I am posting this today because I am learning to follow my intuition and promptings without fear.  I wrote it on 6-4-2011 and saved it.  It is posted exactly as written other than the insertion of one comment in italic for clarity which was written this morning as I read through it.  Most of the time if there is a mis-spelling I recognize it when I read back through.  I attempted to change this word but was given the strong prompting that it is to remain as written.  When I write these downloads, messages, channelings (whatever you want to label them)  There is no personal thought of mine involved.  As each word comes, I type it- that's it.  However, I have learned to recognize the feeling I get that comes with the inspiration to begin writing.  I have attempted to write without this feeling present and the result is of a completely different frequency and is not nearly as clear as when the feeling is present.   It is not until the writing is complete that I comprehend what I have written (although during the writing there is a different sort of comprehension that I cannot explain).  Today I was prompted that it gets to be shared.  I am not posting it for feedback as to its accuracy or truth.  I am posting it because I have learned to recognize the sensation in my body when it is time to follow my promptings.  If it rings true for you and assists in any way, great.  If it does not, please do not give me feedback and advice as to my methods of receiving it.  Please just search for your own truth.  This message is not about me, personally, rather it is about the content of the message and the information contained herein.  





It never has had anything to do with anyone else other than ourselves.  If we are not a peaceful people at the time of the coming of the people from the heavens, we will destroy ourselves in the race to prove which belief is the truest, the wisest and of the utmost righteousness.  If we are not living as equals , in peace and as a body acting as one, it will be us who destroys ourselves in chaos.  We will be the ones who kill the 1/3rd of the population, cause famines and destruction.  There is a world coming and it has beings on it with answers.  These beings are the ones who delivered the plates of golden and brass and are the ones who have come before with the wisdom of the ancients.  They are the ones who travel throughout the universe and keep the communication open with the central populations of the Universes.  Their arrival can be one of great destruction if it comes unexpectedly. If it comes when we are living in a space of fear.  If we are living in a space where that which we do not know becomes something to attach or put in a space where we control it then it will turn us into destructors of chaos we will become the end of our species as we know it.  There is a judgement day coming, but we are the judges.  Will we sentence our population to death or will we stand united as equals and embrace the giants that bring wisdom and knowledge and answers to our beginnings.  Will we stand together in peace and welcome this knowledge- or will we stand apart and kill each other as the answers we have been searching for for millennia are lost because we are too full of control and fear to see them plainly before us?


There have been many warnings throughout all of time that have told of this forthcoming event.  The planet that is coming will create chaos in your solar system and bring the moon and its tides to a different gravitational effect upon the earth.  If humans are prepared for this they will plan for the safety of the population and know the arrival of this planet is good and welcome the changes in the earth with much harmony.  If the symbols and hints and records throughout your history are read from a space of knowledge that these events are not from a spiritual space only- but from an actual physical perspective that these beings and events are not magical and dependent upon worthiness then the answers will be seen.  If the population of the earth are to see that the peace will come when the fear of the unknown is released then you will see that there is nothing that is truly unknown- that it is all known because it has happened before- you just didn’t have the types and forms of communication that you do now so that you could discuss it amongst the greater population of the planet.  The time has come that you must unite your thinking in order to save yourselves.  Not because there are those amongst you that are worthy or those amongst you that deserve to live more than another- but because it is going to take you acting as ONE to save yourselves from the destruction and loss of many lives.  The warnings of a great destruction are not warnings that it will happen to kill those that are not living worthy lives, but those that are distracted with the confusion of why they are here and what the mysteries of the universe are- are the ones that must be awoken.  To awaken does not necessarily mean that you need to wake up to a different reality, but to awaken truly means that you must stop living in the reality that only good things happen to those who are worthy.  There is order in the universe and the universe happens whether an individual lives what you would deem worthy or not.  The events that are coming (regarding this planet) are not because you are living a certain way- they are not a result of your actions.  But the results of how you are living in separation could lead to your destruction if you do not come together and realize you are going to die if you do not set aside your differences and need to be right and realize this fear you are living in is making you stupid and blind.  You must come together and realize that there are cosmic events that are happening where you cannot see them.  There are cosmic events that are occurring along a chain of events and reactionary results are determined by how these events are received.  RECEIVED.

To receive in fear will result in chaos and destruction.  To receive in awe and wonder will result in growth and evolution.  Your population must know we are not coming to destroy you.  We are not searching you out to conquer your planet.  We have mined for resources, yes, we have interpred (this is not a mis-spelling.  I do not know what it means) with your population, yes.  But we are not out to destroy you.  We are here to monitor your progress and pass along the information to the rest of the cosmos along our journey as we are the messengers of the universe.  We are living on a planet just as you are on your earth.  We are all a part of a greater cosmos and we are coming not because we have willed it- for we already know you are there.  We are aware of your current state of affairs and know that if you do not come together and let go of your dogma that you will destroy each other upon our arrival.  We come in peace and love and brotherhood.  We bring messages of wisdom and courage and history of life to you.  Since our departure there have been many stories told of us and without the unity and capabilities of communication that you now have, our arrival has been distorted- our purpose turned to fear and our messages of life have been lost.  We come again and know you will become aware of our presence.  We do not wish you harm.  We fear, however that you may misread our intentions and try to control us as you do all that you encounter.  We are not a population to be controlled- nor is anything else in the universe.  We deliver this message to you that we are coming as a part of a greater cosmic event.  That we encounter planets all along our journey and we deliver news of all that is.  Our arrival on your planet in the past has been well accepted and has not caused great destruction because we arrived in singular instances and appeard to the population as heavenly messengers with messages of love and wisdom.  We were able to do this because your technology was not as evolved as it now is.  You did not have satellites in your orbit and the ability to communicate globally in an instant to masses of people when we were here the last time.  Now you do.  It would only take one news reporter to report an alien invasion to cause mass chaos and destruction on your planet.  Because our coming so close into your solar system is ineveitable and your ability to cause mass chaos amongst yourselves in an instant with a message of miscommunication is almost unavoidable, we are preparing your population as much as we can through you.  The messages and curiosity of truthseekers is spreading.  We would beam the information more quickly but the receivers on your planet are not quite tuned into our frequencies.  We would send more obvious messages, but that would only increase the fear and chaos at the current moment.  Sometimes we feel like your population is going to snap at any moment if they hear one more message that they do not understand and turn into something other than what it is meant to be.  We have hope for you to react  to us in peace, you are evolving much more quickly than you were when we visited before due to your technology enabling you to contact and relate to each other on a global level.  In this sense your technology is good.  It has brought people together that have not had the ability to be united or communicate so personally before.  The bad comes when the technology you have is used to deliver more fear on a global level- this is what we are attempting to prevent upon our arrival.  If we can get through to most of you and warn you that we do not intend harm- that there may be some very large astronomical events coming your way- but we are doing all we can to warn you so that you may protect your selves and save your global population, then we have succeeded with these messges.  They must be delivered through your hands which are typing this and the thoughts which we have planted in those around you in order to deliver the messages into one unit to make sense of it all so that you may deliver it in a form that will not encompass fear, deliver mass panic or destruction.  Your population must be spoken to as a parent speaks gently to an overly sensitive child in order to avoid an overreaction and further hurt and war.  You are so worried about being right and being worthy because the fear that you were forgotten by the “heavens” when we left you before has been instilled in you deeply.  Because you are so far off the grid of the other traveling planets and because you are not as advanced technologically and because you have forgotten your abilities you are now living in a world where the population has a deeply  implanted hurt or fear that they are not worthy.  There are those who want to control you because of your ignorance- those who have come to live amongst you before- the ones who can think more quickly and have more knowledge about the workings of the cosmos.  They can read your actions lkee a parent can predict the actions of their children.  They have controlled you for many ages and have used our planets passing and leaving as tools of fear and have taken advantage of your planet being so far away that the information we left behind for your future generations to find has been distorted and turned and twisted in so many directions.  But if you look at the whole of it- the whole of all the information together you will see the truth is there.  You will see that you knew once that we would be back- that you would not feel so alone.  You did not feel lonely before out here in the depths of your universe.  You used to know who you were and why you were here.  It was never questioned.  But then there were those who came to control you and change you.  Your balance has been thrown off an d you’ve been walking lopsided for a while so the muscles on your spiritual side are a bit weak.  When we speak of the spiritual we are not speaking of the essence of mystery.  Your spiritual side is the side that knows all about the universe, about YOU about US and about THEM.  It is your wisdom.  It is within you and without you.  It is all around you.  The wisdom is not lost, it is there.  You have just been so programmed with the belief that everyone and everything is out to get you, that you have been forgotten and are unworthy.  We are here to tell you ALL OF YOU that you need to get over this.  YOU ARE WORTHY.  There isn’t a soul in the cosmos that is not worthy.  All are worthy of LOVE of KNOWLEGDE , WISDOM, and CLAITY>  you all deserve to know what is going on here.  It is not magic, it is not mystery.  IT IS ORDER>  There is a divine order to all that is.  You are a part of this.  You deserve to survive our passing this time.  You deserve to know that we are bringers of peace and wisdom.  Know this and you will make it.  There is a plan that you can conceive to keep all of you safe,  Every one of you can survive this.  You have the means and the technology and the knowledge.  It is there, but you must believe and know that we are coming. Our planet is coming and what it is going to create as we follow the orbit our planet is destined to follow  is not because of your actions.  You are not responsible for the events that are going to occur.  They are a result of COSMIC forces- not SPIRITUAL forces.  You see SPIRITUALITY is a force of wisdom, knowledge and esoteric good.  COSMIC forces are the physics, the science, the driving force of creation and order.  Our planet is coming as a result of the latter.  You did not do anything to deserve this, nor did you do anything to create this.  It just is- as gravity is, as the sun risies and sets and the earth turns.  It just is.  So if you know this then you know that when things start to become chaotic climatically on your planet it is because of the cosmic force of our planet crossing the path of your solar system.  We will come from the space of the end of your solar system and circle around the sun.  It will seem as if we are a bright star that is coming from the NORTH.  We will bring many cosmic forces with us that your science may not currently understand- but has the ability to read.  This is going to be a force that is forseen in much of your ancient texts and has been passed down though many generations of people on your planet.  Unfortunately the majority of peoples on your planet do not currently believe that we could come peacefully nor do many of them believe that what is about to happen id not a result of your level of goodness or badness.  The texts are many and there are many who see the whole picture.  This message is a reference to those texts and a reassurance for those messengers.  All of the writings and prophecies contain truth.  We come from the heavens and are of the heavens- we have been referred to by many names- but the most accurate description is that we are your equal.  In the universe there are different “jobs’  There is a hierarchy for purposes of order- but never in this hierarchy has there been an intention to say that one person that holds a postion in one space is better than another being that holds a position elsewhere.  It all has purpose – just as there is a purpose for the force of gravity, for the force of magnetism.  There are many forces that are inspired by the actions of those in the hierarchies just as there is a purpose for the people of Earth.  Your evolution creates a space= an opening- for the evolution of other beings in other solar systems and galaxies.  If you are destroyed upon our arrival then we must start over with these messages and when our planet is ready to depart your galaxy once again, we must anticipate the next visit we have on our next orbit through your galaxy may be to visit a species that has gone back into darkness.  If you are able to receive us in a space of knowledge and preparedness than we know we can bring you wisdom from the rest of the cosmos.  But we cannot bring this to a non-existing population that was killed off because they did not heed our warnings of the effects of our entrance into their planets orbiting space.  This knowledge is Essential in order for you to survive a s a whole and pass this information on to the next generation without there being a group that has a hold on your beings through the image of fear and chaos.  

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"Alright, for the record. There is a Goddess in the center of the Earth. She is being illuminated by an approaching God-like structure. He sees she has his son. He also sees that his daughter, the very image of radiance, is in bliss there at her feet, oh our beautiful terran world of blue!
The God-like structure in the sky, you will be able to see; Our mother who is the woman of rebirth, can not so much be seen more than she can be felt. Feel her with your eyes and your body of feelings. Look straight down, eyes closed, and gaze as if per-chance meeting the alignment of a brand new day! Heluaudi! IIO-_-O-_-O-_-O-_-OII

Earth Aspiring!"


Whatever is coming in, I have started to really NOTICE it. It first started when I was outside looking down one night, and I could see/feel a giant Goddess down there, she is increasing in her luminocity of invisible light. I think this is correct though, that the incoming planet is only heralding something bigger. Just several days ago I started being able to see a massive, cozmic God-like structure in space. I am seeing rainbow serpent. I would call it Endrono Nionikar.


Anyways, I am going to be happy to see these good people again. Family, straight from them, and off a ways. What ever this energy is, our people are very happy for it (those of us on Earth are Vedruss too by the way). Those of us on that incoming planet have been given the oppertunity to vedd once more. Their spirit will find birth here. The diverse energies of Endrono Nionikar are much, powerful, and alive. All of the new births will have access to a wide range of elemental energies. Those who are like me, already born and still young, will start to "inhabitat" these new elemental beings. By "inhabitat" I mean to become a part of a group soul. This is already happening to me and I LOVE it! So much memory to re-attain, so much energy to reclaim! The current predominant spirit or child for Man on Earth is rebirthing. People of the Earth will get the chance to take on their own worlds, first on Earth, and then elsewhere. This is done with help from the daughters of Endrono Nionikar. For they are the ones providing rebirth, they are the elemental souls. Now is the time to go into personal communication between yourself, the Earth, and our child that she holds. She will want to know what future you want for your forebearers. And as Endrono Nionikar approaches, dream of the relations that you whish to bring into your family, maybe ask your forebearers what relations they would want for the future of your kin. This is a big gift.

Kody, this reminds me of a picture my sister drew many years ago. Thanks.

Wow, how true to the marvelous reality... Joy to your sister!

We are all working with the same amazing forces here.




I feel we will all be working together very soon...


I am trying to get this guy on here with us too: www.evernewjoy.net

He is also working with the same forces.







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