I am really curious about this conditioned way of thinking about evolution.

I'm not sure wether this is the proper group to share my consern about this topic. And as a youngster I really feel the need of talking about this topic.


So we know Anastasia talked about that we as Humans have allways been beings that where given consiousness and feelings. From the beginning we have been children from the creator, and be given everything the be creators.

But how can it be that so much people accepted that we are beings that are dependant on evolution of our bodies and mind. All the accepted science about prehistorical "facts" such as the caveman, and the theorie of darwin about selection for surviving of the species.


Offcourse I have read the books of Anastasia about humanity being derived from our nature home into an artificial world. And how Priests been doing this for ages.

I think it is such stunning thing how Anastasia can dismantle such dogma's about our world.

Even though it is so sad for humans that they don't understand their nature, our Logos our Eden! They don't accept who we are! They only see the machanism of nature but only a fragment of it.

Because when I hear stories about if humanity will die out, that nature will go on and that it can do that very good without us. They don't stand still about the harmony that schould allways be present in Nature, and that we are capable of bringing that harmony. As a creator sharing the love to all living beeings.

I have never believed in the scientifical view about evolution. As a grew up, my parents have given me the understanding of being a god, a child of god, a enbodiment or consiousness of light.

We can bring piece to animals, with such a deep connection we can show plants and animals their worth,  together we are the condition for life!

And as we set course for this Logos we are the creators indeed.


For me this concept is so clear, but as I have discussions with other youngsters, I feel that they provoke me to see life without the embodiment of love, or that it is something seperated. I know they don't want this world to be the way it is, with all the harm and polution. But how come, that they see  "evolution" on a material plain, but also believe in their spirit, having a mind and feelings. The extreme's that we have seen in society the past ages, between the material and spiritual as a seperation.

Their is no seperation between them, this is where they fuse, to be excisting.




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