Yes, I have heard it can be done. Here is what I know, what I am trying.

1. High Vitimin Butter oil ( and  which is 3 x cheaper...I guess..(is cheaper better?????)

mixed with 

2. fermented Cod liver oil (

these two have something to do with fat soluable vitamins, which help regrow you'r teeth. And they work toegether. Important to take both. I guess you can just use butter it the butter oil is to expensive,and it will still work. A few teaspoons of each each day. 

3. you need calcium and silica to provide the minerals, transports system for minerals?

so make a tea: Dr Christophers Calcium tea:

6 parts horestail, 4 parts comfrey, 3 parts oatstraw, and 1 part Lobelia,

then add applecider vinigar , and honey, in equal parts, to taste, if you want. i think these  ingredients may help alot to get everything going where it wants to, and disollving old stuff.


4. I guess Skate liver oil ( is also a good adjunct...


well see! I've been doing this for a few weeks now to heal up some cavities and tooth sensitivity, just htought I get a discussion going and share my info....


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Hi Shiloh,


I am interested to hear your journey with this. 


Also interested to hear other thoughts on healing teeth.




Healing your cavities by eating greens... 

Thank you sooooo much for this....inspiring, really need this.  I have always had such good teeth, but think that I've been mindlessly escalating the sweets for the last few years, like never before in my life and suddenly teeth problems....will let you know how this works for me.

Yes, an interesting discussion Shiloh. I have problems with my teeth and really don't like visiting the dentist so keep us posted on how it goes.

I've heard that Ivory gem essence helps, available from


Healing is possible through working in vision-space, in the information domain. Here is a video I translated and dubbed for a Moldovan group, whose members were trained by Petrov. The main difficulty is just developing controlled clairvoyance, essentially REM sleep whilst maintaining consciousness.

Hmmmm. This just ate the rest of my post which I had spent 15 minutes writing. Annoying!

The main thing to realize about this technology is that the symbols themselves are not as important as the visioning, the developed ability of controlled clairvoyance. Some of the "mechanistics" is just stuff to keep your left brain in a nice hamster wheel, so that it can be "Ok" with the healing that's going on. It is really not possible to cognitively understand exactly how this works as it is happening in another domain.

I'm going to make these replies short since I don't want to lose a bunch of work again.

So, what we are really doing here is tapping into a morphic field which has been around for a long time, but which more and more people are ab to tap into. The field is non-local, although people from the Slavic cultures seem to be able to tap into it more easily. I just got back from a trip to Costa Rica, where I heard about a spontaneous healing which happened during a "Focusing" session. The person saw his own body from the inside on his internal screen, then went in and "fixed the problem" himself while h was in the hospital and being told that he was in really bad shape. Then all of a sudden he was cured, fixed by himself with the aid of someone who was simply reflecting their own words (the way focusing works).

Wow, what you described sounds a lot like some shamanic healing techniques.  Very fascinating.

Exactly. It's "old stuff" that we've forgotten how to do. I love this quote from Petrov's first book of the Creation of the Universe trilogy Save Yourself:


Whatever we might be doing and wherever we might be going, we were moving toward one goal - to one's inner self, to remembering oneself. People who have lost the memory of their past and their future are akin to children who are ready, day after day, without ever tiring of it, to ride on their favorite carousel. Something always changes around us - one day the sun is out, the next it rains and the leaves appear on the trees and then fall off, first one set of people come along to see how these carefree folks who behave lke children whirl on the carousel, and then others come to watch. We turn around in a closed circle, squealing with delight at the speed, forgetting that at some point we were truly able to fly and that our exaggerated excitement is nothing but a vague memory of who we once were."

The morphic field is growing exponentially. This is very significant because it means it will be off the radar of the educational, "mass-media" and other government sponsored left brain morphic fields, until it is completely accessible by anyone who cares to access it. If "exponential growth" does not paint a fairly exact picture in your mind of this characteristic of inevitability, just watch at least the first video in this list. It is a lecture, but I promise you won't be bored.

The last thing I'd like to mention is that this particular video is a "How-to" rather than an evidential presentation. The regeneration of teeth, internal organs and other body parts is very well documented in Russia. Some people are even able to begin regeneration by only reading Petrov's Trilogy.

I am open to answering questions about this technology. It is part of the Ringing Cedars Revolution in my opinion. I would comment that especially here in the West, we have a great deal of built-in skepticism due to the powerful morphic fields we are continually subjected to by virtue of living amongst people who spend quality time in front of hypno-screens instead of their own internal visioning screens. These activities are completely debilitating to our innate higher abilities as they limit our awareness of what we are capable of. The good news is that we can open up to the greater possibilities, and the desire to do so is a very important step. Many people simply dismiss this stuff as "nonsense."






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