As Anastasia explains to Vladimir, Earths creatures are always in service to our highest good. If we embrace the blessings of our animal kin either through interactions, bites or even scares, we can listen and learn from the messages they bring from spirit and the Earth. 

Two days ago I was bitten by a scorpion that had crawled into my bed, on my left knee.  At first I took not much notice as I often embrace the medicine of insect bites and pay not too much attention. But this was a little more intense than normal so I checked to see what had bitten me and there was a decent size scorpion...  I was going on a big hike that day up into a canyon to align myself with my surroundings and embraced the medicine as a gift from the Desert. 

I hiked for five hours and by the time we reached the source of the beautiful river we were trekking up, my knee was blown up and I felt a great need to lay down and rest. I slept on mother Earth, embraced the desert and the scorpion medicine and knew I would be fine in the morning. And I was. I hiked back out from where we had slept for another five hours and the gift of the scorpion had made me even more aware and grounded than normal because a friend had  had a recent dream that I went deep into the wild and got injured. Although I didnt think I was in any danger, I was aware that my friends dream could affect my reality and I needed to be "on guard" (as scorpion medicine brings) and I was indeed scaling some very ominous scree slopes during this trek and I Was extra vigilant because this medicine made me hyper -aware and even more Earth connected than normal. 

I think it always a blessing for insects and animals to extend themselves to this intimacy and exchange energy, and the medicine of the scorpion made sense to where I am on my path right now.   

Animals and their medicines are my guides and teachers and bring us back to our pristine origins as they reflect their unique gifts and qualities. 

Scorpion Energy: Not Just Black and White

Author: Sage Runepaw 
Posted: September 21st. 2008 
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"The scorpion is an amazing arachnid. It is known to be a loner and has the ability to fluoresce under ultraviolet light in order for scientists to be able to see them at night. They have six to twelve eyes, a pair at the centre and two to five smaller eyes on each side. Despite all the obvious eyeballs, scorpions do not have good eyesight. They are able to distinguish light from dark and have excellent low light sensitivity, which helps them to both, avoid harsh sunlight and to navigate by starlight or moonlight. They sense their way around using sensory hairs and slit organs on the legs and their bodies pick up vibrations. They also have special organs on the underside of the body that pick up ground textures and scents.

"Males and females find each other by vibration, scent and touch. 

"On an entirely different level, Scorpions have been revered and respected by many cultures. Scorpions have long been regarded as a symbol of metamorphosis, an openness to change, mystery, independence, self-protection, endurance, ferocity, self-possession, power, and passion. Aboriginal totem medicine regards people who carry this totem to be people who carry a masterful presence and personality. They have a high self esteem, are determined and vigilant, intense, have strong willpower and tenacity, and are forceful, tranquil, and dignified.

"Scorpion's message according to aboriginal culture is to have the wisdom to wait, to uncover what is hidden, that timing and calculation are essential. It imparts to navigate your actions via intuition. What has been started now will produce results if one is patient. It brings to light, how to find your place with awareness and tenacity. Keep instincts sharp and ready for they will be correct. Defend and attack when needed and move with stealth and fortitude in order to accomplish any task.

"Scorpion medicine is all about death and rebirth, transmutation and repelling negative energies. It has long been regarded as a protector of evil and balances personal energies around you.

"Those who feel the connection to Scorpion may learn to use self-defense and preparedness to their advantage, as the scorpion teaches vigilance. Because scorpions molt several times over their lifespan, metamorphosis and openness to change may be lessons for scorpion medicine workers. Passion, fearlessness, and waiting for the right opportunity before striking are also associated with this totem.

"Scorpion aids in uncovering hidden things, along with a cunning calculation. He teaches vigilance and an all around preparedness. Scorpion uses navigation via intuition- what is started now will make results later on, which equals patience. He shows how to find your place with awareness and tenacity, keep your instincts sharp and ready for they will be correct. Scorpions show how to defend and attack when needed. 

"Are you striking at an idea with its full potential? Is it time to contemplate and wait for the right moment to move? Scorpion shows how to move with strength and fortitude to accomplish any task."

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