Yes, I know, you can only gain knowledge through books. Wisdom is the gift of real Life experience. And no matter how true the material may be for the author, we all must rely on our own God-given intuition to pluck any gems of Truth from a book. That said (and truly meant), I wanted to create a space to share any books or other sources of information on ancient teachings, unless of course you or your next door neighbor is a shaman or something! Which I believe in this group is highly possible. The fact is, we all must enjoy reading enough to have picked up Anastasia and thought, "Sure, I'll give this a read," probably having no clue of what kind of force we were getting ourselves into. I know I didn't! All I knew was that Spirit kept telling me to order the book and read it after the wonderful Angela Stokes raved about it at a raw food lecture. Maybe Spirit will highlight a title for you here and there in this forum.

Here's an incomplete list of books that spoke to me:

Medicine Woman series by Lynn V. Andrews
Teachings of Don Juan series by Carlos Castaneda
Queen of Dreams by Heather Valencia
A Medicine Woman Speaks by Cinnamon Moon

There's so many more that I can't think of off the top of my head (I'm at the library, not home). I'm very much into dreaming, lucid dreaming, and Spirit Flight (astral projection), so I've got a lovely list for anyone interested in that. Please share yours! Books are my "TV". So, I'm always interested in anything that speaks to the Spirit within. Peace,

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well, i find myself at the library once again. i have a couple of lucid dreaming books at home, the titles evade me. probably, Lucid Dreaming or The Lucid Dreaming Handbook. something obvious, but very interesting books. I do a lot of lucid dreaming, with varying degrees of lucidity. taking it to the next level, i'm pretty obsessed with manifesting an out-of-body experience (aka astral projection). i've come close, but not quite there yet. i take it you're a dreamer like me. my dreams are one of my favorite parts of the day. i have incredible adventures nightly. i can't relate at all to dreams that closely follow waking life experiences. and i wouldn't have it any other way, beside having conscious out-of-body adventures! if you're interested in this, check out william buhlman's books.
i haven't read either of the books you mentioned, but i will definitely check them out. my mom has the red tent, and she (and a ton of other people) have been wanting me to read it for a long time. definitely check out lynn andrews' books if you dig books centered on woman's spirituality. goddess bless!
hmmm.... i find that the more i think about my dreams and the more importance i place on them, the more i remember. you could try holding the intention of remembering your dreams as you drift off into sleep. also, if you really really want to develop your dream recall, you could try writing things down even in the middle of the night. if you wake from a dream during the night, keep paper and pen next to your bed and scribble down the gist of your dream. this did a lot for my dream recall. there is a book called Creative Dreaming by Patricia Garfield. she explores many different aspects and techniques of dreaming and dream control. very interesting book! good luck!






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