See the Tasaday’s transformation from 1971 to. . . .1997  to . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . .2005. . . . . . . . . . and on to Today

Here’s the Website of the Tasaday with their Extraordinary Story

From the Beginning to Today

    Here is the fascinating and inspiring story of the Tasaday-- from their cave-dwelling, stone-tool-using way of life in an ancient Philippine rainforest to their life-altering meeting with a tribal frontiersman. Then, in 1971, comes their astonishing first contact with the modern world, followed by their determined efforts to remain intact and survive into 21st Century society.

    You will learn about:

  1.     How the tiny group of gentle, peace-loving Tasaday were dying out--down to only 26 people--and made crucial changes in their behavior and mind-set that enabled them to stay together and live on. Commonly, such small groups are annihilated or assimilated before the larger world even knows their name. Not the Tasaday.

  2.    The bitterly controversial campaign to make the Tasaday a hoax, and their--so far--successful struggle to survive and flourish while dealing with unfamiliar modern society.      

  3.     Individual members of the group and others who have played key roles in their lives over the last half century--with photos of the magnificent and uncharted tropical rainforest that has been their home for many generations. 

  4.    The Friends of the Tasaday and its programs of education, medical help, agricultural training, and land protection that have supported the Tasaday in their journey to survival in the intensely competitive world beyond the forest. 

  5.    How you can take part in this support effort and  help the Tasaday become self-sufficient.  

   Continue on, the Tasaday provide glimpses of human society  before agriculture, giving us a hint of where we have been, how far we have come--what we have gained, and what we have lost.

Tasaday gather in the mouth of their main cave, 1972


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