (Otomi New Year).  We have also been performing the Ceremony at each change of season.


The Ceremony of 8000 Sacred Drums is part of the ancient Otomi culture and tradition, and it has a history of at least four thousand years, from the ancient holy city of Cuicuilco.  According to oral history, with the eruption of Xitle volcano, a pilgrimage arrived at the Valley of Toluca and founded the Sacred City of Ndongu (located in the actual Sierra Otomi of Temoaya), where this tradition was continued.


With the arrival of the Aztecs to the Valley of Mexico almost 700 years ago, the city of Ndongu was called "Xiquipilco", which means "Place of the Eight Thousand", as this place had been used to gather 8000 drums for rituals, ceremonies, healings and holidays. This tradition developed for celebrations and important dates, to honor the Ceremonial Centers and Sacred Places, and especially to maintain harmony with Mother Earth and the Universe.


The emblem of their banner contained the symbol of the mountain, and in the center a bag with three fringes, which was reproduced in the sacred books and codices such as the Xiquipilco and Huamantla. This pictographic element represents the number 8000 in the vigesimal (20 based) Otomi system of Numeration, and in its cosmic vision.  The symbolic representation of this number is associated with the most sublime virtues of the Universe.


All of the legacy of the great Olmec-Teotihuacan-Toltec civilization, the entire cultural heritage and ancient wisdom, were kept secret and held sacred for more than five centuries by the Otomi descendants. This collective memory resurfaced, and continues to live in its traditional social organization, in its medicine, ancestral worldview and spirituality, and in its culture of peace, love and respect for Mother Earth. It is recreated in its artistic manifestations, in the sacred amate bark paper, in the language, and in monumental structures such as the majestic Otomi Ceremonial Center.



This is how the Elders and the Guardians of Ancient Wisdom have forewarned of the changes in Mother Earth, of the acceleration of Time, of the evolutionary processes, of the codes and laws that govern Harmony in the Universe.  In this way our Elders have shared with us lessons of life, handed down from generation to generation, including methods and techniques for healing and how to bring ourselves into harmony to regain our love of life. 


This is how they revealed to us the Ceremony of the 8000 Sacred Drums and the Medicine of Primordial Sound, affirming that for thousands of years, together with the Ancestral Culture of Peace, Love, Respect, and Mutual Support, the harmonic sounds of the Sacred Drums, Musical Instruments, Songs and Prayers emitted appropriately in specific frequencies and in elevated states of consciousness on the Spiritual plane, generate a powerful Vibrational Medicine.  The sound of the Sacred Drums produces Waves of Divine Energy, capable of eliminating crystallizations and blockages in any dimension of the Body, allowing humans to regain health on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual levels.


According to the Otomi Elders and Wisdom Keepers, these ancient sounds and cosmic ceremonies, accompanied by significant planetary actions, may also contribute to Individual and Collective Harmony and Healing in the relationships between families, tribes, communities, populations, cities and entire regions on the five continents. In the same way, they can heal habitats and bioregions such as jungles, forests, and deserts.  They can help purify the environment, the atmosphere, the Air and the Waters of the Lakes, Lagoons, Rivers, Seas and Oceans. The result of the Circles of Harmony, the worldwide meditations, the Collective Offerings of Gratitude, massive concerts and Ceremonies provided in the World Gathering for the Healing of Mother Earth and for Peace planned at the World for the Healing of Mother Earth and Peace, as with the 8000 Sacred Drums - Mountain, Desert - are highly favorable for raising the vibrational frequency of specific places, in towns and cities, for the purpose of restoring balance to degraded and contaminated places.


Energetically this allows us to reconcile ourselves with these immense spaces and territories devastated by the actions of humans, as we have forgotten that Mother Earth is not our property, but rather that we are a part of her. It is time to remember this vision of the world of our indigenous ancestors, recognizing the sacredness of Mother Nature, each family and species, to honor life and be grateful every day.


According to the Otomi Tradition, the new search, retrieval and practice of the highest Moral Values, Ancestral Ethical Principles, Harmonizing Agreements, Standards of Conduct and Global Reunification Consciousness are signs that we are living in a new time suitable for healing of Mother Earth and all humanity. This is characterized by constant collective work of meditation, the awakening of consciousness, creative organization and action in all forms, assuming our Universal Responsibility, with the Cosmic Order, with the Here and Now, reconnecting us to our primordial roots.


Relearning the Art of Living Well, of Sharing and Gratitude. Entering the era of Reconciliation, of Forgiveness and Healing with our neighbors and ourselves. Making Peace. Honoring true peace treaties of harmonious coexistence with Mother Earth, with diverse traditions and cultures. Realizing that we are all interrelated, humans, animals, plants and minerals. We are all connected as parts of the cosmic fabric. We are all relatives and family.  We are all trees of the same forest, we are all stones from the same boulder, we are all flowers of the same garden, we are all grains of sand from the same desert, we are all waves in the same ocean.


What happens to the glaciers, what happens to dolphins, whatever affects the monarch butterflies, the suffering of girls and poor indigenous children, all affects us also. The death of a native language every month (according to UNESCO), the extermination of tribes and indigenous peoples, the drying up of rivers and lakes, the melting icecaps, the disappearance of species of plants and animals,

the destruction of natural sanctuaries - these have repercussions for us all. Being aware of this and many other aspects of life, could help us to restore our memory, awaken our senses, and choose decisions, actions and solutions that are more collective, fair, equitable, respectful of dignity, plurality, diversity and coexistence on Earth.


This would help humanity to prevent or reduce the effects of events and conflicts, even avoid or transmute them, such as imbalances in the human body, much the same as socioeconomic, political or cultural imbalances in societies.  Disorders of a diverse nature in societies, species and kingdoms, such as conflicts, disruptions in the food chain, famine, epidemics, drought, frosts, landslides, floods, tornados, sandstorms, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, and tidal waves, among others.  With a positive vision and an optimistic attitude, the Human Family has the opportunity to practice and walk in Peace in many ways; likewise to work daily and constantly to heal and harmonize.  There are more people in this world who are planting and sharing seeds of tenderness, warmth, hospitality, tranquility and kindness.  Light and goodness are triumphing on the face of the Earth.


This message of hope from the Otomi people invites us to believe in the fruits of compassion, recognizing that together, with love, we can always make better efforts and take more action to achieve understanding between peoples, communities and nations to affect the balance of the planet.  The Elders and Guardians of Ancient Wisdom are setting the intention for us to continue summoning and harmonizing Hearts, and continuing to bring happiness to our Dear Ones in our birthplace by recovering and appreciating the paradise called Planet Earth. 


Our prayer is that all people with a sensitive attitude, open heart, and wise spirit be expanded, with elevated consciousness and happy heart, we can nourish ourselves with the goodness of Mother Nature, loving her and receiving the energy of Abundance and Prosperity.  In this way we can discover the Creator in every drop of water, in every pine needle, in the light of dawn, in the rainbow, in a child’s smile, in a parent’s tears, in the beat of a kind heart, in the vibration of a Drum Ceremony, in flocks of birds, in herds of animals.  To feel the Great Mystery in the chanting of Medicine Women and Medicine Men, in the flames of a Sacred Fire, in the womb of the sacred sweat lodge, in every step and movement of the dance of gratitude, in the moonlight, in the path of the planets and stars, in the spiral of seashells and galaxies, in a warm friendly greeting, in the compassionate gaze of our elders, in deep sleep, in a grandmother’s advice. 


Feel the divinity in each of our cells, in the birth of a baby, in the opening of a flower bud, in the sound of silence, in a peaceful lake in the middle of a valley, in the purifying breeze on a hill, in the howl of the jaguar, in the echo of a cave, in the embrace of a loved one, in all sources of happiness and fullness, in rebirth, in enjoyment.  Preserving the marvelous magic of life, and to give thanks for the good fortune to be and to exist, to feel and appreciate the harmony of the Cosmos.  This is what our ancestors taught us, to be Guardians of the Earth, Harmony, Peace and the Universe.


Overcoming prejudices, ideological differences, divisions and borders created by humans we can favor the union of all peoples and cultures of the world. Making good expressions blossom and sharing that it is undeniable that a better world, inner beauty and a lasting peace for those of us who live on this land are possible.  It is possible to build bridges of reunion, create bonds, meditate together and feel ourselves aligned with everything that has occurred and has yet to occur.  To be conscious, to have faith and trust that we can repair the damage.


It is the energy of the here-and-now, it is the time of intention-action, it is the hour of universal responsibility.  To feel, to think, to speak and to act, all with one heart, thought, voice and action for the Joy of Living in perfect Harmony with the Universe.  It is for the love and hope of our children, youth, women, men and elders; it is the message, it is the call to Harmonization, Peace and Dignity of Indigenous tribal peoples who summon us to the World Gathering for the Healing of Mother Earth and the Great Ceremony of 8000 Sacred Drums for Peace.

It is the honor of our ancestors, those who bequeathed us this knowledge and culture of life; it is respect for the ancient and modern ceremonial centers, the natural and cultural sacred places that lift our spirits.  They are Teotihuacan, Tula, Xochicalco, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Palenque, Bonampak, Cuicuilco, Malinalco, Tikal, Copán, Machu Pichu, Tiwanako, and Easter Island.


It is the unity in the diversity of all peoples, nations, nationalities, communities, tribes, clans and lineages of Planet Earth with which we converge.  It is the common union, brotherhood and friendship among all cultures, traditions, philosophies, and languages of the Four Directions that bring us together.  It is the honor of our ancestors, seven generations past and seven generations to come.  It is the fervent desire for a solution to the conflicts of the world through dialogue, peaceful non-violent activism and trust in the resurgence and preservation of harmony, well-being, smiles, health, and joy of living for our children, friends, family, villages and cities that bring us together for this Celebration.


We gather in recognition of and full exercise of safeguarding the rights of Mother Earth and of all humanity.  We summon a call for the Right to Be, to Co-exist, to Be Happy, to be in Harmony, in short, the Right to a Good Life for all Peoples and Living Beings.  It is respect for free will, self determination, ancestral territories, for peace with justice and dignity, for the worldview and identity of all Indigenous Peoples of the Planet.


We are motivated by all species and families of minerals, plants, animals and humans, in short, all living beings.  They are deserts, dunes, the Valley of Mezquital, the Sahara; they are waterfalls, canyons, geysers, snow-capped mountains, peaks, volcanoes, plateaus, basins, islands, coral reefs, and bodies of water that invite us to live together.  They are the lagoons, springs, pools, cascades, streams, brooks, crystal clear waters and contaminated waters that cry out to us for harmony.  They are the biomass of the world such as tundra, grassland, savanna, wetlands, and tropical forests.  All natural areas, parks, and reserves of the biosphere, affected and eroded, summon a call to us to respect biodiversity.


 They are the neglected and contaminated rivers that summon a call to us for reconciliation, such as the Rio Grande, the Nazas, the Santa Catarina, the Lerma-Santiago, the Balsas, the Usumasinta, the Amazon, the Nile, the Yangtze, the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Yang-He, the Obi, the Amur, the Congo, the Lena, Mackenzie, the Ganges, the Saskatchewan, the Yukon, the Wood, the Parana-La Plata, Colorado, the Orinoco, the Mamore, the Magdalena, the Ural, the Danube, the Dnieper, the Rhine, the Tagus, Niger, Tigris, Euphrates, Mekong, the Irtysh, Amu Darya, the Satt-al-Arab, the Darling, the Murrray, the Murrumbidgee and the Thames, among others.


They are deteriorated lakes that call us, such as the Caspian Sea, the Aral, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Tanganyika, Titicaca, the Albert, Erie, Lake Baikal, the Black Sea and Maracaibo.  They are seas such as the Gulf of Mexico, the China Sea, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Bering Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Sea of Japan, and Hudson Bay.  They are the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic and the Antarctic that invite us to communion.


They are the devastated and destroyed jungles, such as the Amazon,  Madagascar, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Kruger, Arusha, Kakadu, the Lacandon, and the Chimalapas, among others, who ask us for peace.


They are all the disrespected mountains and ranges such as the Andes, the Pyrenees, the Himalayas, the Alps, the Rockies, the Sierra Madre, Copper Canyon, the Huasteca Region, the Cantabrian Mountains, the Altai Mountains, the Arctic Cordillera, the Ural Mountains, the Jura Mountains, Iberian Mountains, the Japanese Alps, the Betic Cordillera, the Caucasus, the Appalachians, the Alai Mountains, the Sierra de Baja California, the Balkans, the Carpathians, the Taurus, the Great Dividing Range of Shikoku, the Ori Leuca, Arakan, the Pamir, the Baikal, the Barisan, the Rhodopes, the Anti-Lebanon, the Erburz, the Zagros, the Atlas, the Lebombo and the Chapada das Mangabeiras, among others, that call to us.  It is Mount Everest, Chogori, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse, McKinley, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Vinson, PunkakJaya, Big Mountain, Fujiyama, Mont Blanc, Pico de Orizaba, Popocatepetl, Iztacihuatl, the Volcano of Toluca, and many more that call to us for harmony.


It is love and respect for all species of plants, flowers, trees, fruits, and animals of the sea, land and air; felines, primates, fish, reptiles, birds and insects.  It is the call of the animals and plants that are in danger of extinction (one in four mammals, one in eight birds, one third of amphibians and 70% of plants are at risk).  It is the call of the ferns, the mushrooms, cacti, agaves, orchids, pine, cypress and more.  It is the call of the eagle, the condor, the jaguar, the wolf, the coyote, the bear, the lion, the tiger, the dolphin, the whale, the seal, the walrus, the antelope, the gorilla, the crocodile, the manatee, and the turtle.


It is love and respect for indigenous and tribal peoples, traditions and languages in danger of extinction.  It is the desire to live in peace and unity where there is Love, Health, and Happiness.  It is each of you, it is the Divinity that dwells within each person; all regardless of country, culture, language, and religion that unites us.  It is all of humanity.  It is all of eternity.


We ask with respect and appreciation for your collaboration for the successful fulfillment of this Gathering and its Program of Events that considers its principal headquarters to be: Otomi Lands – Colima, Guanajuato, Monterrey, San Luis Potosi, Mayan Desert and Zone, among others, with its Program of Great Ceremonies, Harmonization Circles, Massive Meditations, Individual and Collective Consultations and Therapies, and Ancestral Teachings.


Prior to this Grand Gathering we offer preparatory events, which have as their purpose to disseminate some promotional activities, for which we also need your presence and logistical support.


We thank you in advance for your kind response and contribution for the success of this initiative of light and healing for social harmony and inner peace.




Council of Elders and Guardians of the Otomi Tradition





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I hope to be there Carol, and a few other dear friends....   thanks so much for sharing this sacred event with us. love billa

I had the opportunity to do ceremony with Thaay again this past weekend, driving up to Sullivan, Maine.  It just puts me totally in that real place, and renews my commitment to connecting daily and intimately with Nature.  It renews my commitment to stay focused on my intent to bring healing to myself by bringing healing to my corner of Earth.  One of these days soon I will have the time to start posting (on my blog?) the story I wrote about my experiences with conscious co-creation.






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