Greetings wise men and women of the medicine wheel.  I have a request and a need, and as you are my kin I come to you for your advice and knowledge.

About 3 months ago I fractured the shaft of my left humerus – a spiral fracture. To date there has been almost no new bone tissue laid down for reconstruction. I found this out yesterday after seeking further investigation, knowing that things weren’t right.

In one more month the docs will want to discuss more invasive procedures. So in that time I want to give my lovely arm the very best opportunity to generate those new bone cells. Currently I have used homeopathc remedy Symphytium, and have been working on good bowel function for the absorption of nutrients for bone and marrow health, plus energetic stuff at soul level. My diet is not completely raw but a good portion of it is ~ 60% most days. I’m off to see a naturopath today, also seeing an osteopath.

I am fairly confident that I don't have any conditions that would interfere with normal healing.

Any ideas would be most welcome.

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Dear Josie,

Can you say more about what a spiral fracture is? I responded because about four years ago I had a small fracture in my humerus, from (flying) off my bike handlebars, and basically my humerus saved (!) me because I used my arm to protect me from the fall. The whole right side of my body scarred and I was rushed to the hospital. My arm was put in a loose sling, but boy did it hurt. Earlier that day I already had planned to go to a special kirtan (singing) class at Naropa (the spiritual university in Boulder). Even after coming out of the hospital and being driven home by a family member, I decided I really needed to go and sing, for some crazy reason. The reason was - I felt about 100 times better after the singing!! The pain subsided tremendously!! It could have been a mixture of the meaning of the words, the vibration of the sounds, and my soul's intent for intuitively healing this way, but I definitely did not expect it. So my advice is, use some sound. Even if you don't normally sing or even if you don't consider yourself to have a "good" singing voice, it's not about that, it's about the vibration the sound can offer you for healing. Try different tones. Just sing one tone for a while, and see how it feels, then switch to another tone. Or, try prayer or chanting if that works for you. You might even sing words that feel healing to you. No harm in trying! :) Best wishes for your healing process, and feel free to share more if you like :). Blessings to you.

OOh! and one more thing just came to me as I read your "spiral fracture" sentence: perhaps it has something to do with the spiral of life - the flower of life. Perhaps a meditation with those and the potential perceived payoff that your body believed it would have from the accident. In I'O Hawaiian Healing, we studied that the body creates illness or dis-ease because it believes it will receive a reward (perceived payoff). Sometimes it's simply rest (as in over-busy people who never get a moment's pause) or it could be something like more affection, or even more time to do something specific. Perhaps meditating on that and seeing if you are willing to heal that and let it go and learn the lesson might help. Just some ideas! 

The singing or what I call toning works.  A friend of mine had a stroke and had lost the ability to speak.  I was the first doctor called and went directly to her.  After getting permission from her and her son I went into a hyperbaric chamber with her and did toning for 30 minutes or more.  The energy was amazing.  That evening the family talked her into going to the "real" doctors and they could find no evidence of the stroke.  She still has some issues with speech but she is much improved.

Is Symphytium your constitutional?  If not it may be time to work with a homeopath to find out your constitutional.  Symphytium is great for fractures but the purpose of homeopathy is to increase the vital force and the best way to do that is with your constitutional remedy.  

Many people have a Vit D deficiency.  This will also decrease the bones healing.  Working with a naturopath is a great idea.  Also please consider getting adjusted to be sure your nervous system is a peak performance.  I hope this helps. 

Dear Josie, I am a homeopath and can say that the homeopathic remedy Symphytum (Comfrey/Knitbone) can be used in low potency like a 6 or 30c once daily for two-three weeks to encourage bone growth. However, a constitutional remedy would help to strengthen your whole system from within alongside the Symphytum. I hope this helps. Irma

Comfrey comfrey comfrey - eat it and pulstice it on everyday..    and mix some tumeric with it as wel..  andadd the brightest thoughts to empower your cells to heal in perfect order.    backed by the plant medicine.   I know this will work. 

fruitarian diet while you do this so complete attention can be given to the healing instead of unneccessary digestion. beetroot reset would be good to with clear intentions and outcomes.  :)  xxxx

Bone-set is another name for Comfrey....

I looked it up and guess what?  There are two totally different herbs called Boneset.  I never heard of this first one before, and I think Comfrey was about the first herb I ever knew of, also knowing it as Boneset/Knitbone.  Apparently the first one is not for broken bones but instead was used for a fever that made people's bones hurt:  Break Bone Fever (Dengue).  So, here are just two of many places I found this info with excerpts and links to where the excerpt came from:

"Boneset, the
common name, is more likely to lead one astray since the plant was
classically employed in the treatment of fevers, not to mend broken
bones. However, when it is recognized that the old name for dengue was break bone fever, the derivation becomes clear.
American Indians introduced the use of boneset leaves and
flowering tops to the early settlers for the treatment of colds, catarrh, influenza, rheumatism, and all kinds of fevers, including break bone
(dengue), intermittent (malaria), and lake (typhoid)."

"Personally, I think boneset has fallen from favour simply because of
confusion over its name. Comfrey (Symphytum officinale), a herb used to
heal bones, ligaments and tendons, is also called boneset. Comfrey does
nothing for a viral infection."

Very good advise here from all. Yes the comfrey is also known as boneknit because thats what it does. When I broke a rib, it helped with the pain immediately, strange but true. I made a tea of the root. Then I stopped taking it because I didn't feel the pain and it came right back then I took the comfrey again and it went away. It worked for me.

also, speak to your soul. blessings, Lady






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