1. is this: everybody has read book 1, with the seed planting method in it, right?

Please realize...DO THIS! you can do it even inside, in a little pot....it will energize your spirit and fill you with bright thoughts...even in winter, even if you can't have a garden this year, even if you just eat a littl sprout. When you blow on those seeds, and hold them up to heaven...something PROFOUND is happening! REall! just feel what happens when you blow into those seeds. truyly amazing,,, and NOT imaginary!


2. yall have heard of the beet root reset..

well how about beet kvass! A very good answer to the water problem. Havent you had drinking water, even filtered that just isnt satisfying?

beet kvass is very alkalinizing, minerilizing, and super hydrating...and cheap cheap cheap and easy!

   1. Cut up a few beetsinto small chunks...even can add other veggies, like onion, carrot, cucumber..or whatever you got!

   2. put in a big jar and fill it with water.

   3. add a little salt to taste.

   4, add a liitle spoonfull of yogurt, whey, or kefir, if you have it. this starts the culture. 

   5. let it sit for a few days covered with cloth on top, 

   6. drinky drinky!!!!!!!!!!!!


I also want to recommned this article page, revolving around Dr. Christopher.. a guy I am just learning about, who used common, local herbs to heal just about everything! great!!!



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Thank you for sharing this Shiloh, question: Where I live it can get quite hot in summertime so does the drink require refrigerating as it "sits" or is it best to leave it on the kitchen benchtop?

Thank you Brother!






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