When we tune into the  macro patterns in the cosmos which affect, us, the plants, the soil, all of life on earth, we can understand our collective experience is common in many ways, but unique to our own special circumstances..   

Weekly we listen to Kaypacha and Universal Traveller and study closely our biodynamic and moon calendars to understand what is going on in the macro field and what forces are affecting our mood, relationships, our psyche and the world around us..  

As we are spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth and our purpose here is immense, its important to support the physical , earthly, karmic bodily aspect of ourselves as we are coming through a time of great change.. The humans ability to adapt to its environment is its greatest power because of free will and conscious awareness. 

Our bodies are the store houses of all that as been before us and up to this moment: our ancestors in our subconsious and our DNA , our habits and experiences in our cells..  It is often hard for our thoughts, emotions and bodies to  cope with the  environment and paradigm around us and also to shift with the positive waves of cosmic energies we are bathed in from a benevolent universe..  This is where awareness of those cosmic forces is helpful , and adaptogenic herbs and nature are extremely supportive. This is where we can find understanding and some peace on the journey.. 

This is a time to catch the great wave of change on our planet.   There is a lot of cosmic energy and radiant light available to us to heal and shift outmoded beliefs, habits and cellular memories..  its time to let go of the old story of us, and allow ourselves to reinvent our lives and our beings exactly our we dream.. and for that we need to often go through great healing portals..  

Just as nature must decay to renew and regenerate life, we must often breakdown to breakthrough. Depending on what we have "on board" as subconscious or conscious memories and patterns laid down in our cellular storehouse, the healing path can be quite difficult to navigate as old feelings and experiences need to bloom to the surface like weeds in the soil to be released.    You could call this the ecology of spirit.  this is the essence of biospiritual permaculture.   Its important to seek healing support and energy healing if you have deep trauma trapped in your cells and memories or suspect that you might have some subconscious early childhood wounds or past life trauma to release.. 

We are a unique manifestation in the world, simultaneously connected to a collective experience and physical realm that we all breath from and into, eat from and poop into , draw from and express into. 

So it seems time for the great unfurling of past memories and stories that may or may not serve us any longer.    Its a chance to reinvent.. 

That can be tough on the body, the mind and the heart.. So as always, nature with her benevolent giving and unconditional love provides us with support.   Its a time to stay well away from stimulants, toxins and even chocolate and give dedicated effort to calming the mind, resting the body and supporting a process of adapting to a very new way of being on this planet. 

We have far more energy available to us now, from spectrums in the universe that we may not yet comprehend. But the way is open. There is an influx of cosmic radiant energy which seeks to heal everything to its pristine origin and design.. This is available to us, to bathe us with the extra energy and love we need to grow, to evolve, to heal , to blossom.. Just like water and sunshine upon summer flowers.. 

Giving your body adaptogenic herbs is extremely helpful at this time , and also calming herbs that help you feel good, even though many of us havent felt good consistently for a very long time. How could we, when most things we are related to have been very distorted and disharmonious? But we have come through the great turning, and now we need new memories, healing pathways, adaptogenic practices  that help us adjust.. 

Rodiola Rosea 

Siberian Ginseng



St Johns Wort

More detail and history on Damiana Herb for example  (ref: http://www.xtremeherbs.com.au/herbs/damiana-50g.html

Botanical Name: Turnera aphrodisiac

Origin: Mexico

Form: Tea


Damiana herb consists of the dried leaves of a bush which grows in the tropical areas of America. There are actually two species of the Damiana plant - Turnera aphrodisiac and Turnera diffusa, although they are generally regarded as the same plant in the herbal community.  Aztecs used it to help in the bedroom, the Mayas used it for pleasure and it was drunk as a healing tea by Indians throughout South-America. 

Damiana has a relaxing effect, gives a mild euphoric high and is a light aphrodisiac. Believed to be an overall body tonic, Damiana also promotes a general feeling of well-being. It has immediate pick-me-up and chillout effects. Damiana stimulates circulation which raises energy levels to alleviate fatigue and stimulate weight loss. These effects last for about one hour but with regular use they will become stronger. 




Damiana Experience

It was a beautiful misty night. It had been raining all day and I was on the verge of some strange feelings that I had been staving off all day. I had been reading about damiana for a while and I liked what I had heard. So I thought I would give it a try. I had no expectations of what I was supposed to feel from it but I did know what I was looking for spiritually, so I knew if anything, the effect would be subtle. 

I began with extract at 3,000 mg placed under my tounge. After about an hour I felt a slight shift in perception. Almost as if the doors had been opened to a new path i hadn't previously noticed. I felt a strong urge to connect spiritually and I craved understanding. I began talking more openly than I had in weeks to a girlfriend of my mine. Around an hour after my first dose, I smoked damiana leaf that was about one bowl's worth. I noticed that the feelings of angst had completely gone and I was reaching a level of stillness I don't think I ever have before. I then took more extract about 40 minutes after that. My total dose was 7,000 mg plus one bowl of leaf. Some might mistake it for fatigue. But I felt connected in a way that was almost emotionless. Yet it was all emotion and I was totally aware. 

I was part of the oneness and no longer seperate. I began to think that all of my struggle manifested when I had removed or somehow distanced myself from the nature force or the godforce or the oneness..whatever one may call it. I cared deeply for everything, but had no opinion in a sense. A feeling of total acceptance of all that is. Around 1 am I think I fell asleep (this all began around 10 pm.) 

I had the most peaceful nights sleep in a long time. It was a nice break from the turmoil of being human. I could let it all go and just BE. I wish I could feel like that more than I do.


Instructions for use

Take as a tea or perhaps smoke it for an alternative high. To make a herbal tea, place 1 to 2 heaped teaspoons of dried leaves in one cup of boiling water and brew for 10-15 minutes. Strain, pour and sweeten with honey if desired.


These are herbs that can help lift your bodily experience and adapt to the changing energies available to us in these profound times..  There are many others: Google adaptogenic herbs, calming herbs, mood lifting herbs and look for a quality distributor in your region..  

Regarding aphrodisiacs: As a planet and a living organism, we have suffered a huge loss of fertility, and loss of connection to our own bodily source of power through our chi/prana/life force generated within our sexual organs. Many people are exhausted. Not understanding how to preserve our "Jing" (the life force we are born with , inherited from our forebears)  over generations by living closely to nature and living wholesomely; and not nurturing our beings daily with new chi and connecting to the life force of nature: we have suffered great losses as a species and our understanding of our to preserve pure life force energy and generate tremendous power and potential within our own bodies.  Aphrodisiacs can be helpful. Not to make your horny, but to stimulate your inner life force that with wholesome living and Taoist practice can become a tremendous internal force for healing and regeneration.. Just like focusing on good soil to grow healthy plants..   More information about Taoist energy practices (Which are none religious) can be found at www.universal-tao.com and www.healingtaousa.com

Tuning into universal chi or the Tao is simple and we have access to it at all times.. Sleeping under the stars, eating raw food, pranic conscious breath,  Spending time barefoot, taking time to notice and focus on your very own heart beat, taking in the sun through your forehead or eyes if you are able, , dancing yoga , long bearfoot walks or laying on the fresh green grass or walking on snow, dipping in cold rivers, are all ways to access universal energy or chi/prana..   tuning into the macro field energy influxes through shamanic astrology or cosmic astrology is important so you dont feel alone in your experience which can perpatuate a resonance in the web of life that is no longer serving you.. you are not alone. none of us are.. reach out , connect and talk to others and you will always notice the pattern of harder days and easier days are often common.. we are all experiencing the cosmic weather , in our own unique body.. 

It really is up to us now to stand in our place on the web, wherever we find ourselves and practice radical self-nurture, to drop in to that place where we feel we are truly connected to nature and all of creation in a safe and loving way..  its time to let go..   to recognise a new starting point and that we have the freewill to choose everything that we create or perpetuate from here on..   ITs an intense time, for everyone. No one is alone, we are all connected to the changing resonance of our mother earth, and finally we are headed for the Golden days..  it will not happen in a moment, it will happen by what we create, starting within by caretaking our mood, our bodies and allowing ourselves to feel good in a truly wholesome way..    

IF anyone needs any support or advice, I am always here and available by donation for my time.. 

My beautiful son is 16 and was very reluctant to come into the wilderness with me and his brothers because he is set upon a path that for him hasnt included nature and introspection time. He seeks to be a champion tennis player and has great potential. He doesnt believe in most of what I share with him because its too "Spiritual" and not in his paradigm. but somethings are just not working in his life no matter how much support he gets from outside and he is spending a month in the wild to be with "himself and nature" . he has now entered a three day quest with himself to find his inner power in a safe and natural environment where he has fresh air, living water, organic food, sunshine and loving family.  We look forward to receiving him in the new place he finds himself..  

The basic foundations of wellbeing are rooted in deep nature connection and wholesome living.   We cant not heal from the inside out, when we give ourselves to nature to heal us back to whole.   Nature is us, nature is around us and nature is also beyond us in the stars.  all aspects of creation..   Maybe because of the separation of the sciences through out history we have lost touch with the simple fact that our psyches and our soil are massively affected by cosmic/astrological influences. 
Biodynamics is the science and practice of understanding and cocreating with the cosmic forces that affect our soil , and biospiritual permaculture is the science and practice of understanding and cocreating with the cosmic forces that affect our souls, our bodies, our individual and collective experiences..   The coming month is a time for great healing and adjusting our pathways... 

I offer this discussion to open up about how people are travelling at the moment , what challenges are rising and what practices you are finding supportive on the journey..  

blessings and love 

Mitakye Oyasin


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YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!  Everything you say is so true!!!!!  I will read this again and again because to me so profound.  The world has shifted and I find the effects deep, disappointing. exhilarating and frustrating.  I go from peaceful detachment to extreme angst.  Very tiring.   All the toxins (known and not) that I've put in my body and mind for years just makes me feel peuky instead of distracting me from slavery.   For years I have laid on grass in the summer and rolled around and around and looked up at the sky.   I see birds, clouds, insects, floating dandelion seeds all drifting by.  I feel the comforting warmth of mother earth under my body,  how could I ever feel this if I laid on a chair?  That is what has kept me healthy and happy in a way different than most peoples in this suburban land.   The closer we are to a natural world the happier we are.  My mom mentioned this on a trip we did together on the Zambezi river, so beautiful.  She said that everyone on the trip became more childlike once we were on the river and playing in the water.  It was really true!  Even the stuffy ones were like happy kids.  I have borage plants in my garden,  last summer decided to see if it had any effect as it is referred to as the herb of gladness, plus most importantly the bees really like it.  I ate some flowers and young leaves but felt like my same evil self.  I wonder if I should have make a tea if this would release more of the herb's effect? 

Oh, I am sure you are not Evil !   but I do understand the feeling of wanting to get out my skin because of yukky feelings inside..   I have found amazing liberation through the pathway of deep cellular cleansing of the body.. As we nurture and tend our own body like a garden, the emotions, state of mind etc also shifts..   much easier infact when you focus on the tangible body and make it your best friend and ally..   theres a saying , put the body into motion and the psyche will shift..   my gardening and work with soil makes me know this is true.. good soil knows how to potentialise the cosmic forces in a good way..    psyche and soil are the same in different forms and both are the manifestations of cosmic forces..  there is a lot to deal with as humans.. 
but living clean and constantly cleansing our systems while our collective air water and earth is still polluted is the absolute best practice!     yes to Borage and any heb that calls to you.. nature will always let you know..  yes try tea and see how you feel..   sleep with some under your pillow or in your hand and surround yourself with gladness!  blessings!!  Thank you for your reply.. glad someone is listening!  






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